15 April 2012 - Taj Torrence


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my play catch me on the road shows up

say I can't let Odell South was great everywhere I go but no whatever up say you're the whole weight and try to see the whole world I'm in my own zone that's the best of both worlds lean back to my niggas life jail we can never run out of tour but the hotel cuz I'm trying to travel the whole blow all i gotta do is make eat and stay yo no drug rhythms with the exes with the hose make a plane in throw a touchdown there goes that's what i call ballin out in the field they calling about the real I'm promenade for the kill I was sitting in four bars they're calling the battlefield I'm he'll you should be calling for bill I am pretty what they ain't I still feel like I'm filling in the blanks but it's too easy got the game too tight for rigidly me shining like a lamp they might need a pudgy me we only need three wishes Buster come up wit gang trusted shine like clay bitches Thank You Dwight from the mouth between dish it's why we seen the vision before anybody which are here and don't act like a villain I can't ever did we still different bread they still feeling a feeling it midnight so our word laid on one third

the second but first place cuz in the first place I was in the worst place on him from above so it's like where the dirt say Sam nice for my birthday greeting got it looking like birthday if the separate when you blue we can leave one is think of a boon to the cheese how some shoes and she a vibrant day I'm up in her ear from like hot display flight attendant told her she might see me off there like I was trying to visit but I was trying to hit it nobody told her the love wasn't there but the phone was livid since she only did it for the feeling i had a bit a ride now I me wanna shine like the shrimp that I dip with chips and salsa if you talking business this offer I can never feel but I culture I can never die with the drive that they know they can't also we only need three wishes Buster come up quick gain trust and shine like clean dishes stay away from the mouth between dishes that's what we saw the vision before anybody listen is proud of what you're here and don't act like a villain music blasting don't like it here did we

stay up different bridge they smell feeling day hey there's no filling it every don't act like a villain put your hair and don't like I can't fill it did the glasses don't make like a never did we still do for it they asked willingness to put your hair and don't act like aunt Billie blasted Omega gang every day we still be friends they sleep in the dead yeah yeah haha we do this first call delay solve the system don't have time while feeling me don't act erotic for the name don't let somebody funny me yeah yeah yeahs a charger haha d I see a sofa you

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