17 November 2015 - GovernmentZA

President Jacob Zuma concludes the State Visit to Germany

President Jacob Zuma concludes the State Visit to Germany, 10 November 2015.


germany plays an important role in in european union it is also a leading economy but what is also important germany is also looking up to Africa in general and South Africa specifically because we have got the a very good history between the two countries there are a lot of German companies in South Africa about 600 companies which are working very well and therefore the possibility need to expand and deepen that relationship a very big so it come to say what else can we do I think we met government and we've met business it was our last kind of meeting and there's a greater enthusiasm here and integrated into the seminar side as well to grow the economy on very specific issues we paid issues of infrastructure the issues of helping us to augment what we are doing in terms of skills development particularly of our youth given the fact that it is the empowerment of people that helps the economy is to grow and therefore that is an important one they are ready to to deal with matters particularly vocational training etc but they are also ready to share the experiences of sm amis how do you grow the economy of small business which are

very important in creating employment but also in growing the economy these are the areas we looked at and wise as I say what is important is that there is an enthusiasm on both sides that we needed to find ourselves growing companies here are ready to move in and they are doing very well in South Africa those that are in South Africa in any way so the direct investment for an investment that German is doing is ready grow that so that we are in a better position to have those relations but also helping to enter into the African space how do we expand the relationship and what specific areas were looking at in my delegation besides the Trade and Industry Minister is also Minister of Small Business Development who is here and specifically he is to look at how the Germans have succeeded to develop it as well as a stale it and therefore we need to learn from here so that we can address it to our situation which needs that kind of skill even more given the nature of South Africa so we are hopeful that our engagement today and go into the future will help us therefore to tend the scale in South Africa in favor of growing the small businesses any

economy to grow we'll add a look at itself but also linked with other important and meaningful investors and this is what we are looking for and therefore the coming of the foreign direct investment in South Africa whether they come from China or Germany is a welcomed kind of development because we want to grow the economy and South Africans as well a very conscious that they need to participate in that growth so that it benefits in both sides that is not a one-way kind of situation this is what we are discussing with the Germans that we can't allow me a kind of interaction economically that is not balanced we wit need to benefit both that's what we are also at doing with the Chinese that in from our point of view will grow the South African economy would therefore be in a position to be at a level where we wanted to be in terms of addressing our challenges we are saying whoever is ready to do business with us but if you are doing business with us it must not be one sided thing it must not also undermine that relations it must be a kind of a relationship that gave give respects to to each other and

that you should consider each other's kind of positions we don't want a situation wherein one side looks down upon the other we have come from the former colonialists which looked down upon former colonial subjects etc and that's what we don't like and therefore we do not want the United States to handle the matters in a manner that is not acceptable because we are not going there to back this is a business kind of a relationship where in both sides should benefit and we will for an example with a return in relation to a goal we see no reason why what prompts the kind of statements that seem to be put in ultimatums with on in prisons deal with ultimatums really we should deal with prisoners in a user-friendly version and that's what we expect to whatever country that has relations with us because once you use that you remind us a real you of the colonial kind of thing that we don't like it

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