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Santa Claus and the elves in Lapland are making final preparations for Christmas

Santa Claus is making final preparations in his home in Lapland before he heads off on his globe-trotting trip on Christmas Eve. The last few Christmas letters ...

the preparations are going well

everything is in schedule because one good thing about Christmas is that it's always at the same time Christmas Eve is always December 24th so keeping that in mind you glam everything and everything is in Harlem my belief is that basically all the children are good but sometimes you know you get a little tired or they do hungry you didn't need proper practice and things like that so then you may be a little bit crampy and then people say aw don't be naughty save him how can it happens to adults as well why did you compete come here well of course to see this on the close we are from Wanda from southern Finland and we don't get real Santosh there so we needed to fly all the way here this is what you say on the family Christmas cards this is what Christmas is meant to be whereas we have super hot EG barbecue is swim in the purple it's wonderful like it's a beautiful place it's like in a fairy tale because Santa's here and all the children are waiting for center so it's perfect we love it we really yeah at our age we still love it would you like to sit next to these big

big bits Freitag and big these Seattle big horses this is from Miss Montessori School from London of course it's a lot of wishing lists and things but also a lot of stories about the families and their friends and of course unfortunately nowadays with all the conflicts and problems in the world there's always the fear and you know the question why is there war I mean I can't answer that nobody can except maybe the people who cause them oh yes they are ready they've been for a while because Rudolph actually starts practicing with them quite early you know in the first snow comes to ground and he starts getting sort of restless or active and then he starts going around with them with reindeer and training the younger ones oh yeah but now as we are there we are ready ain't we rode off yeah hello hello hello

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