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Watching storm drains after fuel spill

Watching storm drains after fuel spill.

well the scene may be clear but the

state's Department of Environmental Protection is keeping a close eye on storm drains near Belvedere and Florida mango and this is after its hanker carrying aviation fuel overturned contact five investigator Maris Badcock is live at that scene now how the crews are responding 24 hours later hey Maris hi everyone you can still see some crews over here monitoring the storm drains but obviously traffic is back open now we do have some new details I just got off the phone with Florida Highway Patrol they tell me that the driver of that tanker tried to go from perimeter making a left-hand turn on a Belvedere and he failed to do so he was cited for careless driving the driver's name is basil Kamen jr. he's from Sunrise Florida now in total the Department of Environmental Protection says about 2,000 to 3,000 thousand gallons of he'll recover 24 hours after a hazmat seen on Belvedere Road in West Palm Beach life on the busy street has returned to normal above ground but below ground crews contracted out by the Department of Environmental Protection are keeping an eye on things what we're assessing now is how much product is in

that underground sewer and where has it gone yesterday a tanker carrying 8,000 gallons of aviation fuel overturned spilling some of that fuel into nearby storm drains today crews with contractor Jam environmental are continuing to pump out storm drains recovering an estimated 2,000 to 3,000 gallons of aviation fuel DEP officials say yesterday's chaos has been contained within the storm water system now other response teams are monitoring canals and outfall systems of nearby but so far it appears that none of this fuel has reached any surface waters tonight I'm live in West Palm Beach mayor's Badcock WPTV News Channel five at least 12 people were killed including four children in a fire last night at an apartment building in the Bronx borough of New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio calling this the worst fire tragedy in the city in at least a quarter century News Channel five story done and joining us now with the latest on this tragedy torie John the New York City Fire Commissioner says that a toddler playing alone in the kitchen was the cause of this fire that child escaped with his mother but the fire then quickly spread

[Music] Thursday night a deadly fire engulfed a Bronx apartment complex Fernando bootys says his sister 53 year old Maria batise and her eight month old granddaughter were among those killed I'm shot right now numb people promised RT began a baby in this also apartment six people trapped Friday morning officials said the flames started in a first-floor unit where a three year old boy was playing with the burners on a stove his mother noticed when the boy screamed she exited her apartment with these her two year old and three-year-old and left the door open so this fire quickly spread up the stairs fire travels up the stairway acted like a chimney the City Fire Commissioner reminded all residents that in a fire emergency closing all doors is a critical step to help prevent tragedies like this seven firefighters we're also injured there right away and they did and remember with the freezing cold tough conditions for our firefighters and our emergency personnel but they did a great great job it is the time of year where people celebrate and certainly here we have people who've

lost their lives lost their homes lost their lost everything and we we grieve with them as everyone in this city should and does at this terrible time four people are now in critical condition from injuries suffered in this fire they're being treated at local hospitals in the newsroom Troy Dunn in WPTV News Channel five the Islamic state claimed responsibility for an attack at a church near Cairo Egypt that left at least nine dead eight of the victims were Coptic Christians it's the latest attack targeting the mostly Muslim countries in battle minority Christians who make up about 10% of Egypt's population of long complained of discrimination in the muslim-majority nation and say authorities have often failed to protect them from sectarian attacks another dangerous day on the southbound ramp at Congress and i-95 this time the crash proved to be deadly drivers say it's a problem one the state said previously it's determined to fix we sent news channel 5s Jayson Hacket straight the state officials for answers to this concerning trend Jason yeah actually I went down to the Florida Department of Transportation district 4

headquarters in Fort Lauderdale to ask why this seems to keep happening and what they're doing about it is there a problem at that intersection well when you look at the volume of traffic that uses that that ramp and the small number of crashes that are occurring at the at the at the intersection we would say no that's not a significant number Barbara Kellar her with the Florida Department of Transportation tells me that when it comes to the overpass at I 95 in Congress perception doesn't necessarily match reality that despite several big accidents over the last year so what do those numbers look like F dot tells me 7,200 vehicles using the southbound ramp every day that's more than 2.6 million vehicles every year over the course of the year the intersection averages eight crashes half of them speed related is it brought driver behavior that is making people think that it's an unsafe area maybe people are going too fast is there coming off that ramp for many the visuals seem to tell a different story from the data in the last year several semis wound up driving through the intersection and dangling over the

interchange in one case it led to the death of a tow truck driver responding to the scene shortly after FDOT says it made improvements in signage and road markings but in October we told you about a semi that drove through and landed on i-95 luckily no serious injuries there and then the most recent accident on Thursday morning when a 26 year old woman died

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