29 November 2018 - Vazfx Design and Fabrication

Predator 212 Powered Bike Project — Part 1

Here is a bike project that I dreamed up. It's a mountain bike with a Predator 212cc engine as the power plant. This is part one of the project. I'm showing how to ...

so check us out I haven't done a bike

project in a while so what I'm gonna do is I'm going to motorized this mountain bike with that predator 212 motor the idea is to have a lightweight as light as possible with this motor and have a lightweight vehicle then I can still ride off a road like a BMX bike or a mountain bike and have some fun with it so I plan to take about maybe a month or so a few weeks to get it done so you guys should you know subscribe to keep track of this hit the little bell icon just so you can see the updates as I go along with this thing it's just something for fun and I'd be interesting maybe at the end of it I'll give it away sell it I don't know so stay tuned so design for bikes gonna be something like this a simplistic frame basically it's going to be tubular and in this I'm trying to decide whether I'm gonna have it housed the fuel so if I could have enough volume in there hole like a gallon of fuel that'd be kind of cool I hadn't decided on suspension the current bike has a full suspension front and rear I don't know if I'm going to do a rear suspension I just have it rigid the front will probably have some contention I'm not sure yet what I'm

gonna do maybe some better shocks or maybe even rigid I don't know yet so this will kind of give me an idea of what direction I'm gonna go in and so the first thing I'm gonna do is create the mounting plate for the engine pretty of 212 and start with these tubes and then decide on what volume I need for that and how thick it needs to be so now it's time to make the mounting plate for the predator 212 I was looking at my plate trying to see how thick I should go trying to keep it strong but at the same time trying to keep it as light as possible and I think this is gonna work this is 1/8 and it's gonna also have the frame going through here with some gussets to make it strong laterally so let me cut this out and we're also slot it so that the motor can go back and forth to adjust the chain tension [Music] motor so I'd know how to meld out how it's gonna how the plate should be shaped so here's a base right here I'm gonna use pieces I'm gonna take this up [Applause] he's all dirty glove - to mark it up so these are my holes and that's the template so now I'm gonna take down the

template so it doesn't move I want to leave some space so that this can slide back and forth so when I slot it give you like an inch long slots in it so start the holes here and then it'll be another hole here and this will be slotted out along here so let's just put some punch some indentations directly in the center of these alright now it's time to drill some pilot holes again night I got these holes drilled out I'm going to slot them go between two holes with a cut-off wheel in a file to get those nice and slotted you so once you you know cut out with the cut out wheel and do some filing you get a nice little nice little slot so part of the technique is to use old cut-off disc that happens got a small down and that allows you to get a sure cut then say for instance a big cutoff wheel which will go too far and cause you to have you know an ugly cut so this is the way to do it save your gist they get too small and use those for smaller cuts now if you got your engine plate cut you can come and see if it matches up how well it fits and now you can see that I'll have the ability to slide this back and

forth to get tension on the chain with these slots okay you

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