09 May 2018 - LionsEatNoobs (Mighty Lion LPs)

TRG Highlights - Smashdance Montage

Personally, seeing the A.I. trolling each of the Runaway Guys was pretty funny. TRG's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheRunawayGuys.

when you're a public glowing paddles to

score whoever crampons the most glowing paddles wins a a did cramp I don't know why you would ever want to do that you can panels blow for a short time and turn blue is there a better day you're hooked on it oh I got squished yeah yes we're really really stunned for a long time no I don't think so still give it to anyone's blue oh wow you are stunned for a long time eleven oh man damn you Tim why'd you have the stunned [Music] we haven't seen this is the first board it's the one where you crapped on the glowing platforms yes make sure try not tonight I want to eat especially when they're blue I forgot about that al tolet you didn't have to do that dizzy toadette seriously take so long to get back from that yeah those times X's and O's amazingly enough you want that both times now haven't you I think so so we're meeting X's and O's he only needs one more I guess I like that I just want to get off start I wanted me to game I should not be on start smash dance dance

and asking depend of who zai decides to bully at this point Oh God I mean you are Waluigi great Luigi Luigi Louie that's spousal abuse eg Luigi I guess we found The Weird Al song at this trip now I don't know yeah but we see get off of me doing okay jolly boys I told you it depends on who he bullies there we go Luigi I'm not gonna let you be in top anymore so I have a three on my board and so does John so if I pick 3 he could benefit from that as well this feels familiar alright Luigi who are you going for this time Luigi maybe we should have done a different category than four-player because I'm willing to bet this is all gonna be four player games as well and we only have tricky tires left to play and up Luigi first of them on get up get him Gib on the grill wait how did that go this is it ah good lord this is why Luigi's tragic backstory and how his entire life is defined by hating Luigi I can't believe it at this point boy 1300 yeah I won I am NOT maybe I'm thinking something else smash dance current record ten points

mm-hmm maybe it's the endless mode of picking up or something like that I don't know I I thought there was some special version in this game that has like a ranking system or something like that or yeah the score like a ridiculous we'll see cuz we're playing everything oh my god hey I don't start already on the TV already Wilma and Betty I'm 40 ready Luigi seriously yeah that's him dude one of the week get out of here Louie oh yeah oh my god no no and he didn't actually squish me all the way all the way why are you stunned for so long that was force words it hurts and it costs it costs me first place although the breaking so I guess they figured nobody would notice damn oh boy developer stories from like the 90s where they said that they intentionally cut corners in an area because they legit didn't think anybody would notice and then surprise cutting your floor wiki oh well how are they Waluigi the internet would be so you cannot quit and leave your position to come back to the same place zero to nine basic computer level easy as a hit 10th why level state that it will get harder

this is where the normal computer players begin sure you'll still have easy gears as well but normals will also randomly appear ok so it's some normals not all as a reachable 50:12 tell you how impressive you got 50 but also states that's where the battle begins this means that hard and brutal computer players come in as a reach 9012 will tell you how impressive you were in your progress getting this far just the states how she never doubted you yeah right 0:03 spring match dance I mean at least I'm good at it tricky tires probably not going to be attack I spoke too soon yeah off of me really aggressive Akshay's the trade-off it's crazy mic on and you actually gave me a point what I'm not even hitting them happy super kid seriously the Stu you got four points cuz he attacked everyone instead yeah I don't know he was pretty easily on me you can shut up now no bad you think it everytime that it's gonna happen I think it's a Teta grandpa in this game yeah I think we're almost all the game good the AI is gonna lock onto one of us and just make the hell great

there it's me crap it's gonna be may guess they say I actually know whatever yeah oh let me say may the force be with you sorry about that like they say in Brooklyn now I ran right under beach I don't think they say that Dory man can only wish to do that ouch X Oh No hugs and kisses from the board

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