25 February 2014 - Startup Tucson

TwitterScreen - Startup Tucson Makeathon 2014

alright want to go to the other side

okay so if everyone I'm gonna pull out their Twitter enabled phones okay with the lights off let's do that that's why I turn them off you don't need to see you can see you you're gonna I NC campers and go what is it open on Twitter the town or yeah put her out what why is this not point out to be tweeting oh wait we have to reverse that's good so we're supposed to tweet yeah so he's hashtag makeup on and let's cross our fingers and hope it works few seconds ago to see how do you spell makeup on me but Mak Hawaiian that made things pretty german so it actually uh it's using nodejs on the server to actually read the twitter stream for several tags that actually reading made on its using the hashtag you guys reason for drinks rev latinas is reading at startup tucson it's reading at fill out work space at Miglin maker house and at zero craft fair amount and so musical jobs so it's actually pulling in like pretty much as soon as you press send it should show up on the screen that was the goal and so the actually the bigger goal is to put this on displays events just like this so people actually use it and engage the

hashtags which is really valuable at events and during months so yeah that's pretty much what I was going for barium yeah I just need to make customized for events right now it's all hard coded into this this event serang yes let go because obvious but it does read photos there's another maketh on in Detroit going on this weekend right yeah going on sweetie how did in there soon yeah I got some of this they're awesome especially when there's a cat's so the new ones are added at the top yep anyone comes in here push down he's got a plug for you for you something fishy co je s angular and cool have you had any experience with no prior yeah I had a little bit of turn to coat they use websockets to action switches read on so I'm those requests are you fetching them or are they being pushed they're being pushed from Twitter directly to my server which pushes turkeys do you guys this it was we can play around with it all we want but that's it so is that the yeah that's the one in Michigan oh yeah do you like that um no okay it's it's messy but ok right now either ball fix it right yeah it's really bad yeah yeah yeah this is real time

all right any other questions haha every photo you have so who's the fastest on Twitter hey Gabby oh there you go how does open back yeah so yeah how does that work why explain it not just of it in terms of them oh but what's doing so what I've done is I provided Twitter with essentially a list of things I want to send or retrieve information on and anytime a tweet comes in with that any of those specific search terms it um it actually pretty much just forwards them on to me and it's basically a subscribe service i subscribed to it and Twitter well directed to me and then I put it wherever I want and so in this case it happens to me this application where I'm displaying it big screen what's forwarding mean like what's it doing um it's essentially just opening up with just a push back up to yeah it's like having a telephone call Twitter it says have received a new tweet right now and this is the informations and it's just really fast because it's a computer so it can comprehend that information so microseconds cool yeah so much as I can hey

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