18 November 2017 - Vengeful

Vengefull plays: Plague Inc Evolved "The worst plague ever!"

Hope you guys enjoyed this video, it really did take me a long time to edit! ---------------------------------------------------- PLAGUE INC EVOLVED ...

I'm gonna call this the hello guys this

is plague inc evolved really is it yeah but I kick evolved and this game you create viruses to take out the entire world let's see what what this thing is single-player I have played this on the livestream and it was really fun official scenarios customs narrow speedrun main game play I will have a bacteria continue insert gene I don't know why near that means it was just casual casual I'm casual oh god yes guys I didn't name my last gene a bowl of what should I call it you put on the comments guys for my next plaguing evolved for the next video of this I'm gonna put out put comments in the description where I should call the next virus I'm gonna call this the the rush B I don't know what he reads rush be welcome to plaguing your are new bacteria to win yeah this is like the start tutorial crap population hang on hang on hang on what are we population oh we have to choose country static more crunchy should we say wish be you know I'm Russian I'm not saying anything here but it's normally like Russians that say rust bearish we you know I'm saying so we're gonna start the rush be disease in Russia there we are it's officially

infected let's have a look I know there's no audio can I can I put the audio on did they do audio oh God right so rush B has infected free people with a lot of people and csgo right now saying rush B these are all the people that rush B has got stuck in their head he's making more and more people say rush week look but could all this fire let's see don't go soon even gonna be saying get was gonna be infected they'll be on the way home from school will be going thrush bearish B and all the sheep will be like oh I don't know I'm talking about guys this is serious this is a serious disease it's already in fact 17 people this is awful wait oh God one more disease part and it's going to be infecting in fact in sheep oh we grew up so it won't be all God oh it's infected in sheep now sheep the same rush B Oh God look at the numbers they're going up and going up and going up and going up there's nothing that can stop the numbers 50 all the crap already up to 50 soon it'll be taking over the world oh my god it's disease really dangerous just have a look at the abilities

pathogen become resistant to cost one and two antibiotics oh alone DNA points we're getting that next don't care about that yeah put all these planes what play the gaming for the normal rush bu has infected hundreds in Russia increasing the chance that an infected person will infect a healthy person keep evolving your disease now will do when I get mad with disease points I guess the zooming in this 524 didn't I just looked at the numbers Jesus that's a lot got seven billion people in the world right now 800 UK votes for a brexit in referendum voters in the UK about to leave the EU remainders are concerned that this could severely damage the UK but leave us claim it will all be fine unclear when brexit will actually happen Oh God Oh looks like it's time for the DNA I only have free this time holy crap 1000 people infected with Russia B this is this is a skinning of our hand in there yes Korean border guards planned strike 50,000 body guards are threatening to strike and disrupt traffic in Farmer DMZ due to poor employment prospects oh god oh god well soon there's going to be scientists

flying in planes to solve Rashmi Rashmi has infected thousands in Russia people are being infected faster and faster have a look what I swear to god it was lost on a thousand all the crap is going up in thousands holy craps have a look at let's have a look at this crap overview that's a tap water that's going to that's gonna make it go up like crazy holy crap that's like going up two thousand at a time now sometimes Jesus that was that was that that we got we got another one of those things God we can speed things up a bit Finland has been infected your disease has taken an important step in becoming a plague when a new country's infected pop the red bubble to get bonus DNA oh God Finland Oh God Rashmi infecting more countries Russia is in fact in more countries controller is going oh well oh it's in the UK now Rashmi me has mutated and developed a noisy symptom about DNA points holy hole a hundred and five thousand holy crap brush bees holy holy crap holy just what what holy what have I done what have I done mosquitoes holy crap look at them all

well the like little ants Rush Rhees impacted more people in the world than HIV holy crap it's extremely infectious disease crap I'm sorry rush evolving infected holy crap like it's spreading that quick I can't even click the bubbles Oh God right nobody's died yet but now will soon change that was symptoms I got the expulsion of infected material through projectile vomiting increases the risk of infection I'll do with that fatal her up novelty oh god what are we done oh god oh god oh god oh god look look whole four people have died first death in Korea first step from Russia B has been confirmed in Korea bad look for the beginning you think it'd be in Russia but well that's strange Oh God Korea starts work on Kia Korea's the first to instruct doctors to begin research into a cure for rush B without a great greater funding just inspected to take a long time god dammit is look at it look at that look at that but I'm going to rush B has mutated and divert insomnia Oh God holy crap look at all the people dying holy crap 190 Reaper what's with the

creepy music russia has become the first country to try to limit the spread of rush b by limiting access into an out country sake sometime it's probably as well it's past you'll take some time Molly yeah Russia you're not really gonna work everybody's kind of already infected this there's no stopping it now why was this Oh God look at the world look how quick that bars going up that's the world well.all UK's rush B has impacted more people in the world than common cold it is the ultimate infectious disease holy crap Oh God whoa look at my points I can do a lot yeah let's go to abilities just buying everything like this I can do that Oh God holy well Canada is is slowly dying rush be as officially nearly taken over the world rush me is mutated and developed that paranoia holy crap everybody's been smoking weed now oh crap this is this is crazy holy crap all the infections everywhere there's nothing that can stop this thing Central Africa so okay them rush fear

has developed the holy crap I kept saying that few ammonia symptom there are two ways to fight development of the Cure evolved aggressive symptoms destroy countries ma notes for oh god oh god it's 25% complete what I live in planes flying in out oh crap we need to make it do things so we need to make it kill people oh yeah we need to get onto this killing abilities evolve all this crap how many points do I have as a mission we can't do any more Russia there's over a million people dead in Russia well research doctors all around the world are completely focused on developing a cure for rush B it's gonna be Roche God's sake new statistics here that rush B has killed over 75 million people worldwide worse than the Black Death Wow rush B is mutated holy crap only 1 to 20 of these months put my don't we're doing of a must be own show that rush B has over 120 million people worldwide worse than the Spanish flu holy crap this oh god Central Africa a second ago was not infected at all and now it's is

dying oh my god I was playing on full speed that's why everything was going so quick rush be placed on the watchlist rush B has a given place on there who watch list already dangerous governments I warned that it could become unstoppable you know what I think it could ice and leading global cure effort Iceland has started to send research teams into infectious countries hoping to speed up the development of a cure for rush B pop blue bubbles to destroy their research oh that's why all the that's why the bubbles have been going down quit Middle East begins to break down normal life in Middle East is beginning to break down due to rush speak your research is starting to slow I missed a full stop there wish B has mutated and developed the peril cat say that without using DNA points let's go to DNA points oh crap [Music] refuse 50% complete come on we're gonna kill everybody we're gonna kill everybody we're gonna kill everybody come on right abilities step this up I've got no DNA all now Oh God look at that

Oh God well I got a little wounds assuming Oh God respira mutation developed the necrosis symptom without using DNA points the cure for rush B 75% complete [Music] everybody's gonna die from losing the guy yes everybody's dead everybody's gonna die come on I sound like I'm a mental person that's good symptoms above all these don't even know what I'm doing I'm just changing random things and hoping for the best if I if I got like rats and birds involved that speed up a lot but 83% opera it was the first foreign to anarchy due to rush be no cure research can take place right I gotta get the birds I gotta get birds in it too late oh god no you know look at the world look at this look at all the deaths there's only 21% of the world left we do this insomnia and I'm I'm I'm Naima he's causing people to walk around gray with tiredness scientists working on the cure for Russia are less productive legacy end I think it's the end oh god he's dead we've done it we've done it but I'm doing it I'm telling you no give up we

need to we need to have more symptoms in here or there weren't any evolve evolve that grew up abilities we can't without doing that what about this no no oh God one was so close we're going to do it no they're not screw you sorry huh Oh God this light there's no number for percentage it's it the last survivor must be that scientist infected zero dead the people of surviving somehow all these paper surviving brush P has destroyed the world despite the world's best efforts the last few humans will lie dying in holes with no chance of survival rush me as mutation developed into the aim filler symptoms without using DNA points Oh God so everybody's dead rush B is successfully eliminated all life on Earth okay this is like the overview of light everything that happened so you'll see here this all started then you start to get out of hand all internal and that's when it started spreading everyone out solving infections it's all the comp matches around the world it's all of them look at them all

crowd knew following new gene type has been discovered and unlocked ionized helix in single air well then anyway guys I hope you enjoyed this video please hit that like button see you in the next one [Music]

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