21 July 2014 - TheCreepyMessenger

"LIARS" (Reboot)

I'm back! Did you miss me? I'm so sorry I've been gone for a whole month. I've been having a pretty busy life lately. If you guys would like a more in-depth ...

there was once a guy living in our

neighborhood named Jimmy he got picked on a lot for being a confident and funny guy his mouth tended to get him and do a lot of trouble and he seldom learned his lesson he was just very content with who he was and refused to change it when people asked him why he left him wail on him for his blunt comedy and wisecracks he'd smirk and say honesty is the best policy at least they're not hiding anything from me and neither am i from them one of the kids he inadvertently pissed off with a rather crude milf joke was something of a psychopath with a sadistic streak who didn't take kindly to the insult he rounded up the other guys who didn't like Jimmy and they cornered him after school in the science room your mouth got you into this I want you to remember that Brett the ringleader told him as he looked into Jimmy's terrified eyes they grabbed some formic acid stored in the lab and threw it in his face they stood around and watched him scream in agony as a date through his flesh before screaming and running out pretending to be concerned and wanting to help him when the paramedics arrived and were taking care of Jimmy the principal asked

the boys if they knew what happened their leader Brett explained they were walking past and they saw Jimmy's skulkin around blabbin by the time they got there she was already in that state the other members joined in and backed up bread with other fake details as Jimmy tried to protest in silent agony the principal nodded and told them he would speak to them after he had a word Jimmy and got his side of the story after he was out of the hospital a few days passed and Jimmy was kept in ICU with bandages over his face the doctor is salvaging what little they could of his face his visions still in contact in one eye and his jaw was standing despite the loss of flesh he was still unable to speak and refused to respond to anyone he just SAT there eyes unblinking and staring at the ceiling bloodshot and filth animosity when he was discharged some time later he would not respond to anyone with anything other than the word liars his social life gone unable to smile or even crack a joke anymore he secluded himself in his room and began planning sick vindictive thoughts started appearing in

his mind he would get them one by one decimate them slice them burn them he waited patiently and so the group would be vulnerable late at night when they set their goodbyes and went home separately that's when he would strike that weekend frat received a package in the mail curiously he opened it to find a VHS team with the words for you etched crudely onto the front he put it in played it it was a crudely record at home video by an unknown cameraman who didn't speak at all for the duration of the film it began with the camera pointing at the date on a newspaper it was yesterday as he zoomed out he could see it was in a basement a single flickering light bulb hanging above and casting an uncomfortable seen by the time he'd completely zoomed out it was apparent this is no normal video in front of the camera man on his hands and knees was one of brett's friends he was naked a dirty blindfold around his face and a crude gag in his mouth he was covered in blood horrific burns lacerations and wounds one particularly large one on his back stood out and it almost looked like a word

the cameraman with gloved hands took the gag out of the crying boy's mouth and immediately he begged to go home please please let me go man I did what you wanted Oh God Jesse Mikey Keith you made me butcher them I just want to go home man I'm sorry guys I'm so so sorry he kept repeating it over and over rocking back and forth as he did some Brett's legs begin to shake and he felt the bile rise in his stomach he could see the burned mangled bodies in the background the bodies of his friends all of them had markings on their body indeed large cuts the cameraman reached out for the boys chin and lifted it up encouraging him to stand he did so obediently as he was slowly led to the dorm off-screen whimpering Brett could see what had been cut into his friends back now it was the word liar the camera cut out temporarily when it restarted again they were no longer inside they were instead in the cold snow on the outskirts of the woods and it didn't appear to be the original man holding the camera anymore it was Brett's friend he was whimpering and shivering as he held the camera in one

place for 30 seconds pointing at some trees in the distance hearing footsteps draw nearer and nearer where are you man you said I could go you said I could go the boy was screaming and crying frightened out of his mind as the sound of crunching snow drew nearer from seemingly every angle it stopped he turned around to see the mangled face of Jimmy a horrifying howl blared through the speakers and the words Liars appeared before the tape abruptly stopped Brett felt faint and darted to lock the front door knowing what was coming as he turned to run for it he immediately hit something and fell backwards the last thing he ever heard was liars as the acid ran down his face and began to slowly eat away at his flesh the last thing he saw was Jimmy's face contorting into a sick twisted smile you

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