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S1 E39 Giza Necropolis

City builders today must wonder how this street block still sets the tone. Rough beauty.

all right welcome back my friends here

we are episode 39 looking down below looks quite unique and switching over to satellite view Wow check that out so lots to say here and as you're going to find out countless things have been said about this place countless documentaries and countless books and I could spend countless minutes and hours here but we're gonna try to keep it short because this is an absolute wonder and an absolute special you know almost uh something's really making me crack up here because I kind of know what I'm doing right well I'm setting you up for a good joke there the shadow to the top left I was cracking me up because where we're going is the great pyramids and okay look at the top there this is the first time I've done a satellite view of them and open up and the shadows looks like it was a shadow of a pyramid it was fine anyways so down below many comparisons about the pyramids and their locations have been compared almost proportionately to you certain stars in our galaxy I believe it's on Orion's belt and feel free to help me out on that detail in those facts

so um we definitely know where we're at we're in Egypt and Cairo and being able to zoom back here alright I gotta stop because it's actually kind of cracking me up that there's a golf course right here and okay back to it I've always wondered just how far away the Nile is seventy-five is not denial and there it is not too far and it's pretty smart because you know you hear a lot about how rivers flooded I can imagine this one definitely does do it's also very unique about the NA which I'm sure a lot of you already know is that the Nile flows north I believe it's the largest river that does flow north to the Mediterranean so without further ado thank you for your patience as we track back to the you have pyramids already lost them I've lost the pyramids I've lost them to the universe pyramids pyramid Heights okay wow that was funny it all looks very similar here's what we do Street View let's go right smack in the middle this is exciting check this out Wow oh wow check out how high those things really are and I love the horses love the carriages looks like they're carrying hats they're all closed

those are you know what's amazes me is just how still in fine detail these are and that's a lot of work to get this done and then over here you know towards the top you have this whole nother layer and I heard that there was a gold one placed on top the final top of each one was actually gold and a lot of these have been stripped away I've heard that there used to be a certain material that made him absolutely smooth and I don't know if those were stolen her used for other materials or if it just eroded but looking at all the accumulation and the roughage is it looks like it kind of eroded because it's it's got some smoothness to it but these things were over 2,000 years old very amazing the see what all Worman is amiss is June it's interesting you know I was expecting um you know these things go like gift shops or restaurants it's kind of neat to see that that's not here wasn't expecting to see these buildings over here because I don't know I don't know if that's for more excavating areas or if it's for say supplies for people like this who are out here trying to just keep control of

this wild East I'm sure just keeping the road it's clean as a real pain so this is a really fun just to check out the distance and you know as these places are this part of the world very dusty and definitely reflects that in the sky so these sandbags no these are stones to be interesting to see no just if you're to dig down here you know what's there and I wonder if anybody else really has and I'm just I feel like I could slow down right here but it cuz they're it's so historic and there's so much time so much has gone on here throughout the centuries and just to kind of glaze over it almost doesn't do it justice but it's kind of the nature of the show sometimes especially when you're in something so amazing as this looks we got the other pyramids off to the side here I want to say that these were related to this pyramid on who it was dedicated to I'd like to do another special on this someday just to incorporate more of the history but you know a lot of that is actually over already covered out there you know through different documentaries so but what a lot of documentaries don't do is what I like to do is just go on the street view and just you know hit

the concrete and see what it's really like because you don't get to see the ugly stuff and documentaries and you know I actually like to see that kind of thing and that's one of the things that I appreciate about being able to do this is you know this is you know part of the trip that is the rough parts you know if you're actually here visiting it so we were just in this area right here we're gonna kind of see if we have enough time to go around them all and then see if we have you know time to see any other special area so this is definitely an episode where I encourage you all to you leave comments about what you would like to see in the future because we definitely will return to this spot in the future all right so Wow check out the Sphinx a lot of different things can be said about it but what I'm gonna say right now which may be a lot of your thinking is just I didn't realize the proximity of it being this close to the pyramids and it's a lot smaller then I thought it would be no images in photography can might kind of make things look smaller but just looking from a distance it's

pretty small but I'll tell you this scene a lot of cool scene a lot of historical places in the planet on the planet wherever it's still very big for its time and I heard that the face during the Napoleonic war was actually kind of used for target practice for some cannons and they kind of shot off the nose not sure if that's true but that's that's kind of how history goes you know different different angles get told about different things so it's actually really interesting to see this I guess it's more of just a touristy thing to be able to ride a camel around the pyramids and have pitchers doing so so Baron you know nothing here is Greene's look at that it's like what are these things Wow working on the road here you know it's a lot more rough and tough way more rough and tough than I had expected you know down to the cracks in the road to the walls it looks like they're definitely up in the game though they're definitely uh doing a lot to it because you know it's tricky you know yet so many people wanted to come here and then you get the city off about around it of all different walks of life and then you

just you got to keep a lot of it original so just gonna kind of click on some of these just see what pitchers it's a great shot so we were kind of up a behind the second one there so behind the three the two bigger ones it's it's neat to see these photos because you get to see it on a clear day it's funny with the camels you know Wow cleaned up looking good so you know the scaffoldings probably just a ongoing process with the weather it's gotta be a pretty crazy looks like it's already taking a beating you know I don't know how much rainfall comes to this area but that's gonna be tough thing the something to keep track of you know help preserve the area so Wow the first ten minutes here has gone by very fast and see the ticket inches there it's good to know seems like a touristy area up here we got some hotel golf and thought we saw the airport to the south when I got lost let's probably up more towards Cairo I'm guessing but I want to dive back down and check out some food places golden dragon palace Chinese sweet beautiful location like love all the detail love I love that they did the table set up you

know with all the chairs in the environment and that you don't see too often actually huh what a great setup now they're not a great shot just to show the environment you know and dishes that's some authentic looking Chinese food that's for sure and I bet they travel well here got a lot of travelers here that looks like amazing dish know what that is but let's just look at okay great pyramid in fine nice very clean great sub got the amenities in the room flat-screen TV water coffee nice headboard whoa if that view is real that's a nice for you to have from your room very magical huh cool little office space little Sphinx there behind you for good luck Wow wonder if they do that at night with the searchlights it's pretty pretty magical dying out and check out the pyramids so many aspects here of ways to enjoy your time so that's pretty neat curious to see how you know I assume this is probably one of the main entrances it's uh I guess we can't go down if that's too bad I was gonna do a grand entrance so this is about where it is looks like it's up on the high ground down below the city where the grand

entrance is where I was trying to get us into perhaps next time so I've Wow oh yeah okay so looks like there's a tunnel there and I feel like or I want to say that there are tunnels that lead into the heart of the pyramid and within it you know it's very very tight corridors it's not like a maze but it's these like Airways that get to the main area of the tombs that I believe are in each pyramid and it's a long walk and it's it's that is weird to see that big hole there and then you have I think that's probably the entrances to the tunnel it's a guess but it's kind of funny that people are just kind of able to willy-nilly just go up on the stones and you see these full-grown man it's a it's quite the leap to the next stone and if I have one takeaway from this is just how big the stones are so so big pyramid came and see the others behind it which is actually kind of makes for an interesting an entranceway I'm curious to go a little bit downhill and take a look back nice courtyard beautiful day in August 2017 nice palms and I see you can see the pyramid at a distance it's quite a luxury Wow that's wonderful I love the architecture

very South Mediterranean design the way they trim their palm trees is actually pretty smart I believe it's healthier for the palm tree that it's cut that way it doesn't impede upon its outer layer kind of like cutting in on its bark 1:39 terrace we got here food check that out for a nice view looks like a lot of lamb skewers some fine dining for sure Wow so it looks like nice kind of Greek salad cucumber all those Tomatoes looks like artichoke and nice dish we're very hefty and this gold lower plate I'm not sure what you call that but it's nice looks like some nice dessert kind of like I'm really bad with my desserts nice people here enjoying join the join the area so all you sporty people can even come in and enjoy a very random round of golf right at the pyramids pretty nice too I like that it's rugged don't let my golf course to well-kept you know in a place like this it's I appreciate that it could be a little bit of rugged you know cuz hey you're in a crazy desert in a very ancient area but actually still very very amazingly well kept haha jolly camel it's got a nice smile it's funny

that it's just kind of chillin cruising at night alright so this looks like a shot from the pyramids inside from what I've been told it's very narrow that's a lot higher than what I've been told so that might be a different areas but you know pretty pretty good cost Republic like you know cuz there's not much easy ways to turn around in situations like that alright so that's the great pyramids and just a quick quick touch on it I'm definitely gonna check out more of the surrounding areas in Egypt but I thought that'd be a nice quick jump into a world wonder so thank you all for joining in and appreciate your time spent with me and as always please let me know your thoughts and comments and if you like the show feel free to let your friends know and with that show the next time everybody hope you have a good one and we'll see you soon thanks bye bye [Music]

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