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Slap City: Who's the 8th Character? A Speculation Video! (Read Desciption)


hello we're gonna be doing something

different today for this video a lot of people are speculating who da therapy and are trying to guess problem is Luda city is still kind of small and let's be honest here a lot of their popularity stems from slap or it'll do so not many know anything about their library order history there honestly a game company with a lot of inside jokes some of sweet at origin tech business casual man was practically an inside meme from the company's whiteboard and he got into the game so hopefully I can give you a look into the little history as we go through different possibilities of who the upcoming character will be to start let's go through the hints we have now a few months back people took a glance at the files in the game and found code names for characters to appear in the story North dialogue these coal beams are useless placeholders for who is being spoken to goddess was given the codename warning and prior to release a video with a warning sign exploding was posted on the da city's Twitter the warning was also a hint that alluded to the symbol on goddesses chest plate another thing to know because the emojis related to goddess within the

game's naming system was also added before her release further hinting her eventual reveal so what's the other code name well here's a fun fact there's two code names lunatic and played we're given another hint when princess remedy is talking to lunatic she mentions that they're bad fashion sense may be permanent and a third head has given by the developers simply stating that the emojis are clues another hint we're given is that the eighth character appears on the card in either toxic or two we also had the following emojis added in recent updates a lemon melt the Swedish cheese grater thing and entire so what does this mean well something that this mean there will be nine characters others think we might be getting a paired I worked together like ice climbers or duck hunt duo but I doubt it will be apparent but if that's the case what kind of pairs can we expect well there's a company my first guess is tu perra known as mama and son see the to star in a very early Legaspi title that was released on the Xbox in the store and eventually got a sequel on the 30s in Europe only mama and son clean house is a 2d arena

shooter with multiple levels really shooter this crazy-looking dude right here mows down robotically the ways he leaves behind bullet cases during the level as scrap pile from the enemies build up on the ground the explosions also create smoke stains on the wall poor mama this foxy lady will put your ass to clean and we give her a new lip cleans up after her son by sweeping the scrap and wiping the walls by standing still the goal is formed a pair to work together really doesn't die per se but he gets incapacitated mama has the health mirror and can't defend herself so the two players have to work together to protect each other really defense mama and mama cleans up to supply her son with ammo the main goal of the game is just to have fun and go for high scores the pair have shown up in other Lou Gossett II titles - like carts idiots but the reason the two are my strongest s is because it kind of fits the description I mean look at really he's allowing all the time and going down enemies it ain't no thing for him he can definitely be classified as a lunatic mama on the other hand doesn't really match the description of a plate

I mean plate can be either a striped pattern on cloth or cloth or a thread pattern I don't know she wears an apron and a bandana so this guess has some cracks and we also don't have an immediately obvious emoji to represent the pair sodas theory can easily be cast as another guest that's unlikely but deserves a mention anyway is a pathetic frog and paranoid fish PF is a lunatic who shoots anyone when he gets too paranoid and a pathetic frog is man there are more white poor characters like PC man and occasionally show up together as references in a game again how this frog fit the description of plate he doesn't the only reason I could think of his parents because of the fish emoji that was added and you know they're both pretty popular on the whiteboard so it looks like we're not getting a pair these two code names most likely refer to two separate characters but what are our options for lunatic well there's a lot admittedly one popular request people have is for a particular character named a G a G is the name of an action-adventure game created by remark it stars a young woman

named Agee khatai sir the story starts out with a G noticing a faint glow in the sky before beams of destructive energy come crashing down she wakes up six months later and has given an abrupt dose of reality by her brother Dan over a PA system the human race is nearly dead and an alien race known as the TASM have invaded earth now all hope is lost however she is now a cyborg and outfitted with nano field technology stolen from a fallen Tesla soldier it allows her to use their weapons and comprehend their alien language she can even hack their technologies depending on how the player allocate their skill points I'll try not to get into too much detail about the game's plot but it honestly deserves a play by anyone who has even the faintest bit of interest what's unique about this game is that you don't necessarily need to kill the enemies to progress and the plot changes depending on your actions the third can come across logs that keep track of her actions and certain cutscenes play out differently based on a G's playstyle these actions also come into play when a chi tries to persuade the aliens to back

off of course things don't play out the way she hopes and there are multiple routes and endings but I'm getting off topic how does edgy fit the lunatic description well depending on how you progress if you steamroll right through the enemies then those logs I mentioned earlier can change they start to describe her as the human anomaly and mention her scary ability to mold him down with ease she's even referred to as a lunatic in certain cutscenes and depending on how many kills she has on her belt there's a lot to his games history it has been worked on for over a decade and even has a rich cast of talented musicians who work on the soundtrack the game even received a large update last year by remark who works on this game in the spare time as a hobby I personally doubt she will show up as to each character over but I don't know I can't know for sure there are no immediate emojis that might tense her inclusion but I know the lunatic told me that a G's relation to la da city is enough for at least once a punch in his video so I'd say it's pretty cemented that the

code names are four separate characters other characters have been speculated but there is little to no evidence hidden ting otherwise people keep asking for Murie to be in the game Meiri however isn't actually the name of a character it's uh first a Zelda or Metroid syndrome where Miri is just a name of a battle suit not the character you play as it stars a family of scientists that honestly don't come off as lunatics they created a battle suit of immense power called Miri which caused the nations of Earth and Mars depending the nations bring up the attack which results in Mars disappearing along with the Sun of the family Kojo you play as a douaa mother who was trying to find out what happened to her son before stumbling upon a startling discovery she then resorts to absorb the earth and have it start pure and new again okay yeah that's a bit crazy but there's no reference assess it just use a one attack for anyone else in our family there's no emojis or hints of a bad fashion sense as well bunny bun is another request he can be a bit of a lunatic bouncing about trying

to take back a throne usurped there's even stages based on his game that's already in slap but not much more in regards to emojis or a bad fashion sense it's also a bit difficult to implement him because well he's a blob he does have a human farming cart city nights and stars in a fighter called healthy weapon but there's not much evidence suggesting that he's in another fan requests I hear about his aya a character from psych art she's a popular character one who's game is said enough cozy cyberpunk dystopia psych art is a 1v1 minesweeper game with psychic powers that can be used to either sabotage her opponent or help you find hints to flip fruits and win the round she is a bit of a lunatic I must admit the new segment that can be read at the end mentions her taking control of the mayor to institute a holiday named after her and another mentioned her being on the run also one of the emojis added was a simple I icon Aya's name stems from the word I and her sure pattern does have eyes front about it's also her trademark symbol Wendy's the powers fara went stumbling upon her room in Park City nights to the only thing that weakens this theory is the

question how would she fight with us the admitted they can't really think of a move said that would fit the cast who comes from his mobile game also I wouldn't say aya has a bad fashion sense but then again it could be throwing us off the trail I don't know they don't seem like the type to do it on purpose but the evidence that supports her inclusion is there but I still have doubts not because I don't want her in but because there's even stronger evidence for another particular character that fits the bill and more Jenny lemon she is a methanol it'll do universe she is referenced in a games and even the big baddie for card city Knights the other loot overs crossover titles her calling card is a lemon obviously and a cheese slicing tool that's popular in Sweden these two particular emojis happen to be recently added as well and we've already established that the emojis are pins heck the devs even outright announced it but there's another reason why the creation of a new Jenny that was very recently added in 1392 content update yep Monica diva aka the singer for slaps - these theme music

[Music] [Music] she fits the bill of lunatic showing up and threatening declare themselves in Italy - and even having a minor Easter egg where she has a rare chance to replace it Jenny flower in the most dangerous area of the game she has her weapon she has her attacks she has her monkeys and she can arguably have a bad fashion sense and already has a cut in Slab City store but like I said before I don't know who the 8th character is - strongest theory is a la casa de panne is that these code names refer to two separate characters and the 8th will either be Jenny lemon or Lamanna Kiba mnemonic diva being a robot that was built for card city nice - also fun fact I'm pretty sure to me the Lamonica diva because the Vocaloid you purchase looks like a lemon okay but what about played I only have one theory for that slot but it's a strong one the looter verse is full of lunatics honestly but I only know of one character that fits the bill brawlin Fraulein is a character and princess remedy and a bit more significant than the others she's princess remedies ex she's kind of a

hidden can be seen requiring a box of chocolates as a sort of key before you can talk to it trying the healer engages one of the hardest fights in the game because we're dealing with the strongest ailment in all of existence heartbreak if he can manage to kill her you two can get married and it's all peachy and stuff but the reason she fits the description is the striped pattern of her outfit I believe the following pillow and flask emojis were added they could have already existed but it's hard to keep track since I can't access older versions of slap to double-check this there's one last hint for frolic and that being the dialogue itself and the text files Jenny Fox States there's two of them with the second possibly alluding to the fact that plate has a to someone else her and remedy where is similar up it been deep round Capernaum it goes even further when you see Jenny cats dialogue she her first remedy as of vets and when speaking to played she tells the vet to back off there's also the fact that frolla and Swedish means bread and remedy refers to plate as her bread roll and

that about wraps this up my money for the eight character is Jenny lemon for at least her being a pause for story mode plate is most likely following which character do you think will be in the game let me know in the comments or join ludos fetus courts we can discuss it there and as always thank you for a war hence for a tenth character let me see that Oh he's in guys Waluigi is in but no seriously thanks for watching the last bit was a bit of a joke by the devs when he noticed us picking up their files and talking about it and if you enjoy my sillies Daniken's you can you know

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