22 August 2016 - Judicial Watch

Tom Fitton discussing the bombshell release of Clinton emails by Team Judicial Watch

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hi tom Fitton with Judicial Watch here

with a special update on new Clinton emails that we just uncovered and released today these emails come from the emails produced to the State Department by Yuma Abidine who are deputy chief of staff at the State Department later became a special government employee it worked the Clinton Foundation into naio and other Clinton cash front but miss Aberdeen was also haven't had an account on mrs. Clinton's email server so an on state account that she used for government business - and she conducted all sorts of government business on that non state account so as a result of our litigation she was asked to return all of the non state emails that she had that were government business which he's done and the State Department's been giving him back to us in drips and drabs and what's been happening is we found new Clinton emails in those Yuma Abedini mails and these Clinton emails are emails that she did not turn over to the State Department and the American people now you may recall under oath in our case she said as far as she knew all her government emails have been turned over from her non state account well that's

not the case because the latest facts today that we're releasing shows 44 new email exchanges that were not previously turned over by mrs. Clinton which now raises questions again about what she told the court under oath and as far as we know we have a hundred and seventy-one new Clinton emails that Judicial Watch alone is uncovered not Congress and not the media now what's in the new Clinton emails well she's communicating with her pollster about NATO and piracy don't you love that mark Penn sensor or email about NATO and piracy so that's where she's getting advice from also we find advice from the head of Morgan Stanley a majorly Clinton Foundation donor who wanted to meet with her and talk shop on China and also we found an email from Clinton donar in Cleveland a Clinton donor in Cleveland who wanted a friend of hers hired and mrs. Clinton demanded that Abidine follow up and report back to her on how that was being handled also lots of interesting information in the Abidine material these are the emails that Aberdeen had herself and they show the Clinton Foundation was working hand in glove with the State Department the

Clinton State Department to get people placed and to do favors for Clinton Foundation friends and donors Doug band who was the top official at the Clinton Foundation for the Clinton gang was sends an email to court Abidine asking that it's quote important to take care of and they were DAC the name why do you think it's important to take care of this person obviously because they're a donor and Abidine tells her don't worry personnel has been sending him options well isn't that nice the Clinton Foundation gets this also there's a big lead Clinton donor billionaire Gilbert jacory who been demanded the put in touch with the State Department's Lebanese representative ban notes that jacory is key guy there in Lebanon and to us of course he's a key guy to them because he was giving money to the foundation and he insisted that Aberdeen called the ambassador Jeffrey Feltman to connect him to Shakur II unbelievable stuff he gave between this Chidori gave one to five million dollars to the Clinton Foundation and he pledged a billion dollars to the Clinton Global Initiative so sir quarry is also has a checkered history who's convicted of

money-laundering back in 2000 so this is not the type of person you probably want communicating too closely to anyone in the State Department but if you're the Clinton Foundation you get it in now you know mrs. Clinton in order to get appointed because both Democrats and Republicans were concerned about her connections to the Clinton Foundation and the business interests of her husband and the speechmaking making him everything and she promised that she would stay out of it and she this is the letter that she wrote for the raishin of my appointment as secretary if I am confirmed I will not participate personally and substantially in any particular matter involving specific parties in which the Clinton Foundation or the Clinton Global Initiative is a party or represents the party how does that fit in with the Clinton Foundation's top guy talking to her chief of staff and deputy chief of staff and top officials in the State Department in her office to get favors for donors and supporters of the Clinton Foundation it broke her promise a promise she made to Democrats who are concerned about it and Republicans who

are concerned about it and yes even the President Obama so this is a again more shocking information out of the Clinton Foundation emails and that Judicial Watch is the one uncovering this it's just incredible that Judicial Watch is the one finding this information and what if our litigation what was it happening what would be going on and so this is why it's important you keep on tracking our work and if they're supporting our work this is what you get you get this key information and accountability no one else was able to get because mrs. Clinton thinks she's above the law and she tried to hide these emails from the American public well I weren't they turned over where they deleted did she miss them I don't know and of course you my Abba Dean had these emails in her separate email system too on this Clinton email server so there's a there's a lot more coming out we get we're getting new batches of documents almost every month so there's just going to be more drips and drabs of this Clinton email material again new Clinton emails and and this is in addition to the new emails the FBI is recovered as part of this investigation

and it will be produced to Judicial Watch and litigation so oh boy this is not over and along the lines of the Clintons we have a major new report from our chief investigative reporter Michael Morris and out today on our website it's called the new Tammany Hall New York in the age of corruption and it talks about mayor de Blasio and how Clinton cronies are carving up the city and there's a major developer up in New York Bruce Ratner who again is close to the Clintons Blasio and he's involved in a been involved in the development called Atlantic Yards using all sorts of taxpayer money both I think federal and local and state and you've got Russian connections you got Chinese visa connections you got corruption connections in New York and I think ratner's company even is the landlord for the Clinton campaigns office headquarters so this this this report by Michael Morrison is well worth reading it raises questions again about whether there's a new white water type scandal up in New York and whether again taxpayers are being gouged by the Clifton gang through illicit

connections and as in a state where the rule of law is secondary to the political and a financial interests of the politicians running things up there and if you've been following to your politics at all you know they've been several Republican and Democrat corruption scandals done and and it's torn to say the state apart at least politically and and mrs. Clinton is the former senator from New York and a big player up there looks to be more involved than she probably wants you to know so that's why it's important that you go to our website and read the new Tammany Hall New York and the age of corruption is on our front page also you can look at all the emails we uncovered on our website from Hillary Clinton and you Muhammad Dean and you know we may have missed something so go ahead and look at them all and let us know if we missed something important that you think ought to be highlighted so there are hundreds of them so thanks for the attention and a special support and I encourage you those of you who are already supporting us to keep it on and those of you aren't supporting us they say anti-corruption work is

essential if we want accountability in government and if you don't trust politicians to do the right thing unless their watch then you're gonna want to support judicial watch thanks again I'll talk to you later this week

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