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U.S. Navy Carrier Planes Sweep China - 1945

SUMMARY Part 1, Japanese oil fields in Indo-China and ships are bombed, and a tanker is torpedoed. Part 2, preparations are made for the Yalta Conference in ...

storm in the China Sea

bad weather that almost hide ship from ship in this close formation of the United States Navy's Third Fleet in a parvenu bird the Navy moves to neutralize enemy interference with operations in the Philippine stretching like a protective blanket for mild the storm area conceals the movements of the task force now planes are launched in the Navy strike sudden shock flows and Japanese bases on the Indochina codes off Indochina plane spot for enemy convoys bound for the Philippine bombs hurtle down and in this one attack 25 Japanese ships are son an important mission completed the carrier planes returned to their shifts one plane comes to grief on a carrier tank the pilot stunned by the impact hangs limp in the cockpit willing hands lower him safely away from his damaged plane now the great part of Saigon Indochina is the target as the Navy lashes out again torpedo planes send their projected into a Japanese tanker loaded with oil from the Saigon on to Saigon opera dogs had land formation jutting into the China Sea Saigon oil reserves go up in smoke a

preview of daring masked carrier plane attacks which have now smashed that Tokyo itself here on the Black Sea near the city of Yalta in the Crimea is the meeting place of the leaders of Britain Russia and the United States scene of the most successful international conference of the war the body at castle once the Summer Palace of Tsar Nicholas second here the Crimea conference is to take place and the surrounding countryside is busy with preparations military convoys bring necessary supplies special communications lines are strung to the palace under three flags at a nearby airfield Russian officials headed by foreign secretary Molotov await the arrival of the British and American delegation and fully easy British foreign minister Edouard Stettinius United States Secretary of State Harry Hopkins adviser to President Roosevelt with April Harriman United States ambassador to Russia and Winston Churchill Prime Minister of Great Britain also arriving by plane after a 6,000 mile trip is Franklin D Roosevelt president of the United States

the first of eight days of day and night conferences at Livadia castle begins with the arrival of distinguished participants Sarah Churchill Oliver accompanying her father greets President Roosevelt's daughter mrs. Anna body Marshall Joseph Stalin premier of the Soviet Union at the time of the first three nation conference at Teheran fourteen months ago the ground over which Stalin now walks was still in the enemy's hands the three parties reach a firm Accord on military and political points coordinated plans are made for great new flows against Germany from all directions reaffirming the result of the United Nations to cooperate fully after the war Roosevelt Churchill and Stalin reach agreement on the foundations of European peace Germany shall be disarmed German militarism and Nazism will be destroyed Germany shall be occupied in zones with France a major participant an organization for world security will be permanently established the three leaders reaffirmed their faith and the principles of the Atlantic Charter pooping outside Sara Oliver Catherine Harriman daughter of the American ambassador and mrs. Barger watch as the

three leaders briefly interrupt their conference to pose for history making pictures says the special communique signed by all three our meeting here in the Crimea has reaffirmed our common determination to maintain and strengthen in the peace to come that unity of purpose and of action which has made victory possible and certain for the United Nations in this war we believe that this is a sacred obligation which our government sold to our peoples and to all peoples of the world Winston Churchill Franklin Roosevelt Joseph Stalin you

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