19 September 2013 - Fetorlock

SWTOR 2.3 PVP #192 / L35 Infiltration Shadow / Civil War

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why we got peer trips on the way playing

a shadow today damn boy shadow time oh no Meah Oh pay attention to me okay I did it to me my own I want to fight alright I've got about affinity might even let's get luckily up in here can't ugly up and yell your bag of itself noise yeah I'll surprise nobody call for help oh he's got his help too I could tell from way back overhaul yes I'm going on over the bell and ya gonna win speed buff nope cuz it died here no but did he ever call for help not one time a lot switch targets I gotta do this damaged man that's the ability he's unbeatable I was forgetting about spinning strike forgive me my lord mrs. pattern where I'm trying to play all my guys more often so you know it's been like a month and a slate this too maybe if i get the root tayshon down or the routine down more often I think I might stay with this guy two is better than one over chomp oh my count that's how we cage and glad to say yeah

take care and you say chill and then you put a look on on in and that make occasion chomp oh come on come over town so we kids back you dude I wanna hear some mining so sad looks like our guys in the mothers are doing fine I got it mmm me fit their folk he won't I'm hell yea though oh yeah he calm he's like nobody's gonna let us rip us a new one I really want to do all that got me tired from working Oh where you goin bumper is ready to fire their attack stops here here's another one I can't break these bang me and he banged me and I had the three stack of the breaching shadows i was about to let loose horse break oh here he comes again somebody different and he's a tank nobody saying a word about ink here nothing like that la shadows do crazy man so MA okay the only problem with me doing this rotation now turning back is might see more I usually try not to click you know out tight game Europe too much with this guy because this objectives although I should have gave heels prospect wow I'm surprised he doesn't have more votes I was taught okay at least one person was

no I'm little time so yeah normally and I have more to do more videos I put out I kind of pic I judge it by game wise to a file do this rotation where I'm picking different guys that might not happen as much so if you see blowouts alive you think the gameplay themselves or creddies and yeah well that will see what's the a goes we go see how I go thanks for watching wow you made it to the end of the video thanks so much for watching I hope you enjoyed it click on any one of these video links to check out more if you would like to help me stay out of fire traps prevent me from being forced pushed off of bridges and then make me feel like a ninja be a subscriber today take care

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