10 February 2018 - Toy Soldier Review

Plastic Soldier Review: ITALERI (ESCI) 1:72 WW2 British Paratroopers "Red Devils"

Plastic Soldier Review of an old ESCI set of 1:72 British Paratroopers (RED DEVILS) by ITALERI. This set dates from the early 1980s.

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review and this time we have 1/72 scale british paratroops by italia e which originally was s key this particular product was an esky product from about 1980 upwards and of course Ischia no longer around and obviously italia have taken on the molds it's a really good set a swan I've had it myself but obviously under the S key name so I got this really for a bit of nostalgia really just to see how good this set was always remember it being a good set and to be honest there isn't many British paratroop sets around especially in 1/72 you'd be surprised obviously the airfix one isn't the standard doesn't reflect anything like the uniforms worn or anything and some very bad poses in that set but this one on the other hand is a lot different so from the box the box out works a lot different from the S key original quite a bit going on and I quite like the box art it's it's not bad not bad at all gives you a good idea of what you're gonna get inside it's telling no lies pretty much what you see is going to be what you get it also states on the box its wargames approved so any war gamers watching might be a bit of a bonus I

mean to me it doesn't set it apart in any way by seeing that you can do whatever you want with these looking on the back it's probably not as loud and in-your-face as the airfix boxes but there's enough there you've got a rough paint guide it's telling you there to use your Italian acrylic paint and it's given you a decent enough paint guide there right here is what they're saying will be the size of the figure no I'm just that outline there so again probably not as clear as the airfix set but it's there so they're putting up enough information standard fare on the back on the side on this side so basically that's what we get and we're going to get 50 figures in this sets or it's not bad 50s about average for a 172 set you know 40 odd 250 there's about what you're going to get this set was a bit pricey I think I picked this up for about 9 pounds which is a bit on the expensive side but I haven't said that wasn't much about so I can't really complain too much and legacy this is a very good set I don't really know of any set I can touch this one I went on plastic soldier review yesterday and I've never seen

this settled as a Revell set which does look pretty good but I don't think they're as good as this one however each to the wrong and we'll take a look at the sprues now so let's do this one might be a bit more awkward to sure than the airfix sprue so you'll have to bear with me I might just pick the camera up for this now as you can see these are really well detailed I'm going to sure the backs of these first mainly because some of them are wearing backpacks some aren't but they've got enough equipment there to satisfy me I find the detail is absolutely excellent they've got obviously the lee-enfield number fours I think it's ten mark twos these are actually quite good they're actually better than I remember let me just come in here look at that detail I hope this is coming out as good as what I can see on the camera but that's a really good detail and you can see some of them have netting some of them have scrub on with the netting on the helmets and then some just have nothing at all which is quite good it sort of breaks it up what I would say is I'm surprises no berries but I could never remember the

bean berries so it's faithful to the original as I remember I'm not too bothered about berries because you really probably wouldn't want to be wearing one it's really good he's going to stand by the barrel I think there and the guy running what else have we got this one looks yeah so we're getting a lot of guys doing some stuff I did check the Revell set out on plastic soldier but there was a lot of guys to him nothing which seems to be the norm these days I think that tries to be a bit trendy and get them doing all sorts of silly things but a lot of the time people just want you know some guys just doing a bit of action look at that look at their detail on these guys here and it looks like he's putting another magazine into his brain that's what that looks like quite like the prone guys because you would expect Paris to be put on quite a lot because they're normally in a complete hell fire and brimstone environment a couple of runners pyat what's up look he's very nice I know they always complain it's got on plastic soldier he's got two two prongs

on his standing it should be one they are correct is supposed to be just one but I think you can forgive them for for that nice one of a Bren very nice detailed model of a brand because I mean that is tiny and I think I can see virtually every detail on that brain officer always remember him I mean they just saw LT fieldy's and he is our guy to be honest I've seen a photo you see this guy standing here I saw a photo online and this is an exact reproduction of that photo and I think it was some sort of wartime propaganda shot but that is the exact same picture because he had his Sten gun broken stuffed in his uniform exactly like this guy I don't know if I can bring that out any better don't know if you can see the Sten and those got stuffed in there probably not but trust me it's they're really good I mean everything is is on these even down to their belt buckle it's just a really good set so this in my opinion is about the best British paratroops ette around really good figures and I remember using I think it had three or four boxes of these I painted them up but really good figures let's have a look underneath on

the prom' guys because we haven't done that yet and look at that so you've got full detail underneath there really cracking set the grenade guy so as you can see that you have to be careful there you're gonna miss a chunk of his helmet when you cut that off so that was a little bit of a minus there because I think that that sprue goes a little bit deep into the helmet for my liking so we'll have to see how that comes off I mean they're on their arm pretty tight so you might just lose a bit of detail there when you do these screws these will have to be professionally cuts or any sort of younger lads watching you know just be careful because these are on pretty solid it's just a little bit of a shame but I cannot follow the detail on this guy here is quite extraordinary I just hope you're getting that that is a broken Sten which has got stuffed into his strapping and even the Grenier guy law it's a kind of typical ASCII pause which doesn't really work they're quite bad at sort of making movements look like movements happening in the figure so he's a bit limp as a grenade thrower but there you can see he's got a spare

grenade on his belt and you won't see that on an Airfix set that's for sure so yeah s Keys detail well I'm seeing a ski it's a totally Airy now really second to none they just used to have quite a lot of strange poses they just couldn't get posing right but this is a really good set so like I see a parachute regiment around about 1941 they were pretty much up and running and most notable obsolete campaigns were operation Market Garden and obviously d-day Pegasus Bridge tough punch but everything is really as it should be it's a really really good set and well that's quite good to check this over again that's been a long time and the detail on the weapons is just brilliant so if you are planning on getting a British paratroops ette you're not going to do much worse than this one this is about the best one out there that's really good just the detail is quite credible and funnily enough I think Italia II have inhaler as well I think that have the same paratroopers the hell is set as well I think comes with the legged diorama I think there's a glider put in as well so there's numerous sets of

these with kind of glider packs in as well so don't think they just have to be paratroopers they glide troops as well I think it's a horse oh yeah worth looking at but cracking set was a cracking set so third act on this one thumbs up definitely a thumbs up I have to say I always knew this was a good set and it holds up to this deer this is a 1980 set though I mean your FX ones can go back to God 1970 and I mean this is about 1982 possibly something like that and really good mould sort alley air II did a good thing by still producing you know where s key left off and just keep repeating these moulds really cracking kid I don't know what the Carson biddies on there but I'll find out but yeah great that is what we get so that is a tally arey formerly s key British paratroops Red Devils 1/72 scale and IP nine pounds for that which is a little bit high you know but celephaïs I'm pretty sure someone will get that a lot cheaper but well worth having and look out for the sort of bonus packs which come with a glider and things like that will make the set a lot more interesting but really good set so well worth our buy if

you're interested so thank you for watching this will be the only review on - and this week because I've had a really bad cold so maybe next week I'll get a couple couple more out there I think I've got neat family set 172 and Africa course at 172 which I just want to do a little comparison thing with then so I'll be quite interesting so thanks for watching again and thanks for the thumbs up and everything like that so thanks again and good night

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