23 September 2018 - Prophet Gerald Nyasulu PhD.

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gentlemen you're wearing a gray suit you

come beside you shake it the government but you sir are see you just feel like you need to professor I haven't been professor in after her some Hawaii excellent and hey professor hey can i professor in the realm of the spirit hours join a vision of you and the vision is to do it your job I will sing something a confusion around a joke so I'm asking myself what is this one but there are safe I have to pray for you to think to open your life what's happening with your job something blocking your way was I seeing this confusion around your children but to do in a lemur hands-on and I'll lay my hands on you what's the next month October next month is a month of what October and what's the day-to-day for you to know there are my profit before the end of October you shall be struggling with job to choose from i hearing your problem will be which one i'm hearing me unseen responses to applications some applications that we are living for gotten way up right we are going to begin to receive responses that's when you know i'm a profit i open your life to gain no matter whatever has been

blocking away now not anymore Jesus Christ open it is done congratulations you are coming back with a test Melissa congratulations hahaha are you here can I pray for you [Music] I'm getting a prophecy hearing a prophecy super I led you do you know that God loves you know that God loves you huh do you know why God is presenting now you should you should have been alive by today all right that's correct you should have not been our enemy has targeted your life from when you were still your mother's womb I'm hearing from when we steal your mother's phone the Devas been trying to terminate your life and your life has Indonesia has been tough that's me at school I'm sinking bullet bring good names before I'm seeing them like you've got friends and then they start talking behind your back so then imagine something that they dev has been trying to support it your life you know this one because

protect yourself three times the doctors were shocked that we stole to take I want to know the reason why God's pure safety number one there's always a ninja who is walking with you are hearing me there's always an angel walking with you and if I ask you are going to tell me that sometimes will feel something in the air around you you feel something the a around you and you're benefiting afraid as if there's something around you it's your angel can I professor testing in the sphere around you I'm up one inch around it's your angel is always with you I was protecting me because God has got an anointing on your life as an evangelist [Applause] an evangelist someone who is carrying the good news and God wants to use your life now your story to bring many more people into the kingdom i hearing me when people want to hear the story of your life but they were not the recording heaven and they'll give their lives to Jesus so from today I'm commissioning you to walk in the anointing of an evangelist [Applause] begin to flow today I opened the redness

of an evangelist to flow from your belly Jesus by the name madam of Jesus cross take it thick Jesus Madonna it is done thank you Jesus how am I talking to Samara here [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] come on let me see you Teddy how about a mr. teddy [Music] [Music] you know like there's my he makes our way where there is no way j hovah have a final say [Music] her abusive behavior Ferrari a castrato who is a student the society was the partner you are the student coming it's a first time to be here did you tell anyone about you did you send their main enemy sister papa my students for me we are surprised God's Grace's on and then I said Gold's fresh

are you working don't wanted me to pray for you open your life open your finances is that making sense there wants me to pray for you open your life open your finances so car to ship it academia I don't know what's going on with your finances but all wants me to open your finances what cause I've studied yes I'm okay you came along you can buy get on here okay me that's justice open your finances break my hands on when Astrid doors are going to me less time so you're coming back with the big test [Applause] mighty name of Jesus Christ Matt Elam of Jesus Christ I open you after day by hoping of mine answers Jesus name Jesus matinee not anymore cheese's be free today loose loose yes such a way she's testing Jesus now

whoever's been holding it today I break it I approach it in the name of Jesus Christ in the name of Jesus Christ I loose your legs today Jesus name every stagnation in your life I break it I release your finances I release you laughter damn things are going to move a prophetic speedy from today Jesus Magnum how about I undo every damage sheis us there [Music] cheers us there [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]

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