03 July 2017 - Steve Strangio Productions

Strangio Show - Mick and Noelle Foley interview

Steve hangs out with Mick Foley and his daughter Noelle at Eternal Con in the Nassau Coliseum located in Long Island. Mick talks about what he's been doing ...


when hanging out here at eternal con I I think you know who these people are but we got to do ladies first so ladies first is hello I'm Noel Foley well this is allowed I didn't think I would be able to hear it a little bit can you hear me I can hear it nervous talk it's actually pretty good kickass microphones around yeah and this guy is somebody who I think you know yeah yeah I think we know mr. Mick Foley ladies and gentlemen so thanks for hanging out it's nice to be here right here at the newly refurbished Nassau Coliseum how has the experience been with like meeting everybody here in this wide open space and everybody's like hey look it's Mick Foley let's go say hi it's pretty good off camera we're talking about the eternal con being at the cradle of aviation this was a cool museum and it was really unique and that's great but this layout has allowed for more people to be in here and I think I give a nod to CM punk punk for bringing in an overflow crowd some of them drifted over to my tape well no it worked out pretty good now Ashley see you later she saw Ashley now how proud are you of this young lady

right here and all she's been accomplishing as of late I know well it's doing great she is a phenomenon I'm so on social media people hang on her every word yeah they really like her I was a filming holy Foley how'd that feel it was actually a lot of fun like we thought it might have been weird with like a whole bunch of people in our house but everyone was really nice and we enjoyed it it was fun and we got free food all the time well we were rear my cameraman Rob and I were lucky enough to hang out at your house and I get to be in the Christmas room so that was an honor that's right yeah for the younger kids the idea of having craft services yeah and because the set was our house when that cameras people those kids made a beeline downstairs are they loved it thank you we were talking about so you're a fan of I'm dying up here it stands up comedy and you know you are you've done stand-up comedy so did you relate to that finally and then I want to talk to you about that Islam a big time man there's this moment in Episode one where Cassie ari Graynor who's just amazing I think she and

Melissa Leo she get I mean I think it was about five six people deserving of Emmy nods she talks Goldy into letting her go to the main stage and she's tanking and they hit that shot from behind and you see no one in the audience reacting I've like um I've been there's a mold and then there and then she finds something and turns it into magic and it's like man it's over to me it's so relatable and I love the show and I hope people are tuning in it's a great show now stand-up comedy is on your future or have you already done it when you do the reality show a big part of it or the interviews and all they say to Noel is tell us about blank and Noel would almost always start out bring it around and add on a high note which is not easy to do and one cake nailed it almost every time and I think if she were to up you have somebody help her with some material not meetings I'm not really a joke or a story teller very time yeah I think I killed cells they're really cheesy jokes really keeping it well there's on the right way you can accentuate a good story with a cheesy joke it can't exist on TV jokes along so

maybe we'll get you on you just tell stories yeah it's possible I can tell stories about my dad there you go Wally jokes people want to hear about this so the future for you or what the future hold for Noel will have to see all right figure it out standing over injuries okay a little thing one thing and what about mr. Mick Foley where we're going I don't know I've just recently been fired as raw general manager and that wound is still fresh we heard about that yes but you're going to bounce the Christmas memoir October 17th Wow hopefully we'll see at the book review I think of the 18th or 19th and it's a book I'm really proud of I hope some people will check it out when it comes out at the Huntington Long Island all right from the willfully for Mick Foley my name is few Stan's you hang out at eternal con thanks to Johnny [Music]

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