road to affiliation (Part 2)

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this story snoring you're my friend

you're fucking weird oh my god I'm going to find the best shirt to wear oh my god yes I love this shirt I'm wearing it 90 nude pants okay after that streamer you tell me what happened I am a wizard with a fucking hairy we're though oh wait here's heads oh can I get a new beanie actually I like this kind of color beanie alright I have no money yeah okay I don't have money for it I guess I'll get this one then Gary yeah was it I'm a lot your wears add I'm over sir I want - oh my god nope we're not getting boxers I'm sorry you're not getting boxers okay yep um I need to go and get money so you know them to do some jobs everyone wait have you ever seen your mom dad no um hi do you have that money on you false story oh thank you for that one huh I'm 33 bucks you poor motherfucker I mean I am poor cuz I only have like 100 bucks now that's how much I spent on and clothes I had 28 don't let me see you oh yeah shoot up I'm going to have the gate card wait wait wait might be able to just damn it I was hoping I could

just get away from that I did that Oh God the cops are after me excuse me sir I need to get the fuck out of here excuse me I almost ran that I had no idea probably whose grandparents are you with your mom's side or your exams okay this is just a sad story to hear well it's gonna be insider whenever you tell me the real story are you kidding me fucking cops I want you know I had the call Lester cuz the Lester is the one oh wait I don't have money for the fun if I don't have my freaked out means only you commit some patoot okay Leonard you Lester literally fuck you know saying commit suicide in real life no I am NOT I will not do that I'm sorry god damn it I cannot reverse in this car I swear really you doing could I'm done I didn't consider that I crash a seven minute or 17 minutes no views yet nice it's just lovely I'm not gonna get any views cops will you just fucking stop I hate these cops I'm trying to do something and all they do is just fucking hit my car they're like huh yeah we're not gonna let you do this challenge fucking cops I fucking swear I'll go on the fucking beat you do it goddamn ha ha the capsule never find me

here and that they do find me here I was just gonna be like what the fuck how the hell did you find me all right nothing but Beach Oh - no it fell off damn it that's exactly what that's exactly what I'm like no no no no no oh shit no car please still be alive yeah I killed my car and I'm all wet hey there's some in third place hey buddy buddy do you have any money on you Thanks how about you baby no ah you have no money god damn it I'm just gonna run up on some random person and just stab them in the back be like y'all owed me money is so you know you deserve this jump in the water or just walking water either way is fine I bet girl how are you today I'm in the water the cops will never find me okay no cough cocoa when you go wake up please please I don't want to die this cop is getting suspicious Oh God okay good another day oh god he had a freakin shotgun oh wait a minute I'm wonder if I can do this challenge on a bike not a bike on a boat you know how funny that would be hmm listen Charlie oh it's a freaking police boat never

mind it's a reverse challenge you know for money hi buddy excuse me buddy see how far you can go in reverse without hitting anything yeah use it first I don't know some random ass person I'm just killing people for money that's my specialty you know I just go off on someone stab them take their money and they help why am I getting so many freaking smokes why are all you people all right what do you what are you having for me you have money for me and thank you ten seconds and re1 Walters I got third much money do I get I get $5,000 that's not bad $3,000 isn't bad guys where the fuck am I going you know um I don't know where wrong cool wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute what about do I have fucks oh my god this is gonna be funny I have three Molotov oh my god hello friends oh you guys look a little cold let me warm you up I'm all taught how to kill without getting caught Molotov I'm ghetto GTA for you I'm getting on GTA 4 the or I was right about you at all I mean a party very private ish oh my god you make a private session cuz you know

I have the cops after me oh you guys are only little birds you guys you guys do you chill out oh my god what am i doing what is I just doing it I do not I jump off the building because why not I'm a crazy mofo Oh Open Sesame [Music] hello car hello car just break your window break your windshield Wow Italy that this car is going to burn Oh carry on my way with an OPP is fine you but oh okay you don't see me you've been duped caps you've been duped I've been duped as soon as I lose the cops I'm just gonna going to dock see what it happens okay let's talk yeah you know these bags I don't know why he didn't aim is so face grade if you'll explode so much she's a squiggly person oh my god what happens when your imagine your Chive oh that making fun of me I'm not making fun of you I'm literally in first person ducking try it if you are in first person then duck you'll see what I mean it's impossible to freaking drive where am I going ro I don't even know okay definitely not worth it no that's a railing here we go Thanks you know what I'm just gonna get out my car cuz you

know screwed it was a 45 good oh you have 25 grand I hate you so sure no know how much I've ever shared that grand mmm money money money money money bro well we're gonna have we're gonna have to deal without a limo for a little while um if you want we can do some of my MC work yeah I'll do a MZ thing real quick I'm not we're not gonna do VIP we're just gonna do them see that will help me a lot I got him nice ash fricking earrings doh well like dude I can be I can act like a fuck Oh gamer shots okay I'm back everyone so I had the chain of Mohawk someone dared me to do a stream with this problem I want you to do it actually you know what I'm going to okay I'm going to do what they always do these tires out we have public session you know it's it's a private private session yeah it is we can't do emcee work yeah I don't think we can do ever see work so we'll do VIP work oh yeah I show you this car I'm at my house okay I will be out in just a minute I have to pay my I need to pay my expenses gosh oh god is

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