10 July 2017 - Wiener Börse

Vienna Stock Exchange – One of the leading IT Service Providers in CEE

In this video, CTO & COO Ludwig Nießen talks about the Vienna Stock Exchange's 25 years of experience as a service provider of state-of-the-art trading ...

technology is at the heart of a modern

exchange and the basis for the development of all new services the Vienna Stock Exchange has more than 25 years of experience in modern trading infrastructure state-of-the-art IT know-how and professional customer service are among our greatest assets IT security and cyber security have the highest priority my name is Ludwig neason a CTO and CEO and responsible for the smooth-running operation of the Vienna Stock Exchange we also provide system services to the stock exchanges in Budapest ljubljana track and Sagra this makes us one of the leading technology service providers in our industry in Central and Eastern Europe our professional systems and services are constantly being developed and updated to handle vast data volumes and meet the latest security and regulatory standards our newest offering the method to OTC data reporting service has attracted significant interest from our clients in addition to operating on the leading trading technology we offer further services for stock exchanges and for financial institutions these services include for instance real-time

data dissemination real-time supervision and surveillance index calculation as well as data warehousing I would like to point out that our service portfolio enables our clients to meet all their regulatory transparency and reporting requirements and are a cornerstone of our service portfolio is the advanced interface CCG fix and the front and C iterator for already more than 50 members within the C region since 2010 we have been implementing tailor-made flexible and cost-effective services to fit the requirements of the stock exchanges in our region over 150 trading members and almost 1800 stock market traders from across Europe are being connected to our trading system more than 15,000 tradable instruments have been set up on our system environment the market data of 10 markets stock and energy exchanges from Central and Eastern Europe a bundled normalized and disseminated through the market data feed of the Vienna stock exchange 8888 publishes approximately 10 million updates per day for these markets at the annual conference we host for all our partners we focus on the intense exchange of

know-how and discuss the latest developments and future perspectives ljubljana stock exchange was the first exchange to implement the vienna stock exchanges IT system services in 2010 since then the vienna stock exchange has proven to be a very reliable partner for us the management board has decided to prolong our contracts until the end of 2021 we have been technology partner with the Vienna Stock Exchange since 2012 the majority of our members have also implemented connectivity services provided by the Vienna Stock Exchange and I have to say that a financial community in the Czech Republic is highly satisfied with the stability of the system an international trading system and related services for the trading members are strong assets for the presentation of our exchanges during the international investors with Vienna stock exchange we are happy to have a service provider and strong and committed partner highly experienced in the CET region the Vienna Stock Exchange provides high and IT services that are customer oriented and fulfill the highest standards that is why we have decided to continue a partnership

regarding the operation of trading system until the end of 2021 the Vienna stock exchange helps you to prepare for your future technological and regulatory challenges get in touch with me and my team for further information [Music]

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