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Senegal v Turkey - Press Conference - 2016 FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament - Philippines

Watch the post game press conference following Senegal v Turkey at the 2016 FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament in Philippines. For more information please ...

well good evening everyone and welcome

to the first press conference here on game day three in the FIBA olympic qualifying tournament from manila i'm joined today by a representative from the senegalese national team to my right is player clevon Hannah I can confirm the score from the opening game today on game day three turkey beat Santa gala by a score of 68 260 to clevon thank you for joining us and we'd like to know your thoughts on this evening's game please first off that's a really good team turkey is a really good team and I just think we didn't have the right cohesiveness together as a group like they did they had a better team oriented group than we did and they came out with the win Club and thank you for your thoughts we've just been joined by coach physic coach Porfirio SESAC thank you for joining us this evening and so the coach could we ask you for your reflections on this evenings game we play the fiddle partido a year say it was about the same than the yesterday's game muchas dificultades in la parte ofensivo we we struggle a little bit in offense momentos que parece que tu kia podia romper el partido in some moment it was looking that Turkey was gonna go

hit by a lot of points pero Travis Travis AV trabajo y got at our ciertas situaciones a multi-cell competitive O's but by because of our defense another our rocky serio partido we live in that tournament without winning any games pero solamente que ganó el torneo st voy a las olimpiadas estar mas contento que estén train adored a soggy po but the only team will make the Olympics will be happier than the coach today coach thank you for your thoughts I'd like to at this time open the floor to questions to either clevon or coach PSAC any questions please clever and I have a question for you this is your first time to represent Senegal your first time playing in international tournament how did you enjoy it I really I really enjoyed coming to represent the country it was a great opportunity a great experience I met a lot of great guys and I really really appreciate this opportunity clevon thank you for your time coach from sac thank you for your time this concludes this portion of the press conference this evening thank you you good let the resume for the second part

of this press conference we have the pleasure to have with us the coach of the Turkish team again at a man congratulation for this win who qualifies turkey for the semi-final to start this second part of the press conference may I ask you to give us you thoughts about that game of course is not easy to talk about basketball after after this disaster game I'm conching last 20 years in high level in Euro leak in the European Cups and first time in my life I saw this kind of a basketball so sorry for all the people that watch this game but the game was like this we are playing terrible and Senegal team is very athletic team they try to do their vests but their offensive capacity is not enough and there is a too many turnovers too many me's shots but in our site is unacceptable this kind of offensive performance again we have 61 possession which call only 2012 62 position which core only 21 41 possessions out we miss again 13 free throws and finally for the first time I try to play with Isaac and are done with our two big guys together that its first time that they play together and we won the game this is only positive

things for us that this elimination round for this game for us and we won the game and now Saturday we will try to play against France that is really a very good team Thank You coach any question for coach at a man yes gentleman would had hi coach good evening Chuck araneta France parts five coach in your year two games to nap games against a Gilas Pilipinas you look very very impressive but in these past two games in the Olympic qualifying tournament I think it's okay to say that the team has been struggling a bit are you worried about the SME finals especially when you're going up against a team like like France I don't worry for for nobody but there is a reality that France is really high capacity team and unfortunately we are not playing good basketball so we have some different problems that we have only in the roster three four players that during the season they played really in they they teams all other players they didn't play in Turkish league also in their team if you watch the statistic they play five minutes six minutes average average they play only with 1 point2 points average and to play in

this high level is really very difficult for us and also without JD that is one of the four five players that I have enhance that I have that he played during the season without team also it's really a big problem for me I don't know how we can play but today with two bigs with different with no basketball we find the way to win the game I don't know how we can find against France with this basketball Thank You coach another question here gentlemen I my events all day Anna from Doug word means we asked Bobby Dixon earlier nice Eddie's not satisfied with respect for my stead I you satisfy his performance tonight second off yes second toffee play is regular basketball because Bobby Dixon is this is our most experienced player is the best one of the best point guard in the Uralic and six periods during in this tournament he played terrible and I must wait because in the bench I don't have a same level player same experience player we wait we wait and finally in the last quarter he find his regular shot see if made the shots it's normal for him so this is his shots and we need this to stay on the game I hope that after this last quarter it

take his confidence and we need really to his offensive performance in semi final so this was exact moment where one may die is joi joining us perfect moment so can you please share your thoughts about that Windham vs Senegal coming of course I'm happy that we want but uh like coach said individually i have been playing so well and as a team I don't think we've been playing too well we haven't been shooting well my office has been kind of like out of sync but again i'm happy we won this game you know you probably get some confidence and get some rhythm and go into the next game and try to win good any more question for coach or for ali in front how are you good evening I'm Jane Grey sure from rappler.com um for umm Ali my question is the past game you were I think Oh of 8 from the field and then right now we kind of took over the game that late in the game um what what change what was different um was it possibly you know because you had to win or no I mean I'll just I just kept playing you know players go through situations like this this is one of the first times in my career to a situation like this but once I seen

the ball go in a couple of times the confidence started coming back so we have time for one last question yes go ahead Ali talk about could you talk about your possible match up with either friends or New Zealand both have great guard lines whether that's Tony Parker or the Webster brothers I mean I mean we're just going to look at whoever we play and then game plan for him and go in and try to win I mean it doesn't matter who we play we just don't come here to try to play hard and try to win doesn't matter who we go thanks a lot gentlemen that concludes the press conference turkey will play on Saturday governance will be determined in the game that will start right now between France and New Zealand thanks a lot

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