01 December 2016 - Sacramento City College

Sac City Sees You - Nurse Wendy Gomez

Interim President Michael Poindexter interviews Health Officer Wendy Gomez.


welcome to Sac City sees you my name is Michael Poindexter interim president of Sacramento City College and today we have with us Wendy Gomez was the nurse in the health center welcome lyndie thank you it's good to have you here it's good to be here yeah we've recently turned into a non-smoking campus what could you tell me about that I in August of this year we went smoke tobacco vape free on all of our campuses at Sac City so Wendy why did we start moving toward being a smoke-free institution there's three reasons that we have gone smoke tobacco and vape free one is the survey that we did and oh the majority indicated that they were ok with going to smoke free the second reason is because of the health concerns of those who are exposed to the second-hand smoke people who have COPD or asthma or other lung issues that was really causing a problem for them and then the third reason is as an institution of learning there are most of our students come from high school where there is no smoking or tobacco use and then they go on to either college or a four-year college or a place of employment where the likelihood of them being able to use

that substance or smoke or use tobacco is very slim so if they come here in that small period of time and develop an addiction to tobacco and then have to deal with it after they leave here we're doing them a disservice so we want to teach them to be successful when they leave here and leaving here with an addiction would be not fair have we had any problems with being a smoke-free campus so far no it's gone well one of the issues with the designated smoking areas was that the smoke was concentrated in those areas and it was blowing into other areas that were supposed to be non-smoking other classrooms and buildings we no longer have that problem and the compliance has been quite good there are some education activities that you're doing to help people with quitting smoking or helping them stop in health services we have helped to for people who want to quit using tobacco products if there is an extensive list online of anywhere from group help individual help apps that are very helpful in helping you to quit smoking and we also give away quick kits and individual counseling for people who want to quit oh good so it seems like we

have it all together if people want to get help they know where to go and everyone knows where non-smoking or a smoke-free campus and it seems like everybody is okay with it I've gotten a lot of positive feedback with this change very little to none of negative feedback okay well good I'm glad we're moving along because that smoke it makes me cough yeah and our students who have asthma and health problems it's really helped them to be able to walk on our campus freely without having to worry about that well good well Wendy thank you for being with us today and giving us all the information that we need to know about our smoke free campus right now I think we're one of many colleges that have moved in that direction and which means we're on the edge living on the edge and doing the right thing that things that most colleges are doing in the United States so thank you for being with us today you

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