15 August 2011 - William Gaunitz, WTS

Vitamin Supplementation for Hair Loss with William Gaunitz of Evolution Hair Centers

If you are suffering from hair loss, you should use the right vitamins and supplements to restore your internal health and boost your hair growth. William Gaunitz ...

hi my name is William Dom its founder of

evolution hair centers today I'm going to talk about our three-step nutritional supplementation hair care program part of what we do with the whole body approach to treating hair loss is utilized all aspects of nutritional therapy that we can possibly use within our organization so you make sure that every client regrows hair to the best of their ability we do that through a actually three prong approach nutritionally so right here we have our three-step nutritional supplementation process and first and foremost we have our anta growth vitamin mariana growth vitamin is actually a hair skin and nails and multivitamin so this is for the characterization of your skin in a proper fashion as well as your hair as well as your nails they're all part of the same process if you don't have the right nutritional supplementation where you don't have the right diet then you embody as long as you unfortunately be lacking nutrition it's gonna be lacking minerals it's made lacking amino acids so that is what our amma growth right by our second vitamin which is actually one of our core vitamins is our DHT probiotic vitamin and really this is a

combination of two products it is a DHT suppressant in herbal form so many people know about the stinging nettle saw palmetto high geum combination so back in germany there was a study that was actually done using stinging nettle hygiene and saw palmetto in a particular formula that helped decrease the impact of dihydrotestosterone on the prostate and as many believe that that same influence is actually inhibiting the growth of the hair follicle in many circumstances so we actually use that same formula that we use from the German study in combination with some additional things like green tea extract and that green tea extract in it and actually amazingly high levels with high polyphenols is going to inhibit enzyme 1 5 alpha reductase so it acts as a as a dual DHT inhibitor and that is a single focus that is actually it's about 50 what this product has to offer the other 50% is actually acting as a immune booster and one of the things that the immune system has a is a huge impact on hair growth is inhibiting the growth of bacteria or any type of yeast or fungus on the scale and that's some things those things actually create

inflammation they create itching they create dryness that creates swelling they create dandruff and in a primary vitamin we want to make sure that we're covering all phases so not only it'll be taken care of genetic hair loss because DHT is the primary cause of genetic hair loss there is a genetic sensitivity to the actual hormone dihydrotestosterone this will help reduce the impact of DHT on the hair follicle as well as now with the immune system it helps boost the immune system through the digestive tract it does that by using lactobacillus acidophilus this is one of those things that the active ingredient which is a probiotic there's also chicory root which is a prebiotic it's going to help probiotics in your gut work more effectively and why this makes actually a huge impact is if your body isn't digesting things correctly then your body is not going to process the other vitamins that you need to then obviously turn to those positive nutrition into hair and that's all part of what this product does that helps break down as far as the pro and prebiotic process food that's being put

into the system is welding is inhibit the primary cause of pattern hair loss also it has grapefruit seed extract in it which is a antifungal and definitely an immune booster as well so it also is an antiviral and as a very pro immunity can do a lot of research on grapefruit seed extract leaves and a lot of our products to help boost the immune system so that is our DHT probiotic and this is basically the first vitamin that you can start on if you have pattern hair loss working on any type of digestive disruptions in association with your pattern hair loss these that help to boost again the immune system and then our last product here is the essential fatty acid this is actually a organic evening primrose oil this product is completely organic in an evening primrose oil because evening primrose oil has a high GLA content or a gamma linolenic acid content this GLA is going to help decrease inflammation systemically it also for women is has a phytoestrogen mimicking quality to it so in the body women basically are going to have a boosting of estrogen from the body's

perspective it's not actually estrogen it is a the phytoestrogens contained within the evening primrose oil so this is actually good for both men and women men it really reduces in Asia for women and not only as a hormone balancing effect but it also reduces inflammation and evening primrose oil our omega sixes and nines so you can still use this an accompaniment with fish oil which is typically threes or as in cod liver oil which is typically three and this is part of a full nutritional scope and so that's really what our three-part nutritional supplementation kit is it's a full nutritional scope for your hair you are obviously with the vitamins of providing them correct the vitamins before your hair included in our Anna growth vitamin and this is very basic if you have a more nutrition again or if you need extra nutrition or if your diet isn't great if you want to use the integral whatever if you have any type of pattern or hormonal hair loss the DHT probiotic is going to be your first choice and then that vitamin is also obviously accompanied by within the vitamin itself

the probiotics and prebiotics in the antifungal and their last really for anybody who also has for mold loss you're going to use the organic EFA this is again going to have a positive influence unbalancing almonds as well as reducing inflammation so accumulative Li this three-step hair care nutritional supplementation kit is fantastic for anybody losing hair and quite frankly with the exception of this vitamin here these two aren't great for everybody but when we're focusing on the three-step kit for your hair loss this is something that you must start with to really balance the internal issue that accompanies hair loss and when you've tackled that specifically based upon what you mean to stop hair loss you're going to do much better and you're going to decrease control your hair loss and much more substantially as well as obviously promote a traditional and then is amount of hair regrowth

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