02 February 2011 - flyboytha1

RC Aerodyne Beechcraft Baron G58 Composite ARF (Part 6) Aileron Installation

For more deatail pictures Visit the build blog at the link below: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1366239 In Part 6, we are epoxing the aileron ...


okay guys we're back here with these crap you just notice I just left from mr. B's house so when I got back to my place I went ahead and started the Elrond so we have the Elrond glued in there we have the little dowels that connect to the inner wing I've already set up here half over to what it looks like here's what you guys can see it's not I'm gonna actually have the wing tube in here but I do have it hooked up here flaps are working here it's coming along pretty good up still have to install the lights here if you guys can see to cut out the lights and the covers have to go on here hopefully mr. vo be calling me here soon so we did get a better idea of what was going on we did find the instruction manuals on how to do the cockpit inside the actual manual that came with the kit I downloaded the manual off their website but their last page wasn't there so the thing to find out there take gives instructions on how to install the cockpit didn't guessing so let's go ahead and I'll show you guys how I got the Elrod's glue in there and hopefully mr. real be calling me back and uh we'll be installing the wings and putting this together here probably do

the retracts here next add the main gear here I do have the motor mounts that are picked up so if we'll be installing it and getting a fit here didn't work out quite like I thought about my drive fit test so pretty much is I'll be probably strong motor mounts and everything without the electronics and then we'll just call that our drive fit test cockpit to be going I can't wait to see the cockpit the way it's going to be painted everything but it is looking really nice and scale we're so let's go ahead and show you guys how I did the elevator so we're here ready to do the LR on going wanna go ahead and mix my epoxy I've already got my hinges pre-oiled with three in one oil that's we've been using throughout the whole process Little Mix go ahead mix process is going pretty good hope mr. B's doing alright as you guys saw from the last video he's doing an excellent job there on the cockpit area so I've already please sand it my areas were gonna be locked in with epoxy it so I'm gonna go ahead and dip this in epoxy in this first part goes here decides to wing joint go ahead and slide that in there guys can seat it

down a little bit more epoxy on there to make sure I get it locked in there just slides right there on the side as you guys can see there

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