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Trek Bicycle Store Prepares Burke for the MS Bike Tour!

FM96 Afternoon host Sarah Burke will be riding on TEAM DUNNER this weekend for the MS Bike Tour. Aidan and Matt have been kind enough to set Team ...

so this is Trek bicycle store in London

and they've been getting us all set up for the MS bike ride riding on team dinner yeah there she is I wanted to show you the coolest thing this is a we call it Eden's office the precision fit machine this point clouds me to set any bike so you can before you buy one you triage size it also allows me to just fit you have good point so if you have any issues or uncomfortable come in I can dial it in and fix a lot of those issues is there any way you could give us a quick demo of like how the angles in that camera and everything works yeah anger is one of our employees when he originally came in for his fit his angle on his leg extension was not where I'd like to see it and during his pedal stroke you can see it has a little bit of a flick at the bottom so it's moving his ankle too much oh that's so interesting so when he goes into his run it's going to create a lot of issues down the road no I've changed it to more accurate angle to where you want to see it and I was able to get rid of that little flick at the very bottom of his pedal stroke that's going to make him more comfortable in the end I was also able

to check his arrow position with his helmet while he's actually running as well wow so cool really cool hello tell us about the bike uh it's a nice fitness cruiser it's going to be perfect for this ride for you guys it's going to spend a very little energy but be nice and comfortable alright and we're just raising the handlebars a little bit for me for my posture you've already he's looked at like the angles of my legs have been very precise about this it's amazing there's a lot of science here well we wanted to get your feet in the right position on the pedals themselves that way you're not going to get a foot cramp or anything was done then what we did was we check satellite for you we put you in the optimum height for you we also made an adjustment on the front bar chair for it now that's going to help with your posture so your backs not going to get as tired of a full ride and you said something about my wrist before too can you explain that one you risk before quite bent like that right I get a lot of numbness in your hands so I just in the bar for you so their own straight right and that's going to give you a

little bit better ride a little bit more comfortable okay what's next what's next um I think you're pretty much done we're gonna go outside and take a spin down Jeff so this is matt from Trek store London who just got me fitted in some awesome shorts that feel like diapers three things everyone should have if they're doing any long duration bike riding all that comes down to really is clothing once you pass the safety equipment like helmet etc you want a good set of padded shorts they do feel a bit like diapers the first time you try long that is really gonna help you be comfortable for long distance riding yeah pass that a nice dry fit top something's going to keep you cool in this hall weather really great and a good set of gloves so you can have some support for your hands suck your fingers are going numb okay now what about the gears here quick little lesson for anyone that is thinking of buying a hybrid and how this would work it's really quite simple you've got index shifting with trigger shifters you've got four buttons in total nice little gauge here and here which will show you that you've got

three gears on one side seven gears on the other to shift just press the button to shift back press the other button you'll see the indicator change really really simple that easy okay know what about when to use your gears when do you use your years it's really simple if you see a big hill coming find an easier gear if you want to pick up some speed shift a little higher here you always want to be spending your legs in a nice fast pace so that's going to keep you from tiring out your muscles too quick thank you so much put a little less in and get me set up no problem

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