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The Hillary Trail

The Hillary Trail, an adventurous four day, three night tramp, connects a network of existing regional park tracks and basic backpacker campgrounds through the ...

in the native forests and rugged

coastline of the white arcady Rangers regional park is a tramping trip named after New Zealand's great Mountaineer Sir Edmund Hillary the 70 kilometres rail is not a walk in the park but a chance for well-prepared trampers to experience the dramatic and spectacular terrain found in the white a curry Rangers a group of tremors have agreed to let us follow their journey as they attempt a challenging for date ramp on the trail we're going to see some glorious views I'm really looking forward to seeing the trees and the birds it's just going to be yeah a nice adventure with great company and we're well lead so we're not going to get lost the check is all marched so there should be no problems at all there's a map showing our whole route here my first camp is down here who you and then we're going to camp on the west coast and then the last ones up on the farm so they're all quite varied Kim's and then going to walk out the last day back up to the zip drive and come out with the cars apartment okay right well throughout much of my father's life he went out there and walked the trails and of course we built a little classic New

Zealand batch out purchase on the top of the cliff he had a real presence out there and he loved it in fact he dreamed up a lot of his big expeditions when he was out there in the west coast and I think a number of people felt that that coastline personified you know what ed Hillary was all about that adventurous spirit you know the wildness of the landscape well the connection is through my mother my grandfather bought some land out on the coast near white speech as soon as I was born I used to come up to the beach with the family and we had a little house out their little hearts really we used to spend quite long holidays here over summer and in the weekends and on the family did you want any help night nah my salami Emilio it was really easy today because we had quite a lot of them nice form tracks and then we had some road walking at the end but through the middle we had some typical why takarov mud yeah we had been a mad after our ankles in places and a few routes to negotiate and so you need to know how to walk upon the routes without slipping over but it was a great day clearly now we're anticipating it to be and a bit

harder and longer tomorrow but everything's been kind to us the weather's been kind everything's food 12 and the gorgeous campsite so that's it's just lovely if a multi-day trip is not your thing there are other ways you can experience the beauty of the trail there is excess to short segments of the track that range from an hour's walk to a full day's hike running the trail is also very popular but this demands a high level of fitness the group is called girls on top and there are also men who are involved as well and they called the boys on the side so we ran part of that Hillary trail for the opening of the Hillary trail the part we ran was from yer away to pee ha and it took us five and a half hours and that's because we did walk up the holes we didn't try to run up in recent bull hill and it was just amazing and then a few weeks later my friends convince me that we should run around the rest of it so we went from aratake which is I understand the correct way to go and went to pee ha and that job just under 9 hours and it was just amazing it's the most beautiful route one minute you're out on and a walkway like this and then the next

minute you're running through the bush and you're going up and down and across the sand and so it's just this huge range and doci was pretty hard yeah so network down is automated that we did something like 3,000 foot ascent and descent buddy and so yes it's up and down and up and down and on leagues that haven't rent for a while it's it's pretty hard going Nick's got a blister over here and and Sierra shoes are falling apart here we come up here shoes it's just so you see next time marvelous lacing job on her book there to get it together again some nice stunning news up here coming from Carrie Carrie up towards gee honey yes hit some novice whether it's a bug bite in the coming which is really nice to catch nice weather in here actually walking along the beach was fantastic just so rugged and beautiful and the black sand and everything else that it was really nice and actually doing it and be a feat was really nice as well nice for the feet to have a bit of time out of the boot so that was great well I think the region is a wonderful opportunity to experience new zealand's temperate rainforest this park band

right beside our largest city that goes over to the west and just plunges into the sea so a lot of the trail goes along this incredibly exciting and picturesque coastline it's an exciting trail when people have walked the Hillary trail they will feel that they've really achieved a huge amount because it is a really long way and and it's a huge variety of terrain and it's actually very tough so I think it will be a real achievement for people and I think that that is a wonderful thing for people to have that opportunity to do a very long trail it's just like doing the routeburn or the milford track and and it's just as beautiful so I think people feel a huge sense of achievement when they get to the end and when this was suggested I thought I want to light a curry that's you know kind of ho-hum that's fine I didn't worry too much about preparation and I'm really impressed now because it was not a cake or bed warm make sure you've got the right gear make sure you've got the right food make sure you know how to put a tent up let's just do it right and it's achievable you did for the shower hey we did it like what's out it rested

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