10 September 2018 - Squshie Life

Squshie collection sptember 2018/with Aylasqushies and more

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I'm about to hurt Aaron if you knew

hello man until likely persephone if you like your stuff make sure you hit that rest is primer and while you're at it hit the navigation bar so you won't miss any of my fun and amazing videos also why I ran into max from you hit that smash that like button and also comment down below what your favorite squishy I think I have 60 squishies but also here's someone special here I'm here worth anywhere from a look Ella girl and Ayla squishies and more yeah and she was posting the video too so we've just done her introduction and now we're doing mine and now we're gonna do it together let's get started okay I'm through my squeeze the most oh by the way we're both recording at the same time I already have two my first one I got this pig and then I got this giant this is the largest squeeze mall it's the unicorn is like bigger than my face oh yeah they don't and so see a shake and there is though for my squeeze the moles oh yeah right now if you haven't watched a video make sure um yesterday mean element to the market and we basically did a squishies Rock and this is Bethany what a Lagaan me abuts myself she's now and imagine what she

can't that video of me and Ally at the market sorry if it's really loud and there's lots of people there or we had to do it at market cuz in no time also go check out Ella's video or what'd she do it's go we should bring us coffees and show you around everyone and what asked us as we go and I give it away I haven't done it yet in there was yeah I haven't I got this I saw you both have the exact kind of their money I feel like $25 each just lean on each other and and they gave me this one by the way when we were at the markup we did see each other and we just did someone else oh she's ever wanted by someone she thought I wanted to pepper design with this but there were two things now there was one of these lifts and it was like two green and blue below and so I was the ice market they will only total fans sucked and it's very soft and I really like it I'm not even done my our market ones I got supers babies this weekend in out the I bloom story you know my rainbow cake was it cold okay where's the type of the rainbow cake like car you see that school it's

kind of like one of those car mother penguin also do I think you comment down below are you almost done see note 1 Note 3 so this is not quoting voted mine does but no way on the call pizza by the way guys this is and in the order of my minions and I lied not anyone squishy I don't even have sex day I don't know I don't know how much I have I'm I'm like I wonder this bag I was like oh you have a really really cool burger at home which is this one looks like this and even as Kashi my dad said even all my friends did Santa's squashy what my sister and my mum went big big big trip just to see it churn this El Cap which is also a part of the blind man lost because I'm gonna burn my God if you're wondering oh she's go the one that I saw over the burger goes all my kind of my dish my big giant unicorn goes my beard my mini my mini pig goes on like myself and mean the things that and this also dad guys in here which is full go on this thing all my sweet so I've got my special chocolate another chocolate all right yeah by the way and I want to know why did he want to turn

it for okay a cat mushroom ya know I'll trade you for I want to video could I don't know like heavy like I know like cheese that you have you know dude I have to speak their life my phones because you're right here sorry and some memories I had this there's no mister watts [Music] paramahamsa oh you should put on this brain I'm sorry I can't hear it's Holly by the way no do the little link thing then on the top to say sorry it's Holly [Music] [Applause] George Cat Cat mushroom for duck duck and by the way this is duck duck I love love love okay bun face no II can't sorry cow pie peach and this is $25 by the way taller price banana ice cream you fry yet it's fry yeah Ilkley poo galaxy peak by the way it kind of ran on each shelf which didn't I wherever I put them there we don't have leaders broken ice cream which was also the doormat that started collecting many pain button starch is also in a blind bag hot dog my favorite bunny

joy the very much like sky I never got a mushroom in my bed and

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