29 January 2019 - Preffs

#Vlog 10 Khao Lak market bang niang

In this vlog we are going to the market in Khao lak and hopefully see some interesting things :)

we're a little trick to come up markets

and we have my brother and my girlfriend here waiting nominee and we are going to go in the car or the minivan 13 people in the same van or maybe not same van and they cousin over there let's go to the markets and the people who can fight there and trans guys I think I promised you a better view on it and this is no walls and there's all right so well as usual stay tuned we have arrived through the markets the first to see is a trash bumper who another child [Music] this is hand card so pricey quirk [Music] cow Lord he'll lock markets proudly decent here it's a it's organized I bought an epic shirt I show it later but for now it is in a plastic bag [Music] [Applause] that rayless mal I fish oh my god come on market the more demo Rory bombs but the most idiotic thing ever purchase fake ray-bans in the middle of the freakin the evening for Ray Bans for a thousand but there's a pretty good price yeah real Ray Bans real very real real

in Thailand they're always real in violet yeah it's I'm Kate I guess it's time to eat some pizza it's out nothing so stay tuned for some a little bit of montage for a food vlog so the food here was very very good so are you in color go to this market no not market this restaurant and order pizza I it's very good it's very good so yeah another side we have there the market or some kind of shops because we get home yes berberine the struggle feeling at home is really real is real [Music] Oh [Music] I don't know if this one is safe but we're getting opus least very bumpy ride oh my god we we was going in this epic ride not safe at all about who cares we're in Thailand so who goes at least don't forget to press the subscribe button and you will see moral me and yes you will see more of me I promise you

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