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‘Calling Karan Season 2’ With Karan Johar, Neha Dhupia, Imtiaz Ali, Rannvijay Singha & Ms Malini-1

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[Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] so this is like radios like the next is a little bit about what made you do it what made me do radio I just feel like I should do everything being accessible is part of my personality and I just felt that gray do we have a tremendous reach and I do it for free anyway giving people up advice when you're single for that long in your life who tend to kind of meet trouble couples all the time our husbands wives boyfriends girlfriends boyfriends and boyfriends girlfriends and girlfriends and I think that I invariably land up giving copious amounts of advice so I thought why not [Applause] it's one thing to make movies about love right it's another thing to experience love but giving someone advice is a great responsibility it is and in fact we have a disclaimer right at the beginning that I'm not a professionally trained individual like a therapist or a psychiatrist or you know somebody so my advice should be taken I just at that level knowing that I may be just giving

you advice on a personal level and I'm not authorized to give you that advice having said that when I give the advice I don't pretend like I'm not authorized because I get very very sincere advice and I've broken a few relationships but you ever get advice that came from your movies like there was a moment that you ever referenced them and say it's movie may just not work no no what what we shown the movies is ridiculous you can't possibly ruin people's life by giving those kind of situations those are meant for like PDR but not for people like when you give digit advice you have to kind of really get into the center of the situation and then you know be very I like take it very seriously I take every call very seriously and now we have a love conference in today's love conference is an opportunity for everyone to actually get to know the people on the stage and really delve deep into their heart so Neha I want to know what is the worst piece of advice of love advice that you were ever given from Karen all the way from Karen and go check check check check no it's fine now I think you know me

guys can you hear me okay great so I remember calling him in season one and asking him that my question was that should I go with a hot guy or should I go with the intelligent guy and Karen was like what is the question go with a hot now what are you going listen it's intelligent to go with the hot guys okay very rarely Nia's not heard now can you hear me oh yeah now who can hear and then when I was about to get married the only person I think who knew apart from my parents was Curran and I still remember I was like lying in his bedroom like that like a large and I was like car what should I do and he was like just get married what's the big deal and I was like can you simplify this for me and he said the most beautiful thing I know you know he comes with this humor and all of that but deep down he's a hardcore romantic as much as he doesn't like to admit it he is he likes the idea of it and he said that you know just treat this like the intermission of your life like a movie is and more often than not the second half is usually better and that was the best advice he's given me till

date or anybody has given me your love you asked him whether you should go for someone who's intelligent or good-looking now recently you got married and I think I'm gonna ask you now Who am I considering you you give this advice and there's a dotter dot the rest of it you can hear on the next she married me hi I mean do you think I should he doesn't worry about anything because the intelligence Department is taken care off by me I didn't know that it was going to be such a big is all about balancing things so you bring in the intelligence he brings in the good look this is your opportunity before we get further deeper into the love conference to ask Turin for a piece of love advice is a master of love I mean he's something you can give advice if you were to ask her at something there are so many things I'd like to ask Karen about love and some of them are so filmy and mushy that I'd rather just like what's the relationship current this is a like a dnm okay what's the relationship between self-love and

love for someone else do you have to be in love with yourself or not in love with yourself to be a better lover let's put it that way oh that is deep I think that to put it simply I can really talk about myself is that I'm not somebody who who's full of self love in fact I have a lot of self-doubt I have a lot of apprehensions about myself in fact I'm I have no self-esteem issues when it comes to me in a relationship that's why I think I tend to give much more to a relationship and because I have too much to offer I think people who are full of themselves and not full of themselves would be a negative connotation but who genuinely love themselves and sometimes but good and bad reason I think they are incapable of extreme love because somewhere love is a self emotion you know it cannot come with the baggage of your own self-love because then even when you love someone you're so happy with yourself that you're loving someone that that can carry that feeling into the relationship and it's all about you and I think a true relationship has to be about us and you not just me you know it has to be about

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