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Week 13 Goose Creek 35 Bluffton 25

well at the start of today we thought we

would be bringing you Conway highlights at bluffton but a berkeley county judge issued a temporary restraining order to reinstate Goose Creek back to the postseason after it was determined that the South Carolina High School League violated the Freedom of Information Act it has been a week of twists and turns involving three teams here's what's transpired I guess the best way to describe is I felt like a human yo-yo all week long it all started last Friday night Goose Creek dominated the Conway Tigers 48-7 it appeared as if the season was over for Chuck Jordans team but then on Tuesday the South Carolina High School League disqualified the Gators after they self reported an ineligible player he has done nothing to help Goose Creek High School win a football game but Goose Creek High School has given that young man something that he's never had you know we'd like to think that we've helped impact his life and make it better I just want to try to help give them another ring a fossil we fought so hard I you can throw rocks at the high school league if you want to but they represent us and we determine the Constitution and they have a

responsibility to uphold that and I think they've done that as a result Conway got the pads and uniforms reissued and prepared to go to bluffton in the second round of the 4a Division two playoffs that Friday wouldn't play Goose Creek I mean after about the third quarter you know everybody kind of hung their heads like knowing that we were going to go home or whatever not be able to play the next week so we got the call that we're going to be able to play everybody came out here I believe we had the greatest practice we have ever had this whole season a Wednesday hearing in Columbia upheld the decision but Goose Creek filed an injunction that was heard in a berkeley county court on friday morning eath Greek will get to play tonight and then they will just have to live either on the field tonight for the rest of their season or await what the league's decision is next week Conway waited to board the bus at twelve noon on friday for a for our road trip but they never got on the anticipation was great I mean coach Jordan came in and was like we're in and everybody went crazy that he was like you know I'm just kidding

and the whole mood of the locker room just went like you know because obviously we weren't ready to be done playing but the saga will not end there as another meeting will take place in columbia by the South Carolina High School League executive committee if they uphold their original decision goose creek would have to forfeit the game and bluffton would move on to the state semi finals the right thing they deserve it and now we have an opportunity to play and let things be decided on the field that's all we've asked all along and you know I'm just appreciative the judge made the right decision that's frustrating um just not having a fair advantage to prepare don't mind playing them but would like to had time to specialist they've been preparing for us all week but uh for them to be put in by a berkeley county judge in order to have it tonight not real not real happy with uh with that the Tigers are not pursuing legal action so much is still up in the air but one thing is certain Conway season is over with a 5 and 7 record we were ready to play today we're ready for the trip but we knew that that things were up in the

air and we knew that that things can change in an instant I think our kids have handled it extremely well I agree so let's go down to Goose Creek now it's bluffton at Goose Creek Gators taking the field huge crowd for Chuck readings bunsen first quarter bluffed and set the punt the snap is hi Gerald Turner just trucks the putter and the Gators are in business and they strike first as Rico blanding finds the end zone 7 nothing Goose Creek in front and there's no question Goose Creek had the momentum early it's blanding with another one yard touchdown run 14 nothing goose creek in front then here's CJ Frazier Telegraph in the past Omar McCray and there he goes pick 621 nothing goose creek bluffton answers back CJ fraser to demetrius smalls 10-yard scoring play makes of 21 27 a goose creek feeling it in the first half blanding 41 yards goose creek takes a 28-7 lead and they hang on for the victory 35 to 25 is your final so here's how things shake out it's supposed to be northwestern at Goose Creek coming up on friday night however there will be a meeting on Monday at the South Carolina high school

legal offices in Columbia they said no on Wednesday to Goose Creek in their appeal they had a mercy appeal hearing right after that decision they said no again will they change their mind on Monday who knows perhaps bluffton will get back into the postseason and play Northwestern all I can tell you is it's awfully confusing and there are some tough times over the South Carolina high school league office

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