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SNK's 40th Anniversary Neo Geo Mini Arcade Console Might Be Good

SNK's 40th anniversary is closing in while SNK will release a new console called the Neo Geo Mini, a miniaturized version of Neo Geo SNK arcade cabinet that ...

like here's a thing the the ps2

compilations they all have emulation issues like the sound is off or the gameplay is off or they're too slow so like just give me something that works please that's all I ask well you know what I almost hate to say this but that sounds like we're asking too much of Kurt Kurt the current gaming climate can you please make something that works no we're gonna give you and you're gonna love it who's your fuck yes and you know what I'm really happy with my purchases I own them they look good they play great I really love them like I finally unlike physical copies of Super Nintendo games that I know I would never be able to afford like like like some like like like that like my mother - let's call them they're RPG for the SNES this weird RPG I'm trying to think I'm trying to think what you're talking about now oh okay average trying to try no no try it I think it's average but you know you should try it that game is super expensive and so I finally get a physical copy of that game and I can finally see if it's worth the price or not probably not but hey I own the game now oh yeah oh yeah obviously here's the

thing you know you got me thinking about the Neo Geo retro mini Council and SNK I I got I think like most people I got a fickle relationship with us inkay you love the company but you go quit making stupid decisions stop it like seriously I don't think I never thought I'd ever have to say this but put the pipe down for five minutes I think that's what they did I think the mini council is them realizing okay let's let's properly make a mini console and give the gift fuckin fans stuff that this is undeniable that they're gonna want to buy and the mini console has been a it's been a roller coaster of them as far as quality but the ones that you've gotten recently was the Super NES one in the Genesis right Oh the Super NES and the NES one that's right that's right the Genesis one was the fucking shitty one yeah yeah that's the one yeah the Nintendo and the and the snez one were fine the Genesis one had the that's right who are they made by it was the same company who may have been um that's it thank you thank you very much thank you very much very specific

audience over the years like a very niche audience which know generally it works for them because I know it's that it's not on - once Metal Slug or King of Fighters they want QD game do you want a showdown Samurai Shodown the hardest fighting game ever do you want the most technical fighting fucking worth King of Fighters man ok can you fight okay that now that is a conversation we might have to spend about a month researching before we even enter into because think about that what's more technical of a fighting game between a DES and K titles - King of Fighters of Samurai Shodown that's a fucking good question I would I would have to say I would have to say King of Fighters does hanahan combat see I want a king of fighters because you you always need to build dream teams of three fighters and so you not only you don't have to be good at one fighter you have to be good at with three fighters that's a very at the very minimum right and it's about balancing yeah exactly exactly so I would go with with King of Fighters like yeah that's that's a good seat once again I think not we've jumped the gun nope jump the

gun now I'm gonna say I'm gonna shut down just just to be contradictory no oh shit because you use weapons and you have different special attacks that feed into the countering system and everybody low kicks and upper slashes fuckers to be a cunt but throughout this entire conversation it said one thing strongly that were the type of people and there's gonna be a lot of people like us who who are gamers who finally remember SNK and if these games are properly emulated it's gonna be a good purchase exactly exactly that's that's exactly what I want and what I'm hoping from there SMK mini console I want proper emulation you know and I want a good game selection hi there I'm Roman apples and you're watching an end guard I know it's stupid you should probably subscribe like click the Bell thing and then click another video that's floating around the video screen I can't promise it's gonna be good although I should promise that however I can keep talking and just get trapped forever in a YouTube video move click something no seriously click something click

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