14 December 2017 - ChiliCheeseVlog

The Magical Place Trifecta | Vlogmas Day 7

In this one Kelly goes to all the most magical places that she can think of that are also in Seattle, Washington, including Diagon Alley, McMenamin's Anderson ...

hey everybody this is Kelly from the

future I took a little break from posting vlogmas during pod con so that I could sleep even a tiny bit so this is being posted on day 12 but it's actually fungus day 7 so enjoy possibly happening you think it's a game so Seattle that all of your children can unicycle you excited yes we went to Diagon Alley where in order to get his daughters in his driveway and then we went to my favorite place in Seattle Anderson school the Biron or Sidon look at this that's why that's why make minimums always smells like fire every single one of them all the time I'm feeling the different course cuz we're too fancy and we're ready to party in a classy way look how festive so we [Music] but I can i film you eating is it good this parts for my mom because she watch to see if I think still maybe this has crab and artichoke this is largely jalapeno bases about to be expose the experience you're missing Han I'm not really sure what but there subscribe and some stuff some stuff and it has an IPA dressing which is beer maybe this isn't for my mom nevermind I love you requests to quest I

I don't know what I'm gonna say I have nothing to say to you but I'm freaking out see on the video it just kind of looks like we're eating but like if you are here thank you so much that was our amazing waiter she's amazing she's so friends oh my god hi chi yeol regardless there's so much like insane good I don't know what to do about it the answers just eat it but I can't literally every item on this table has so many ingredients I can't get by the best experience no delay that is toasting to it at Seattle yeah thank you what a nice thing to say I just get me a little bit buzzed to say nice things about me and they're like 20 percent nicer that's probably a lowball probably like 60 percent nicer if you're Roseville and drunk I'll cry okay you want to kind of feel like you're in hindsight except the adult version [Applause] Bart you get it you sure you train you're a tree area and Cheerios your first time is like a nice little self-contained bar tour everything's really pretty and cozy and you got a cup I drink all the time

otter aren't you sometimes Frawley all righty and then we went to welcome to night Vale live it's the bus tonight yeah we're just gonna get on it with Zoey is it Annika crane Happy Hanukkah Happy Hanukkah so they told me that I couldn't bring any water in with the one bottle that I acquired so that I would have a bottle this week I just took this entire bottle of water easily the most excessive thing I've done all day we weren't allowed to record the show so here are pictures that I took [Music] [Applause] so would you look at that can't really see it but that's the Christmas crane yeah so people looking always for us I'm very cold so I want to say some stuff it don't need your help I don't offend anybody for under 18 fast forward like 30 45 seconds but right when marketing makes a lot of sense you work into this place you see the lights and you see the weird you think wow what a magical place but here's what a magical place and then they are pub based you go to the pubs you have to do pub based things this

place is magical there's no props for that we're gonna open a pub based resort business maybe magic that's my life my life advice today go forth do some pub based things I'm going to sleep you'll get this on a different day I love all of you no good night I said I wasn't gonna say anything else but look how organic just Dean it's just feeling for all of us I do sleepy to drink anything so just he's gonna drink it for me she did a good job don't you think she's just so good thanks to Steve

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