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Top Four Tips For More Discipline And Financial Success

March 18th, 2018 Top Four Tips For More Discipline And Financial Success ✎ In this video, we're going to learn about discipline. Leave your thoughts or ...

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achieving any sort of financial success discipline is the name of the game in this video we're going to learn how to be more disciplined that and more coming up hey what's up guys this is Eli with build your tomorrow a channel dedicated to everything and anything personal finance we believe in spending less than we earn saving money paying down that making sound investments but most importantly guys we believe in investing in ourselves so if you are new here consider subscribing alright guys I think if you and I are honest with each other I think we would both agree that if we were to be more disciplined then we would probably be better off financially our relationships would be stronger and we would be closer to whatever goes we have in life right so the question is how do we become more disciplined and I believe that I have part of the answer ok so in order to be more disciplined I think that we should have left less alcohol let me tell you why so last night I went out with some friends here in Brooklyn and I had three glasses of wine and one shot yes I know that I have a three drink maximum you know that's usually my limit every

time that I go out but today or last night I was in that discipline right and I had four drinks three glasses of wine one shot right and so I had a good time I got home maybe around 12:30 1:00 o'clock in the morning went to sleep woke up at around nine and Sunday was a disaster okay this video I said I I said started this video somewhere around seven o'clock at night right now it's about 10:15 10:30 I didn't work out today and there were a couple other things that I wanted to get done but I didn't so one of those things is I want the tongue I spent some time going over tax planning and taxes in general and kind of increasing my knowledge there but because I didn't feel well right I didn't feel energized I didn't feel strong I felt sleepy I felt tired I didn't do I didn't read up on taxes I didn't work out I didn't go for a jog and I feel like today Sunday like I wasn't necessarily productive and so when I think about how to be more disciplined right I think it starts with having more energy more vitality more enthusiasm right and I think that I can't achieve that or I would have achieved that for today Sunday if I

didn't go out last night and had three glasses of wine and one shot of tequila like I think that knocked me out for today and so you know but then the other question is well you know how do you balance you know working all the time and you know with having a good time sometimes in relaxing and maybe drinking socially and you know that's a good question but I think if I could do it over I probably would have stuck to two glasses of wine and I probably should have been home by 11:30 right I think if I would have done that then maybe I get up at a better time and then maybe I least go jogging or or I at least do some reading when it comes to taxes but I think that the four drinks did me and so I think to be more disciplined again when I have more energy more vitality and to have those things I think we really have to reduce our consumption of alcohol so that's the first the second two is I think that again in order to be more energized be more awake more aware have better brain function right I think that we need to sleep and get good quality sleep right so it's not just an amount of hours that you're in bed it's

really the depth of your sleep like how well did you really sleep and last night again because I went out I you know I didn't really sleep that while I went to sleep maybe at 2:00 2:30 ahead oh I had a hard time falling asleep and then I was waking up a couple times because I was hot I think another time I was thirsty and then I wake up at 9:00 and I didn't feel energized I didn't feel refreshed I didn't really feel like I slept all that well so that explains why you know this videos going out late and why Sunday wasn't the most productive day but I think sleep and the quality of that sleep is so important to give our conscious mind the energy right the the willpower that it that it needs to control our emotions and to control ourselves and to direct us towards our goals right our conscious mind needs sleep and so sleep guys is tip number those two the third tip being more disciplined I believe is building momentum if I would have woken up at 6:00 in the morning or at 7 meditated worked out and listened to something positive right that would have given me the momentum that I needed to execute

the rest of the day so I would have said 'hey you're doing really well you're doing what you have to do so keep it going then after my little morning routine I would have probably jumped into taxes and I probably would have maybe researched some additional personal finance topics learned a little bit more maybe hung out with my father and just made more of Sunday but because I didn't build that momentum right when I got up late you know I didn't feel well and I didn't have them and so Sunday was shot so get momentum and once you got to keep it going I believe is tip number three so tip number four tip number four is to remember your why why is it that you're doing what you're doing why is it that I'm here in front of you right when I could be sleeping I could be watching cartoons I could be doing anything else in the world but instead I'm here trying to spread financial literacy finance education to others right and I think it's important for me right if I want to be more disciplined and make choices right that are going to get me closer to that goal I have to have to remember the reasons that I'm doing this I'm doing

this for my mother I'm doing this for my father I'm doing this for my family I'm doing this for my community I'm doing I'm doing this for my country I'm doing this really for for for the human race right I want us all to get along better you know might sound super cheesy but it's true I think that there's a lot of negativity in the world today and so I am trying to spread some positivity some knowledge that might be able to help someone you know make a decision that could impact you know their families and and their futures in a better way so you know keeping that why keeping those motives in mind can help me you know make better decisions and I pretty much believe that it can help you too so keeping our Y's in mind on a daily basis I think is super important all right guys well I am super excited actually to wrap this video up edit it upload it get some mortar in me grab a bite and call it a day right because I really want to get a good night's rest wake up tomorrow go through my morning routine and then jump into taxes so that I can learn it much more deeply so that I can give you guys better richer content right that will help you that way

help me and then I was and that will help the people around us right so looking to execute at a very high level tomorrow I hope that you're excited about Monday as well and that you're looking to be more disciplined so guys if you liked the video click the like button if you have any thoughts comments questions concerns stories leave them in the comments below if you want to hear more of this stuff sub scribe but till next time guys remember spend less than you earn save your money pay down your debt make sound investments but most importantly guys remember invest in your self I will talk to you guys next time

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