05 December 2011 - briggsandstratton121

simplicity 555 snowblower

my new snowblower sorry about the music forgot about it.

all righty guys my god a new snowblower

it's a simplicity 5-5-5 looks just like the seven five five five I think I said 2523301 is really good other than that I have nothing to say about the engine it was burning oil but I don't think it is anymore I think it was just from sitting for such a long time but I put some Marvel in it and that seemed to a fixed it I put it in the oil and I put it in the gas so I don't know I haven't checked it yet and I don't want to check it till I like that snow off but I'll start it up for you guys it's not a cold start because it was running a couple minutes ago because it's snowed here in Wyoming runs really good though it's not pretty new looking tires and rims and chains on it so whoever had it before must put them on because they're pretty new if you're wondering why it's really really really smoky in here it's because that piece of crap stove over there will not hold a lit fire it just kind of sits there in smolders and lets out a whole crapload of smoke so I don't know it's just a piece of crap it'll probably be getting replaced soon so yeah that's about all I have to say about this snow blower i polished up these handlebars

they were a little rusty I just polished them up with some charcoal if you take charcoal ash or crushed charcoal because it's really really fine and you mix it with just a little bit of water to where you get like a pasty kind of mixture and then you just rub it on here and you just kind of work it in and then you wipe it off it'll usually polish it right up works really well I've done that on a couple things I would not use it on paint the hope because it'll take paint off that's about it so my battery is almost dead I'll show you the cutting edge maybe if I have enough room to set it down yeah I do that's the cutting edge pretty thing as you see it's best thick as my finger I doubt that I'll ever wear out but as you see there's not there's no really paint off of this except for right here and here you know when it wears the most neither of these are C's to the shaft as you see there and the wheels aren't even C's to the shaft either this probably isn't either but I don't really know I think I said I was probably gonna put an impeller kit on it and I really need to get out of here because my eyes are

starting the water sort of how smoky it is so that's it so see you guys later

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