27 October 2017 - FlintSpall

Scraping the barrel 10 27 17

This video is about My Movie 3.


just the other thing that I found we're going to see it looks all there but you ever know about this little phone around yeah I'm gonna say though most excellent can't say nothing my lens is dirty yeah go car coming let's go a little patient damn definitely I don't look too buddy that's bulls I definitely take it there's tons of stuff which I found today this is really cool little tool right here it's like a scraper on that and 1/2 keep scraper did you know face and then that little perforator tip on that in multi-tool how cool I reworked want some of these are my video and someone more never cares goodbye No warped up drill don't normally tip on it it seemed to be broken though I didn't get all these on video some owners they just you know one of their small you have them picked up before you consider my heart very Burton you forget how long video that's pulls on that piece this is a really cool big sandy I mean it's not it's not the best when I out

but is getting it's got some real pretty Hertzberg material so dark and through illness which it cause the color of copper kind of brown on copper that's separated a little quiet wine and I got left over stomping grounds had to pick her son up from school I left there about two o'clock and he would put the picked up till 3:00 and I had a few minutes left so I ran out with Kate and found these four you didn't take my camera out there to burn up this right here is a really cool big sandy blonde found this real fool to material pinky up on straw well the sidekick is still putting out an old stomping ground is still putting out - and but I've noticed they're whining just a little bit when you've picked up as many as what's been picked up off of there I mean common sense there's just uh you can't get them it might take a while but you need them there's ninety seven four cards in that box right there that I picked up the other day and if I take this and out of there there's ninety six ninety five you get the idea

ninety four so there's only a definite amount of artifacts on any given side and one you have picked them up and one at a time a lot of times to it that over the years you'll make it so that you'll be hard find one when you go but I'm working on them cruciate you're watching

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