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[PUBG] SHENANIGANS #1 - The 2 Best Players Who Never Played

Wow it's been a long time since I've done a Shenanigans style video. Welp! More PUBG will be coming to the channel soon so, enjoy! full livestream can be ...

they say this game is hard

they also say to play with the grass on low graphics settings for you know proneness but what they don't understand is how Pro we really are so I'm gonna play at the highest settings possible for everything except post-processing fuck that shit okay invite me where do you set your chip quality - hi Jeff quality so we've we've uh we've never played before or at least I've never played before Jarvis has played once in PI once I mean one mouch yeah so we're gonna do the coop - on two teams or two-man team squad whatever duo yeah I guess go did we hit play what do we do click - ready I'm ready I've never played before but we're gonna be I know we're gonna be like I've played tons of Unreal Tournament you play counter-strike or something we got this same game essentially it's basically rocket League yeah and with you know how good we are rocket League easy easy the ultimate life and death fight fight see these textures look fucking amazing I'm glad I'm playing on the highest settings let's drop at GE GM why don't these have numbers oh jeez I see melt oh god oh god okay where do I go which way I'm not

gonna make it I'm gonna hit the edge of this forest here whoa it auto deployed my parachute I didn't do that yeah so how do I play cuz I've never played I didn't even look at the controls now how do I pick up things I'll eat anything else up there not that I can see not you can see there's a freaking m4 up here listen all right forgot okay reloaded I put bullets in the clip yeah there's a buggy over there by the way we need that I don't even know if it needs guests hey no all right all right just take it bring it back over here doing a search you saw there huh wait the buggies I use two people yeah yeah we should where we going let's go to the oh look at the map oh okay calm down slut stop for a second okay we're going to this red house to it to our right this house here yes come on let's go I'm avoiding fire right now go go go go go go ah down help oh my god where I don't know hey Jesus Christ 10 seconds I'm gonna crawl my ass are you down again yes why did I get into the

back of the thing easy fucking a huge gay man got this shit you're good it gives me the option to report can I report for I'm gonna cheating T an improper nickname I'm reporting for improper nickname Koko gwazi is actually racist to be I mean look proper streaming editing on the fly Jesus Christ thousand percent professional streamer I believe in you Tyrus you're my hero hello potat pay Tate's potatoes hotate horns Popo tardiness Haute Arbenz larvan po flarben Mik noggin full Argan [Music] potato just subscribed thank you potato so I did a thing harvest with my stream so that whenever somebody subscribes it Blair's an air horn and shows who subscribe that's good it is it's proper yet my trench coat I feel very edgy very mad max ish you just need you just need matrix shades you got headshot rank 31 we did it good fine let's try to get more gooder this time well you love my amazing character design by the way yeah it's true life get fucked up bitch hello fire can I burn Oh am on fire when I looked at the

part I'm still on fire in the fucking plane did you see that yeah Lloyd here shoot ass like yeah I wanted to jump out like randomly before we got to the end spot okay I'm just gonna follow you can I collide with you midair can we kick this time this time this is the one man 97 alive we're gonna be number one we are gonna be super bro are you ready to be super pro you know somebody just killed somebody by punching them to death see that grip there's somebody on the roof there's somebody on the roof of that building you see him yeah that's him he might shoot us out if he doesn't go I don't think so only in their country all right I'm gonna lay in her - he went into the how he went in there he went into the building up going in oh no oh no I'm falling well what the fuck I didn't make it lay odds parachute fucking hardened I'll go in the bottom should go in the top well fucking corner is he shooting you yeah that's cute go Adam Oh punch oh fucking day down he had a pistol so and armor pads I'm gonna punch him death I got a helmet so he can't headshot me it's a flashbang yeah how do

i how do i grenade is he out here listen first you have to listen first footsteps I don't sit there and you just let a gun on the ground you're right yes no as a smoke grenade rip I put on a tank top I yourself to search the building can't do anything like so I had another grenade how do I punch report cheating report he had gun he had I know I wish I could type in his game is so fucking easy we have 100 we have a full 100 this is the one I can tell what if I jump into the ocean holy shit I jump fucking far what the fuck this feels like days even fold well it doesn't feel as does it feel as delayed as daisy controls but doesn't feel as quick and fluid as like somehow now I did what it let me actually try to all right you know no no I'll just keep tapping out oh I'm out I'm out yeah I'm already out we're so fast first people just falling out of the flickin everywhere I'm gonna land on this roof here no I'm gonna hit a tree fine how do you land like got a backpack got boots got a motorcycle helmet okay all right a gun I got scope I got shit I got combat

pants oh god it's a revolver I have a sniper rifle okay you're in the same building hello that's where all the much it's going who's that oh god help nope come down here come down here I'm trying what the hell oh my god I threw a grenade no not what I wanted that shit it's holy shit oh can I take it shit that's what you threw me off the aiming slows way down when you go into sights give that was fucking terrible how do I change that I do not want to slow down that much we're fucking first-aid kit you big bitch fucking motor I need to I need to change my sensitivities for everything I don't I wait why isn't or not just an overall mouse sensitivity fucking christ pick up a side a nice job and put on your mouse over it I guess it shows what he can clip - that's cool shit starting to get this now alright where oh we're wait where are we oh my god we're way outside the radius we got a go I guess run along this wall here it's not good please run do you have a certain amount of Sprint juice do I run out of sprinting oh no there's no strangers ah get across this fucking Jesus Christ cross let's go we're not

going across the bridge we have to go east I can't jump over this fucking rail I know that's why these controls are so fucking I don't like this this is I feel way too fucking expose how do you prone what's prone I know there's a whoa be fired up be fun oh I'm down down down holy shit early in the yellow building across revive me quick quick quick quick they just donated how do i how do I use this okay yep whoops there's one outside my window in the house I'm in with the bedroom yeah I'll fuck that side outside to work he's dead you're dead Jesus Christ if I can kill everything I don't see anybody out here okay I think that was just the tool they just got fucking rekt GG okay first day Oh first aid if so many items all my guns use nine-millimeter even the VSS interesting what about the Uzi ol Uziel luzie this is a mech warrior it's a fucking gas mask sure I'll clip that shit try to put a red dot oh we're getting we're dying dude we're out of the circle we gotta go oh my god fuck I make it well maybe grab some health packs come on I hear firing that's me are you shooting at people across the way I will hurry a little bit across the

buildings I know just go go go go all this tree is just outside the circle fuck I'm in the circle I don't know I guess I'll use an energy drink I don't have anything else I drink it like sideways on the ground did you see that well let's go to towards the shooting range car get down there's bullet lead in this as far as I remember - I'm hitting him yeah getting shot at we're so well they ain't got this nice stuff yeah well I see I see him you want to fuckin evil bitches come at me kiddos he's right there Oh fucking Jesus are you kidding revive me he got me he got a headshot on me but I was wearing the helmet what a piece of fucking shit yeah my helmets gone being killed by the fucking energy field to me do me alright I died I died because I was outside the fucking zone fucking shit well at least we did better than last I forgot this is an Unreal Engine 4 it doesn't exactly look like it are you ready Jarvis oh he went away I wasn't looking at his webcam well fine leave then yo

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