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SPU TRACK & FIELD: Coach Karl Lerum

Head coach Karl Lerum talks about the upcoming indoor track and field season for Seattle Pacific, which begins Saturday morning with the UW Indoor Preview ...

war with SP you track coach Karl leiram

as we get ready for the indoor season opener this Saturday I coaches some thoughts on the start of the season 5 the kids been practicing since October i'm guessing everybody's ready for a meet yeah i think we were excited to get back on the track of course our cross country team has finished up their season not so long ago so there perhaps a little bit more you so to the competitive environment but but they're coming out and going to be racing a lot of different distances so we get to see some more middle distance kids drop down run some 800 meters and and we still have our mortar distance kids like natick plunkett alley cutting and Heidi labs Johnson get to go out there and run a 3k so we're excited to watch them get going and then we of course have our sprinter jumper thrower types who are going to come out they've been training all fall and they're excited to come out but putting uniform on and get a little a little progress check let's look at the team to start with the ladies the eighth time defending jean-eric champions talk about them a little bit what do we have in store this year yeah I think we have another strong women's

team we are strong in the in the usual areas that we've been strong in we have we have strong sprints and jumps and pole vault and our middle distance is is looking to shape up to be exciting this year and our our our true distance is also going to be strong so I think will be will be a well-rounded team this year and how about the man every other than gradually getting better getting better picking up a few more points here and there's we have toward confident side of our guys I think we have we have some returning genic champions coming back with Nate Johnson and Nate Seeley and and we have some young freshmen coming up who I think are going to be some scoring potential as well okay and let's talk about some of the individuals some of the veterans who are back were you looking for for big things this year well on the men's side again Nate Seeley and Nate Johnson both won conference championships last year and they're both right on the right on the cusp of making that national meet last year so I think their goal is is very realistic to to go to Nationals and get into those finals and being put themselves in a position to vie for

all-american honors and I think gamma on the women's side we have we have a lot of kids who right on the edge of trying to get back to Nationals Tara Schumacher with the Nationals last year Ali were them is a all-american returning again and they should have a good shot go out and get a bunch of ticket this first Saturday out I think and and we have we have some other exciting kids come coming up the line who i think are also going to may be surprised themselves this week how about some new names who's been standing out to you during practice so far well we have it we have some exciting freshmen on both sides I think on the men's side we have some some good young sprinters at rj striker and david ferguson and i'm inside we have a teja baldwin as a freshman sprint specialist it's going to be exciting to watch we have mele ova keen and the hurdles and who's also trained as epitaph Lee I think she's going to be one to watch in the coming weeks and and our middle distance we have jasmine johnson coming in from for the 800 and I think we have a healthy Michaela fricker who is also going to be fun to watch when you look at some of the team sports coaches

tender company like a must-win game at some point during the season with so few indoor meets is like every weekend kind of have that kind of intensity for track and field for in doral well we do have limited opportunities to compete and we talked about that but on the other hand it has to be a bit of a process and we have to come out here this first week and know where we are on the season and realize it's the millage annuaire e not the not the middle of May and have a little bit of a long lens is this a team both women and men that can make a postseason impact again do you think yeah absolutely i think our women have the potential to to score score in the top ten in the country again it at the national level and and yeah I do believe our men have the ability to go send some kids and Nationals and score some points how about on the genie a collab with the usual suspects out there as far as the team's to a watch out for ya the G neck is is is getting better every year I think you know we have every school brings a little bit of different flavor to the to the championship meets or we have Simon Fraser which is so strong in

middle distances and and some jumps and then we have you know the Western organs who are who are more speed power orientated so there's definitely very good individuals coming from from it every team in the conference

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