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Rant: PHONY 2012!!

I really need a haircut Responses to critiques: http://s3.amazonaws.com/www.invisiblechildren.com/critiques.html And for those of you into conspiracies and the ...

did you know the geneticists have

actually managed to create featherless chickens hey youtube how's it going out there in the world of Coney 20 i mean the internet it's kind of been hard to differentiate the two lately they've just been simultaneously one and the other i was gonna take everybody outside today but it's really gross out it's actually really cloudy and really wet and really gross so i'm sorry we have to stick with this room I like this room but it would have been nice to go somewhere else today of course I could have never told you that and you never would have known and I never would even had to put that little clip into the video so it's just I like telling you things random Isaac goalie face most of you watching won't understand where that face comes from but there's some of you watching who will so what I'm all over the place today so this week I want to talk about Kony 2012 not because it's trending not because it's all over the place I mean yes but not for the reasons that everyone else has been talking about it the reasons everyone else has been talking about 2012 is because it's either been trending or they've been criticizing it and being sort of wet

towels about the whole situation and now you're probably insulted because I've called all you critics wet towels and you're saying there are valid reasons to criticize but there are valid reasons to criticize everything I've read all the criticisms I've looked into all that stuff and I found out that invisible children actually wrote a response to all those critiques so there'll be a link in the bar wherever it is beside me below me Romney or above me and you can go check out what Invisible Children has to say to all the critics out there I actually was kind of glad that there was critics because as amazing as Kony 2012 is and its purpose is we should always remember to have a bit of skepticism about everything to question everything test everything because we kind of live in a generation where people tend to just jump into anything if it just looks a little bit exciting or good or it's more like there's a comedian named Louis CK and I don't know how many of you guys have heard of him but he always jokes about this generation because he says they're the kind of people who say I can do that I'm gonna do it don't really question why they don't really question

how anything they just do it so in a way it's good that people criticized in question but at the same time it's kind of awful because they started to destroy the whole campaign at its core the campaign is still an extremely good cause despite things that you can pick up our and rip apart anyway that's actually not at all what I'm here to talk about today so let's not get too caught up in all that critic stuff i am not talking about kony 2012 this week to criticize it and i'm not talking about kony 2012 this week to promote it I'm sure that talking about it will promote it regardless of whether I want to or not that is not my main purpose here today I actually want to speak to the people who have chosen to like favorite share whatever spread the news about kony 2012 over the entire internet first of all thank you to every single one of you for proving me wrong that North Americans do not care about things overseas it's pretty obvious that there are a lot of North Americans out there that do care which is very encouraging second of all please remember that supporting something like this requires more than I like a

favorite in a share in some cases it even requires more than donating five dollars I don't know how many you guys remember but a couple weeks ago we talked about religion and how my specific distaste for religion is what it does not do how it sits and Fester's in a pool of nothing so many people who have so much potential for good getting so caught up in themselves it is meant to be for something incredible for the world and yet it has turned into a self-serving nobody's doing anything sort of thing do not let Coney 12 become just another religion for you do not get excited and say you're gonna commit and then don't do anything don't let it become the situation that only a couple hundred people go out on the night of April twentieth and this whole thing is turns into nothing supporting this cause requires action on your part it requires you to buy the materials that are needed to spread the awareness on the night of April twentieth and it requires you to go out in your town city whatever wherever village whatever you live in and spread that stuff all over the place now of course there's arguments about how effective that'll be in the first

place but we're not supposed to worry about that right now right now the issue is raising awareness so in order to raise awareness follow through with the plan to raise awareness I am imploring every single one of you if you say you care about this then live like you care about it do something to support the cause take action that requires more than the push of a button to your convenience because let's be honest pushing a button super easy really really easy but Joseph Kony is a huge war criminal taking down someone like Joseph Kony is not easy to do things that are good and just are not easy it will not be easy to take down Joseph Kony but it is a good thing and right thing to do doing the right thing is more often hard than anything else it requires effort it requires action it requires skill sometimes but it is so worth it one other thing that I would like to say before we continue on to shout out and hear the week and all that what Joseph Kony has done is horrible what every war criminal has ever done in other countries is horrible but if you go to cnn's website and look up all the information that they have on human

trafficking within the United States alone there are 750,000 women and children in sexual slavery in your own country all this suffering and hurting is going on in your own country I'm not saying it's a bad thing to get excited about taking down Joseph Kony and ending all that suffering but once that's over turn your gaze inward look at the country you live in look at all the suffering and hurting that's going on around you if you're this passionate to end this thing then start with your home ground because all this slavery goes on here it's just not as obvious and open random terribly hungry face anyways you guys know this is an opinion show so please leave your thoughts comments opinions down below in the comments video responses whatever you want to do let's talk and hopefully derive some action out of that talking and now it's time for everyone's favorite part of the show here all the week are here the week this week cause i do youtube user named Yuri dice project which I'd like to hear about that project it sounds very intriguing you're a nice project left a comment on my last video sang it is actually a duty in the

Catholic Church to help out and employ anyone even non-catholics he also said a whole bunch of other things in that comment and left a couple other comments across that video donated quite a bit to the discussion but I really liked that he pointed this out I'm assuming you're he I'm sorry I Yuri dice project is kind of generic but regardless I really like that you highlighted this for everyone if you guys don't remember last week we talked about the Catholic Church and Obama and the whole contraception controversy that's going on and the issue that the Catholic Church seem to be having was that Obama was sort of forcing them to provide contraception and abortion to everyone that worked under the Catholic Church and now there were people who corrected that understanding and stuff but that's the general understanding of the whole argument but with that point in mind it does make a little bit more sense that Obama is trying to pass this law with within the Catholic Church as well as everywhere else makes him look a little bit less like someone who's trying to take away the freedom of religious organizations and such so thank you Yuri

dice project you were they here the week this week and now for today's today's shout-out goes out to youtube username jesse rose 77 jesse rose 77 was of course the tenth person to come out of my last video congratulations Jesse rose 77 shared out to you remember if you would like a shout out of one of my videos just be the tenth person to comment on this video and I'll be sure to give you a shout out in the next video and if you'd really like to comment but don't have anything to say about anything else already talked about in this video here is a weekly would you rather would you rather stay the same age for 10 years for AJ year every day for 10 years which would make you extremely old I don't know if you'd even make it that far you'd be like 365 years old after one year that actually might be pretty cool special thanks to Jessie row 77 for suggesting that would you rather and of course if there's a random face you'd like to see me do just leave it in the comments and I'll be sure to check it out and hopefully do it in any upcoming videos I usually do about two video so if you're wondering why one of your random faces hasn't appeared in my

video yet it's cuz I'm working my way down the quickly building list anyway that's pretty much everything ain't got to say for today and the rest this week if you'd like to check it in my other videos there's a button up here that you can click on and scroll through them and pick a video that interest you but for now I'm Isaac Olli and I'm thanking you for joining me once again on rant piece in comment and subscribe comment and subscribe comment comment comment comment comment and subscribe and maybe favorite too

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