17 September 2014 - Utah Department of Transportation

UDOT Projects Website Overview

This video provides an excellent overview of the UDOT Projects Website. The website contains project and funding information for the Department's projects at ...

you da is driven by four strategic goals

preserve infrastructure optimize mobility zero fatalities and strengthen the economy you dot is committed to spending transportation funds effectively and has developed the U dot project's website to help demonstrate how the money is used you can access the unit project's website from the unit data portal data you Utah gov or by going directly to Utah gov / projects project information on this website is pulled from several different you business systems and is updated monthly dollar amounts and scheduled dates are approximations only for more detailed project information please utilize the contact information provided on the project summary page links across the top of the page provide further information about you dots approach to meeting each of the strategic goals some of the strategic goals are broken down into subcategories follow the links to view more information or to see a report of projects in that subcategory these reports can be exported to excel by clicking the link at the bottom of the page clicking a specific project named in the report takes you to the project summary page where you can find more

detailed information including contact information should you have specific questions about the project you can view the project location in the accompanying map you can zoom in or out with your scroll wheel or by selecting the appropriate tool in the menu across the top you can also access the road view explorer and view high resolution street-level photography of the project vicinity if prompted you probably don't need to update your Java version but you do need to run the applet click the frame and use the scroll wheel to zoom in on the picture or advance through frames to move along the road back at the project summary page follow the link to view the project in a larger map and access even more information about the project the U dot projects map provides valuable information on the status of you top projects with the capability to filter the projects by different criteria project locations are displayed on the map with symbols based on the project status several base map options are available you can zoom in or out with the scroll wheel or by using the appropriate tool from the menu or pan the map by activating the tool in

the menu and click dragging other tools include return the map to the previous extent open another window to show google street view or measure distance click on a point on the map to see the associated project following the link takes you to the project summary page shown earlier on the side of the map you can apply general filters to the data displayed you can choose to view only the projects in a particular County you can filter projects by project status or strategic goal keep in mind that the filters are combined and only the projects that meet all selected criteria will be shown projects that meet the filter criteria are also summarized at the bottom of the page notice that you can export the results to excel you can also click on a specific project to go to the summary page project search allows you to search the information on the project for specific text within any of the fields remember that all fields will be included so searching on Washington will return any projects in Washington County as well as any with Washington Boulevard in the description the information warehouse project map includes information about additional

projects with status of closeout project completed and hold you can create custom reports by running the interactive project report in the information warehouse choose the columns that you would like to view create custom filters on the different attributes whether displayed or not using the drop-down lists ensures that you input valid values here I am choosing to display just the projects that have been awarded sort the results based on a column by clicking on it or filter on specific values like county other actions are available to analyze filter or export the data in the report you can export the report as a CSV or a PDF you can also view the construction marketing report which opens a map of all projects listed as planned or in design as with the other maps you can search by region or apply other filters to the results you can also export the Associated report to excel

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