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Rekluse EXP Install Hydraulic

Step by step instructions for installing the Rekluse EXP on HD Hydraulic clutch models.

recluse will now show you how to install

the exp Auto clutch for big twin harley-davidson models we will begin with the prep and disassembly phase use a suitable bike stand for this installation in order to access the primary chain case cover it will be helpful to remove the foot rests and foot pedal shift mechanism in some instances you may also need to remove the side stand drain the primary chain case oil into a suitable container remove the derby cover and then remove the primary chain case cover remove the pressure plate bolts the spring hold down ring the Belleville spring and the pressure plate now remove the entire om clutch pack including the judder spring it may be helpful for you to use picks during this step from the OEM clutch pack we will be reusing the spring seat and judder spring but none of the other om frictions or drive plates the Rekluse exp for harley-davidson big twin models comes with twelve baskets leaves install each of these sleeves into the basket slots with the flat tabbed side facing inward towards the center of the clutch in some models the sleeves can stick

above or below the top of the basket tangs we are now ready for Phase two of the installation process clutch pack installation soak the Rekluse friction disks and the exp disk in transmission oil for at least five minutes note it is very important that the notches and the friction tabs are aligned for optimal clutch performance begin the clutch pack installation with the thick recluse friction within this thicker friction disc place the OEM spring seat and judder spring the judder spring should be installed with the open Cup and facing you the recluse drive placed at comes with one thicker Drive plate install this thicker Drive plate next now install a Rekluse thin friction disc followed by a Rekluse thin steel Drive plate continue this alternating pattern of Rekluse friction and drive plates once the clutch pack is all installed you should have one thick friction disc the OEM spring seat and judder spring one thick drive plate nine Rekluse friction disks and nine Rekluse thin steel Drive plates now install the exp disk after the last drive plate has been installed the exp disk itself can be installed with either side facing up

there is no top or bottom align the tab notches on the exp disk with the tab notches on the friction disks now that our clutch pack installation is complete we can begin the pressure plate installation process using snap ring pliers remove the small retaining ring that holds the throwout rod in the pressure plate this retaining ring will not be reused reinstall the OEM throwout use snap ring pliers to remove the OEM snap ring and throught assembly from the pressure plate before installing the Rekluse hydraulic adjuster ensure the steel base collar is securely in place if necessary engine assembly grease can be applied to hold it in place during assembly now install the recluse hydraulic adjuster assembly as shown use the OEM snap ring to secure the Rekluse hydraulic adjuster assembly install this new pressure plate assembly ensuring the OEM push rod remains in place install the OEM Belleville spring and included recluse hold down ring use a 10 millimeter socket to torque the pressure plate bolts to OEM specification at this point we are ready to set the installed gap this step is

critical to achieving proper Auto clutch function and performance using the long end of a 7/32 allen key turn the adjuster clockwise until you feel an abrupt increase in turning effort this is known as the starting point at this point make a mental note or use a sharpie to mark the location of the tick mark on the aluminum adjuster you can continue turning this adjuster with a 7/32 allen wrench or switch to a half-inch socket turn the adjuster one full revolution plus another 3/8 of a turn this will lift the pressure plate now use a four millimeter allen socket and tighten the two pipe plugs to lock the adjuster in place tighten the plugs evenly torquing to 40 inch pounds when torqued correctly the tops of the plugs should be nearly flush with the top of the aluminum adjuster piece it is not necessary to apply thread locking compound to the pipe plugs now that we have our installed gap set we must reinstall the primary cover to prevent leaks Rekluse recommends replacing your primary cover gasket Tork the primary case bolts to OEM specification reinstall the drain bolt

use a funnel to add the OEM amount of transmission oil back into the motor reinstall the derby cover we must now verify that our installed gap is correct by checking free play gain place the transmission in neutral and let the engine warm up for about two to three minutes wrap the supplied rubber band around the grip and clutch lever as shown here now quickly blip throttle to about 3500 rpm and let it return to idle each time you blip the throttle the clutch lever should quickly move in towards the grip about an eighth of an inch this eighth of an inch means that your install gap is set correct it is possible to have too much or no free play gain at all if anything other than 1/8 inch of movement is happening you must reassess your adjustment screw on the pressure plate Rekluse tech tip any gap adjustments needed after the initial install can be done through the derby cover adjusting the screw clockwise will provide less free play gain whereas adjusting the screw counterclockwise will provide more free play gain once the 1/8 inch of free play gain is achieved we can do our break-in procedure with the engine warmed up and

transmission in neutral rev the engine 10 times ensuring that rpms return to idle between each Rev now with the engine running pull in the clutch lever and click the transmission into first gear slowly let out the clutch lever the bike should stay running in place perhaps with a little bit of forward creep slowly roll on the throttle without touching the take off and accelerate to about 3500 rpm and come to a complete stop still without touching the clutch lever perform this role on takeoff ten times now shift in the second gear do the same thing without touching the clutch lever and perform another ten slow roll on takeoffs in this second gear now recheck you're free play gain verify that you still have one eighth inch of lever movement if anything other than one eighth inch of lever movement is occurring you must make a pressure plate adjustment you have now successfully installed the Rekluse exp Auto clutch enjoy your better ride you

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