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Sky1 Superfan meets Terry OQuinn

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we're here at the survivors camp with a

true veteran of lost mr. Perry O'Quinn who plays the enigmatic John Locke Terry hello hello for me John is probably one of the most integral characters in the show but I'm still not quite sure why yet what is it that you love about playing him I love that there are two different John Locke's I loved it to do not that there's his his one back in his real life and his then the person on the Islander are vastly different I like that lot that's almost like having two roles the season 5 finale was explosive is John Locke resurrected when they rolled him out of that cargo box from the airplane he looked dead to me and I think he's dead okay well in your livin quite sure who's dead and who's not when son says who is that stomach who's that in there but she says it like she said it like that who is that in there side yeah I can't be like her about it yeah well I have that question too that's not been answered yet and I'm waiting like the rest of the okay fans to see who who in fact that is it feels like we're gearing up for a battle between good and evil in season 6 would you agree with that I would tend to agree with it you know i I don't I don't know the answer

to it but it feels that way to me as a fan of the show that's what it feels like right from the beginning when John Locke held up no one white stone in one black stone I don't think they could have been clearer they could have been clearer I could've said it could have been then trust me they couldn't mean clear up some of my favorite scenes in last right of definitely the ones where you share screen time with the marvelous Michael Emerson lost there's a show is captivating but those scenes in particular are for me the most captivating scenes what is it like when you actually working beside him Michael and I are probably the closest in age of the cast and we have a similar history in the theater and we have a similar way of working and I feel like I know and can completely rely on the person across from me when I'm working with Michael and I want to work with him again what would you say your most memorable moment is working on lost well one of them would be with Michael in that scene where where luck was trying to hang himself and Ben came and thwarted him and then strangle him in any way so that that was a pretty

great scene what kind of place were you in before he walked in it's funny because that episode like was supposed to go back and convince everybody to come back with him and I thought he made it was pretty weak is his efforts I thought he wasn't very convincing he had been told that he was going to have to die so my rationale was that he already knows he's going to have to die so he's just going to visit these people they're not going to come he's going to have to die and I think he had accepted that and I think that when you got up on that table in that squall at hotel room he was prepared to die and that Ben came in and gave him a little bit of hope and it was it was just bitter an ironic that that he didn't and in fact in this new season whoever I am whoever the John Locke is now talks to Ben about that moment this is your lost season filming here what do you think you'll miss most about working on the show I'll get all misty eyed if I think too much about what I love about it okay okay so we're sitting I don't wanna make you cry no this interview no it would be a pretty good interview if I made John not crying right hey no I think he cried every five

minutes in the show you couldn't go through an episode without John Locke crying right bring him to tears this place right here where we're sitting is one of the things I loved about this job yeah yeah yeah this is a great location the island being on the island the island in this particular set this is survivor camp number two our first one was way over there on the beach over that yeah this one is just such a great place when I have memories of sitting around with the whole cast and doing photo shoots and Naveen Andrews to be playing the guitar and we'd all be singing songs together and occasionally doing little acting this experience from the producers through the cast to the crew is unlike anything I've ever done and I don't think it's going to happen again in my life I don't expect it I mean it would be too much to ask and I've said that to other cast members this is not going to happen to you again so enjoy the ride you get excited when you get your script every page has your name written on it I don't like it case anybody if it turns up somewhere in Latvia you're gonna they're going to come after

you but I get excited when I when I see that I have a lot of pages if they say you've got one scene in it I turn to that scene and I read it and I go that's good I'll see the rest of it later yeah there's plenty of action in Los yeah and look is pretty much she's one of the action man in there is there any challenges every freaking day I tell you what I mean I read a script one time and I said you know there was a singer said John Locke runs through the jungle he is lean and fast and I said I said look out I can be leaning fast the first time and I can be lean the second time that's all the times you get no more fast you know you run through the jungle a few times and I I said its magical for John Locke it's not quite so magical for me you know when i get up at two in the morning to go take a leak and i can hardly get out of bed I feel those days so over the years you must have become a lot fitter you know I probably on this show I lost about 15 or 20 pounds we're in good shape looking I'm in okay shape I'm still butthurt things hurt and I'm look see now from our last most recent adventure i had with Sawyer my one arm doesn't quite go straight we were

hanging off a cliff so I'm hoping that it will go straight eventually but I can't are you course some scratches on your arm as well yeah some new things yeah that's in the scenes yet that's from climbing around and running through the jungle like a child we all know that is probably one of the most cinematic TV shows ever made how does it feel it's you know I think it's halfway between film and television it's it's the production values to me have always exceeded anything I've seen on television before you know from from from the music to the writing to the to the to the cinematography to everything you know it's it's top-notch and I'm pretty excited about it I know I've never seen anything like it I don't know if we ever will I different Terry thank you very much I'm going to ask you to do one more thing for us sure i would like you to look directly into the camera and give a message to all those sky 1 HD viewers that what you religiously week in week out what's my script there is no script just in season six you guys can look use Phi 1 HD viewers and look forward to there's a new sky 1 HD viewers in season six all will be

revealed I hope I hope and if you think you know who John Locke is call me tell me call me as well and let me know

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