13 June 2014 - Delanae Lindstrom

"Boogie Monster" - Read by Grandma Delanae

hi Alison this is grandma delana and I'm

reading you a story for your second birthday the name of the story is boogie monsters aah monsters are attacking already hey you know what the toss comes with some music so play the music and it comes with some little feet so put those on and dance around to all right you ready for the story here we go I've come from Planet boogie today my mission with you is to dance and to play I've heard you're a boogie monster like me you've got your own moves I can't wait to see I've traveled the universe nearby and far and I've heard just how perfectly special you are did you know that nobody dances the same so please take a bow and tell me your name it's so nice to meet you are you ready to dance let's start by imagining ants in our pants then wiggle and jiggle your hips knees and shins and that's just the way this boogie begins remember with dancing there's no right or wrong you can dance to the music or sing your own song you can shake all around like a happy wet dog or roll down a hill like a runaway log now here's a move that you might like to try pretend you're a helicopter up in the sky just hold out your arms and start rolling and spinning and

soaring and twisting and twirling can you float softly around like the clouds in the sky moving softly and gently as the wind travels by can you make a new shape can you glide through the air let the soft breezes move you and rumble your hair there are so many ways that your muscles can work you can wave them or shake them or just all berserk the more that you use them the stronger they'll be so won't you get ready to boogie with me can you sit down and dance like you're riding a bike spend your legs around quickly that's just what they like imagine you're pedaling up hills and down what things do you see as you're riding around can you dance like a bear who is hungry for honey stomp your feet on the floor and start patting your tummy let's show everyone just how fun it can be when you let yourself boogie so perfectly free can you dance like a robot with stiff legs of steel how would you boogie and how would you feel if your bones and your muscles we're all made of tune show a robot with strep dance and spin can you dance like a pig would who lives in the snow try waddling slowly wherever you go it's cool how a penguin can dance

with no knees get ready to stop now when i holler breeze with dancing there's never a wrong way to do it you do what you please and that's all there is to it only you know the way that you're dancing should be so please keep it coming we'd all like to see you can dance to the things that you do every day makeup moves and you're walking or busy at play try a dance like you're eating a plate of spaghetti dance like you're throwing some brilliant confetti can you bounce all around like a big hangar roof keep hopping no stopping whatever you do how far can you go in one leaping bound how high can you spring with your feet off the ground you're beginning to see what this book is about you beginning to figure your own movements out what if you danced every morning and night and invited some friends to share in your delight could we join the whole world in this new kind of dance go to Kenya in China and Fiji and France could we all have a party and just dance together if we could I would stay on this planet forever Oh planet boogie is calling it's time for my snack and remember whenever you get the chance to put on your best

boogie legs and just dance I hope you enjoyed this story Allison happy birthday I cannot wait to see you soon I love you I cannot wait to get my arms around you you

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