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PMLN Eham Press Conference Post Budget 28 April 2018 | PTI Imran Khan CJP Saqib NIsar

PMLN Eham Press Conference Post Budget 28 April 2018 | PTI Imran Khan CJP Saqib NIsar.

years of four and a half percent him up

oh sorry sorry hundred percent per year key simple growth decade ahead this is no small feat disc in the TJ my provinces pajama my it a daughter Tara met Tara saw our above a guitar the visual palsy or his son they saw Arabs Cooper yaga yaga FB army a visionary policy Kennedy Jamie yes sorry Concord give you on rest of our tax petty facilitation about Hanukkah left us a poor man or maybe a purity team layering and I see a cave Hyundai facilitate can I have a Ford it go Dean Psalm a egg the dia or Bob you swap agar quiet individual your company risk parameters before xxx taboo Scott exile me in the form of an exile tinsel make the correct of a bogey at the tinsel nahi hoga tamam salaried class Corning or it's a barnacle dia it is a big relief on the salary class can be a simplified extra turns man I have a one-pager would be up decking on a forty be your supervise clearance with you ski powers commissioners a lake a headquarter mentality a it has become more difficult for FB are now to implement for Pb on the automatic state process start cleared your bellavita undergo patches percent up core demand

can take a commission appeal kill developer automatic stay with the abominable 10% cardia which is very feasible and easy I'm gonna alternate dispute resolution committee at your business community key Bay and the hardy Monticello satyamurthy whose care decision combining cardia yeah being bought buddy relief or a is alternate dispute resolution co-come yacht Karenga income tax may have Mae Murray majestically as super tax poem 8% Kirk a every year 10% for corporate shark or central banks and teens all make or Krishna bodega or banks car just a mosaic of Borah shares Nora sighs - locusts criticize career escape roast Acosta get those all seem debate coverage or this time in the debate the pros outweigh the cons because bogus bonus shares that are companies go home encourage caring is you can wrinkle a to stop market making activity but a key or Smith transactions may be tax building or capital gain again Olga this will be tax milega corporate tax rate is a goomar the punch punch Psalm a point percent come here horse Alex percent come Kiara bomb you continue career it

shall be a question conquering or regulation shall be a question Tumkur case to purchase person feel like hearing it Sitaram Association of persons can become clear parentheses or some guys later Matisse present clear on a condition of distribution of dividend your TiVo buddy a cheek condition hack to force the companies or to pay the dividends to small shareholders mugger is see condition asana the appellate chalice personal net profit curve must have a common names for 20% cardiovascular I gotta be a pain a career to go be a short ass attacks to Gardea 5% fellows Cooper sorry suckers are awesome custom duty me I'm they export promotion Kelly a raw materials my duties thunking ham push industries go yammering major route of my budget may is Cassandra care local industries you have sub separable prosper karaoke or talking Amory import dependence you have a combo 3 fabricated Hotel skill permanent duty breaks the end dairy industry agriculture industry optic fiber industry film industry electric cars killakee LED light ski industry import of coal give a like demand see business community geese

makes custom duty become ESL steps become here a firefighting vehicles car but a SS ADA modernity because hamari depending what the of associations or housing authorities the amplifier fighting vehicles crafting in chemical stability but these process that's present here evidence is called not just in government hospitals let's say be cobia wanna check free of duty here sales tax p.m. the LNG covered any livestock agriculture computer parts here zero rating for stationary items with the vehicle now speak here to zero rating for all the major five sectors is going to continue are a letter come on duty come Kiev further tax on Farish fabric you for dough person sake person care manufacturing of cheering of foam mattresses uncle level playing field chemically it was clear that I'm their buddy breaks the mac-10 ah income tax cave I'm the majesty ml spinning your table but I'm coming but my egg buckaroo can watch our tau tau bar Toria is budget my revenue by seasoning instead of give give and give it in here yeah budget when I saw so

much give an idea may have covered our skin that revenue merges yeah hey I'm a one-percenter digital guy yeah I'm never I'm the one person for the tax dollar additional board evaluations mu is given as a revenue maker increase we the / BTEC Neoga who artistic potential are in due course of time I'm next sighs duty no cigarettes but I am excise duty in cement but I am the sales tax on steel but I am on day in non father cadets go increase Kia hum name it must burn Iook in a car Sarris nucleophile Ivana master I'm a Kia hack a moveable property key after you quick transaction he was at the depth if its food million and above just like a filer now on the gift you misuse character who's positive relatively look at the air and in our gift over to some attacks leg up on the Foreign Assets disclosure cube per year of discovery Kia this is going to bring a big change of neck limit LaGuardia you're free passive RC are they say or skewer who Texan looked at our a product you have or text me like a coward like you said yoga across your cortex like Agra I'm there is scale about one more thing exchange of information with the bank's HMDA he

enabled here fella banks quote make everything Ibuka sock bill kinnamon infer nibble here or a scale our last thing can nhadra ke sath information-sharing Oogie sake I'm my father today or here what but i Prime Minister of Pakistan or smile gotta do a brief synopsis that is the Paris budget and thank you very much all of you [Music] [Music] post-budget press confessed cuchara he gave me a smile macho they are official akv you come with me up na or AA free budget page karate camo carry a be skeptical is a rapper mocked Ischia guy have a falco disparities are objective subbu Kelly the Scarab Tara Arab dope Iraqi anomalies alkyl yet exo-k Basilica haha

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