03 November 2018 - Aristoteles Mitcas

What is Evencoin and how is it mined? - EvenCoin (EVN)

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welcome to even coin the first-ever self mining smart contract based on the etherium platform with ERC 20 standards market and opportunities current markets are being loaded with my novel currencies which requires huge mining step running costs and the obvious depression of hardware some are pre mined tokens were the founder controlled all the supply but even coin has come with a unique technique where even coin decides the top 4000 presale crowd sale contributors as miners for even coin for 15 years this list is not undergo any changes during the entire 15 years of mining as mining runs parallel to eat dear iam even number of blocks with regard to time no money hardware is required to mine even coin technical facts of even coin the total fixed supply is 100 million even point out of which only 15 percent meaning 15 million coins are pre mined from these five million of reserved for the even coin development and founders whereas 10 million were offered for sale [Music] how does even coin mining work first is said even coin does not require any hardware for mining even coins are

generated at each even numbers of aetherium blocks which are being mined by other atheria miners with average block times of 15 seconds so whenever an aetherium even-number block is mine an even coin also gets mined and such process continues for 15 years rewards are only distributed between the total fix for thousand miners only each miner irrespective of even coin he holds it's the same mining share even coin mining takes complete fair distribution of mining rewards towards all Genesis accounts miners may redeem the mining rewards at any time and even coin listed exchanges unlike other cryptocurrencies even coin supports extraordinary business modulation run by its entrepreneurship steam even coin supports cross-border money transfer led by its entrepreneur team around the globe where in making trades between different countries much easier and faster than ever even coin supports a blockchain based ecommerce platform for where anyone with small or big deals products services tangible and intangible items would commence an international trade even coin would offer such a trade in transaction with a

highly reliable blockchain based escrow method which would protect the buyer as well as the seller from any unwanted fraudulent trades [Music] future projection even chained a multiple cryptocurrency based wallet even chain supports Bitcoin aetherium and even coin as of now and proposed to be adding more currencies in coming days it is an easy reliable and highly secure one-stop solution to different cryptocurrency holdings bit recharge domestic and international flights hotels holidays and mobile recharge of coming bid recharge offers a crypto based ecommerce platform where anyone around the globe can book flights hotels holidays and recharges in their own native fiat currencies as well as using Bitcoin etherium and even coin as of now it is an easy reliable and highly secure one-stop solution to different cryptocurrency holdings domestic and international flights hotels domestic and international hotels [Music] Delta exchange even coin is coming up with its most featured valuable project Delta exchange a crypto currencies in

forex one-stop solution with initially listing the top 40 currencies from coin market cap Delta exchange would list more community based crypto currencies week by week even coin training even coin is working harder with its upcoming projects and building investors making even coin price more interesting to organic buyers of even coin exchange for trading and also in collaboration with other exchanges for listing trades and pricing at moment being organically generated with interested buyer sellers and investors even coin has joined collaborations with coin market cap crypto compare coin Telegraph world coin index bid cup and many more companies to expand even coins presence across crypto markets eventually generating more attention towards even coin concluding we would like to invite all of you to join even coin for brighter crypto futures thank you [Music]

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