02 August 2016 - Racing Sim Modding

rFactor 2 Track Dev Tutorial: 03 Best practices when working track projects in 3ds max

rFactor 2 Track Dev hangout held by "Jka" Other videos in this series: 01 - Setting up Track Development file- and folder structure + mandatory files (like gdb, scn ...

now we are ready to start model our

piece of road but before we continue I say a few words about the modeling techniques in 3ds max and most likely other modeling applications to you can model things several ways and reach same end result so there is no right or wrong way the model things it's more like person personal view how you like to do it for example some people like to loft raised surface other will build a spline cage and happily so face modifier on it some modelers extrude free surface someone uses sweep modifier or spline and so on so when you get used to your modeling application you will find the way we will way which suits you best and that is the way you do it same time it's a good it's good to keep your mind open test and learn new text and maybe something you learnt switch you better than the tech you used before and that's actually the fun part of the module it's challenging yourself what new things and maybe if you improve your skills on the way what I'm showing here on this hangout is my way to do things these methods are no less right or wrong but these are the meadow so which I personally use at the moment so hopefully you'll find something useful

from it and hopefully help you with your track projects in the future ok so lets up let's set up at the max of you port settings units and model our first piece of the road so first i will extend the one you part in the full screen over here and next thing what we need to do can't get rid of that ready is ah excuse me I set up the view port settings so in this customize menu we have references and here we can find you pods tab and the aim of the of the view port configuration is that we wanted that perfect textures shown on the message as accurate as possible so we need to configure the driver to make that happened so into Hindi here in appearance preferences we have a few things what we need to look after first we need to back top background texture size to the maximum 10 1024 in this case and tick the maximum size as closely as possible and also we want the 3ds max to download the texture in the best possible accuracy and match the size as closely as possible and the texel lookup should be in the near to and that's pretty much what we need to do in the wheel parts so let's quickly recap again customize preferences configured driver

appearance references max the exercise mats bitmap ticket download maxed out and much big big bitmap size ticket and texel look up nearest okay so now our rear part is ready next thing what we need to do is set up the unit so the all the objects what we are modeling here scales up correctly in the game so again customize and here we can find unit setups set up we will use metric scale and then system unit set up is one unit is one meters then it scales correctly so we precap customized unit set up metric system unit set up one unit equals 1 meters okay so now we have set up viewport and units and we have our maximum in any moment ready but but before we model how first kiss let's talk few words about good practices when working on tracking a 3ds max on average size track there will be easily several hundreds in video objects in your tracks key as you can imagine it will be it will be very difficult to find find wanted object from mass of meshes until you organize them some way from the beginning in the other in other hand if you have no handy way to hide or freeze objects doing something else you will walk down the

max because of extreme memory usage and the Mexican even crass on situations like this oh by the way if the max presses it can corrupt your project file and then all your work is gone when that happens there is no way to get max file open again so it's extremely important to save incremental where sins of your max file if one kid gets corrupted you can go back to previous words and continue work there another thing which should which you should set up in the beginning is the out save function in 3ds max I'll say will save your max file in certain intervals which helps you also if bad things happens and actually if you don't know how to set up it shirts through 3ds max out to save in YouTube it's pretty easy simple few clicks on then it's ready and then when we start working with rack and have a more more than one of Japan's it's a good way to organize the track object is layering in 3ds max a it work same way as in Photoshop so you can add objects to layer hi drea which gives you room to edit something else in the scene and Freesat also windows resources in 3ds max which reduces possibility of dress and max works better so when when

you try a start layering this is the layer 10 here and its lair make on layers at least to the terrain are unconcerned walls buildings and structures three trees and other widget vegetation and then it's easy to hide balls for example if you are working something on Taryn etc and it's a good practice practice to start doing this from the beginning when you have something like 800 objects in your scene you can easily spend a day for just moving objects to the layers and if you do this layering different objects in the beginning you save lots of words work afterwards so just just start doing in the in the beginning

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