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Score line: Chapa Dimba na Safaricom tournament regional finals

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we proceeded to Kenya cap and take a

look are the fixtures that we expecting this afternoon in Kenya cap and defending champions kcb will be at home in rural Rock a welcoming black blood and remember K CBR and beaten this season and remember last season they started they went on a ten much winning spree so are they going to continue that they are playing black blood in the third match of the season this afternoon on DS welcome Mombasa the jammu repack we have Cabras who welcome Nakuru at the Kaka mega Sjogren's and we also have home boom boys playing impala remember impala Saracens are the leaders of the lead so far Queens welcome Wamba they are a few grounds while stressful buses TC that was one of them matches for the weekend that was postponed now moving away from rugby let's take a look at football we are talking about the sake of a senior Challenge Cup now on Thursday he became from a goal down to beats Tanzania mainland to one let's take a look at the highlights from that much remember we have other matches that have lined up for this after afternoon but first let's take a look at the highlights from the games that were played on Thursday and Friday but first

as they were as Ansbach him from a go down to meet zanzibar mainland 2-1 letlet owner shabba-doo side [Music] it later it strikes a school well the guerilla footballers are not very happy with the referee dead but again the appeals will be the ones happy well the Burundi footballers are not very happy with the referee dead but again the Ethiopians will be the ones happy switching from one side to the other crossing Cedric it is become Anna who say e ku mana to say so steel on the sake of our senior challenge cup remember in Group B Burundi gotta fight for one brother we gotta for one winner over a few beer while in the other March Uganda were four one five one winners over South Sudan but let's take a look at the fixtures for this afternoon in the sake of our senior Challenge Cup the match that has just started at 2 p.m. but in the match between Tanzania rather taking

on Rwanda remember Tanzania has not worn any game in this tournament so far and the same goes to Rhonda Rhonda has not won any game in the tournament so far and the match that will be later on at 4 p.m. in the sake of our senior Challenge Cup will be between Kenya and Zanzibar now Zanzibar tops Group B with 6 points while Kenya is second with 4 points and the two clash to see who will go top of the table win for Kenya will see Kenya go top of the table with 7 points while Zanzibar will be second with 6 a win for Zanzibar will see Zanzibar with nine and then Kenya with four points so we'll be waiting to see how that unfold for their rumba stars so let's take a look at this a cafe table right now and we begin with the group a we take a look at Group A and what you know how they the teams have aligned them themselves in Group A remember in Group A we have Zanzibar topping the group with six points Kenya is second with four points then we have Libya web drone all there are three marches with three points then we have Tanzania and Rwanda so that is our group a looks when you talk about say kapha you take a look at Group B Uganda leads Group B with four points then you have

Burundi before then you have Ethiopia and a regular part and then you have Ethiopia coming in third [Music] now moving on to then moving on brother the national Olympics Committee of Kenya that is not yesterday unveiled a fundraising and marketing team that will steer they that will steer NOK rather to make sure it attains its objective speaking during the unveiling of the team no president paul tergat say the team will propel the commission to achieve its mission the members include Muhammad yoga Caroline dongho Emma Malloy Oh a plastic bath donor keep career and pizza maybe for the Commission itself I want to assure them that any funds that will come to us we are going to make sure that it will be part and parcel of managing that account for the better and good of our sportsmen and women of this country we want to work with their with a difference we want to work with their with accountability but more importantly we want to work with the intention of achieving mandate and and serving sports in this country in a different way now Christopher a cage is seeking to the

throne steve amanwe as Kenya's strongest man in the Kenyan Strongest Man competition that is currently going on at the Sikh union club in Nairobi remember we also have 2014 Qatari Strongest Man weena that is Joseph's role was also in contingent contention for being named Kenyan Strongest Man let's take a look at what they think of the competition and how well they are prepared for the competition fresh from winning Qatar Strongest Man Kenya's Christopher cagey seeking to differ on steve-o Malwa as Kenya strongest man in the Kenyan finals that will tell in Arabi okay - as one Katara strongest man on three consecutive occasions feels it's finally time to be crowned the Kenyan champion well Lama spitting a revenge of sorts and I'm well prepared for that I've been training and I think I love something new to bring into the table and of course there's the pride and the title and the honor that comes with it so we're expecting a very explosive explosive competition okay chill I have a note have the going easy we will also be facing a familiar face

in Josefa raw or finished second in Qatar feels amazing first of all being home first time for me to compete back home I can underestimate them because I don't know their level of a training cause having trained them with them before so I'm just expecting a challenge yeah for myself I'm ready because after I just competed two weeks ago I'm just in the top for me the to feel Kenya's championship is challenging compared to the one in Qatar over there we can talk about the prize it's a bit higher and then the activities that we do over there is different from here like we're doing five events on in Qatar here we're doing like 90 events see the slight difference like four events more extra defending champion Steve Amala who has held the title in the last two years will also be out to defend his title and the goodies that come with it you know we'll be walking away with 200 thousand shillings in cash and also a piece of land in Guam the first runners-up will be walking away with $100,000 1/8 of an acre in gone and then third place will be walking away fifty thousand shillings the championships will be held at the

Nairobi Gymkhana now the final round of the Kenyan national rally was flag revved off rather this morning in Nakuru first off the ramp was Cal tuned oh and remember for drivers have an opportunity of winning VC as title leading the leading their standing is Ian Duncan followed by Cal to know then we have Baldev chaga Koran Patel man we're Berean and top you look andon following each other in that order [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] of course that is a story that will be looking forward to see who comes out as the winner of the 2017 edition of the Kenya National Rally remember for drivers all have an opportunity of winning this year's edition of the Kenya National Rally by now moving away from the rally we we want to focus on this year this year's edition of Chapa timba and we're here at goosy stadium we want to look at shepherding ba in particular the teams that are played this morning the teams that will be playing in the final tomorrow that is the ladies teams

that have already qualified for the final but before we get into that remember we had 380 matches being played in yaza region alone and we had 265 teams taking part in this competition and now we have 8 teams that traveled all the way to kisi to compete for the final four slots for the Nationals remember two teams rather the winner here will be going to the national finals in a row be in the ladies team and the men's team the winner takes the regional winner takes 200,000 Kenya shillings while the National winner gets 1 million Kenya shillings now if I may take you back a while when it started in a rift region we had Cap'n gulia heroes winning the men's title while Tata gals are once the won the women's title in Kappa Maria we had two players that have been signed by Kaka mega home boys that is David magic who was the most valuable player in the rift region now two weeks ago in ambu we had a car talent Academy winning the ladies title Winky junior won the women's rather the ladies title so now I'm joined by the teams that have worn today that will be meeting each other in the final and I would like to start with the team that first one they

are March in the morning and that is a platoon soccer Queens who won their match for one in the in the morning and probably we speak to their lady a good afternoon what is in him how was the game this morning yes did you expect to win before one nil for one margin rather to win because we we train we had two days training and we train very well so we expected to win that name so you guys are in the final and your opponents are right here what should we expect from you what do you expect is just a win because we want to go far we want to go to London so yeah just expecting to win to war and we are ready to play two more do you see yourself winning tomorrow well she says she's ready for tomorrow they will be taking on the right ball Gary in the final and she say she's ready they will be winning so let's talk to the coach of the team here the two coaches from from the team if police you may tell us your name what is in him my name is Marlo Kennedy it's gonna be how was the match match was a tough one and by the grace of God we won 4-1 when you say for one was a tough one it seems like for you it was a walkover it wasn't

actually the girls displayed the game and they took it to themselves and in ventually they won the match so yesterday no rather tomorrow you guys are playing a team the result also won the 1 by 2 1 margin it wasn't an easy game for them what are you expectations yet another tough match it the third time we are saying playing the same opponents Lygia we met them twice in the cup and a 16 code tournament the regionals where we driven we had a nil nil drawing the pure preliminaries and we won three nil in the final so it's not an easy game the team is reloaded is rejuvenated and we expect a tough match tomorrow so expecting a tough much more Oh probably tell us your name what is in him my name is George Oman D George you are meeting a team that you've already met before in the final what you know as the coach you know what what do you expect in that much and probably you know are you expecting a high scoring match it's going to be a tough match it is a team that you've met before we know one another but I think we are ready for it you are ready to fight for it what makes you so certain about that

I'm looking at the quality in our team we have serious talent our team and the guards are well prepared yeah probably looking at it you know the girls in your team know what you know when you look at them but them the mount or rather the quality of the talent that you have what do you have to say about that we are blessed actually plot to Queens is a school it that is naxaiites girls so we scored for these guys right from primary and then once we've identified them we bring them to school then we trim them as they also learn so we believe in them they've gel together for a very long time so they play together for a long time yeah so we've seen you play here very well you ate the finals and you say this is your cache girls and probably now next year probably in the school games who are we going to see you definitely the Nationals are going to be there you see yourself winning the 1 million Schillings are in the top right for the national winners fingers crossed we're going for it you're going to win it thanks a lot George I appreciate for your time and now let's talk to the team

that also qualified for the finals winning 2-1 against they are open and so that these are this is a Gary yes probably somebody may made mistake it for Gally no it's not - golly it's Gary they're going to take part in the finals again plus against Platt - so Cup wins what is your name how was the game today the game was stuff we expected moguls but at least the ground was not favoring us so there goes on Oh thanks a lot coach how are you doing I'm doing fine your players say that you know today the match will stuff the ground did not you know favor you what do you think okay the ground was okay but I think they played to their best they put a very good game and I expect a lot from them tomorrow your opponent's up say they are going to win tomorrow what we know what what are your chances I know they better as they pass the baton and before those I think tomorrow we shall with them tomorrow Asia we are very sure that tomorrow we'll beat them it's a team that you faced before in the coca-cola so are we going to see more goals from your girls you will see it's a very tactical game tomorrow we won the match so tomorrow will be albe interview

as the winner thanks a lot coach the coach right there very giving us assurance that tomorrow you see other ones going to walk away with 200 thousand shillings that is the coach for or Gary so the last one here probably you telogen him I'm Col Joseph Kabaddi Joseph team manager for Gary so you guys are the final playing a team that you you Tim that you played before 200 thousand shillings as sake what should we expect we promise we are going to do our best as you have heard from all the coaches we have met before we have given our best but we have always been losing so this time around we promised them a very tough match they'll be they are therefore surprised thanks a lot so at that point is where we take a break but when we come back we look it will be looking at the English Premier League matches that have been lined up for this afternoon and we are also going to speak to this GC County Sports Minister to tell us how the sports has been run in this county and probably what to expect in 2018

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