19 June 2017 - Jim Gill

Pete Wilson, Ronald Reagan & B-52 Pilot Delbert Ackley

Del Ackley tells a true story, of the loss of his brother, Jerry Ackley (RIP) and how Pete Wilson, and Ronald Reagan helped him, and his family.

is that a governor in California is time

with the staunch Republican and it was how much of the story I get mine blanket bombers name is the best cover we ever had down there I started weird you and my brother would wink or mom and dad son ticket so he could join age 16 when his age 21 deadly Christmas day he was leaving me come out in exercise in penalty and there's all the tagline of the night for five days everybody gained weight and they met that their pickup point with a juicer has to pick them up and they would be as tired Gyrene zap a coffee right there hard happy even took off and slept on a pile of shit guns ammo and they're just right there in the back of that truck so there was a truck driver fell asleep - oh come on and in those days they had range had various dirt roads so parallels and selling would predict perpendicular to the bagel dirt road highway road and about a 500 foot drop and that's the direction those boys went Jerry wound up with every bone broken his body and in a coma for nine months the rest had walked away would poke at bones but they still walk the origins he got the shit in that

was because he took his heart at all and somehow the other guy turned his back on before they left this the cliff and his head you know the decent house for the brains with tip of course of the creosote it gives more durability and he smacks his head see like one bench twice split the wood with a very head so his damage was in vain steam on down he was booga-booga-booga and his bones are broken up both legs full collarbones couple ribs spine wasn't for sure and never walked again never talked again and he died at age 57 with can't really give you songs and his caretakers paid caretakers family of seven two adults and five kids live in his book beautiful home as part of the rent his income we guided the Messiah of 7,500 month 80% went to them and they're sitting there having breakfast when you're certain bleep I will not he couldn't feel pain so they got a nurse and ambulance and with the scripts and the doctor took one look at him take offenses he's dying topical cancer I can't help him I can only ask him Gary where you want to die here were home oh he went home with the ambulance they put him on his bed he was

dead 20 mins later now meanwhile my dad had just died - about a year and a half from then mother was have only with a woman taking care of trying to take care of Jerry as you have God gasps Mike with naval hospital they she was convinced over to kill for lack of care I went to emergency bitch one time two victims and he was MV where they keep the dead bodies or in the morgue is that was Larry placing to put him and he was after empty gantry sitting there lying down it didn't push the door closed but that was his bed but it was invalid consciousness and I want to along that one no way to our back there nuke bumps and then my dad passed away years later but about two years before my brother died okay when Dad died mom went to went bonkers no helping over she's got herself boxed in politically legally by keeping the voya the home soon in the damn big big a hospitals and people to this day to understand that was she telephoned M story so I went home to bury dad I went to interview with Pan Am in San Francisco and it was a five hour exam of death verbal Mathematica text a

statement test book and the received vice-presidents of ham ham sitting them interviewing me and that was all this goddamn war started here I'm just gonna be good to do job that chance and in the middle of the interview secretary comes in this was one guy chairs and they jumped around mister I care captain a key we other emergency phone call for you falou he says it basically it was my mother's sister my aunt who lived in Twin Peaks while we're staying into an extra bedroom while I was having this interview I was cheating on the Air Force because I still to make four days back to fucking Loring middle of nowhere in the North Caribou Maine is where I was based out great and I didn't care if I got put muscles or what I bombed here's the man four times uh uh we can't afford you got top-secret empty out of you nuke bombs etc we ain't gonna have no damn dragon fish yet or whatever drain your knowledge before they kill is it captured so my shape magnet and my mo kept me from getting shot over there anyhow so mom tell me about dad a very dad I have the enemy seven in

San Francisco mom calls me that now Jerry is really bad to get a bed of death oh and she's called me she says Delbert you've got to get back to your base in Maine as a wife she says to garzooka huh come on mom because you have some damn general giving me a phone call collect looking for your buns because he wants to arrest your shoot your outside mittens mama something's wrong don't worry about it I said who's that congressman that you always helped a little bit and it was them to be the future governor California and I'm buzzing I can't hang on to name Wilson no keep going I cannot Reagan no sherry brown brown now ground no no way anyhow she called somebody and she said don't get his a number just column so I called him and he knew he was on the offices oversight Manning committee okay and my name is up because of my volunteering and because I was in sac I couldn't go and because my brother was Diggle aid and because my dad was DLA and my was sending to hell we're going to hang on this tough ticket new nut slime 50 Tunes was it was part of their

argument okay so it was a Saturday afternoon or two o'clock right dial this number is his governor honking insulting can I help you well again they tell her man yeah and he knew my whole still in the whole history but he knew a few more things that I didn't know like my bomber wing ignoring I just got you and our I it is as close to real war as you'll ever get with new squadrons with an operational restoration of engines operation and it's a nightmare and this wing that want to was my floral assistance quarter drop two passes over there all total this shut the wound down completely and in the mess of all this they still had a man the real war alert bombers which were eight they can get crews who are open because all of them are all very shut down and grounded ready for a rest it was got that bad so they had to get somebody that was not the validated veteran giving evidence and a white sheet type those who want to work there one and I was one of them okay he said don't worry about it you get to mine anytime in the next week at you're off at your best efforts and you'll pick up flying a civilian tickets for the

nearest airline from Frisco dog getting you into lorem a little town of bamboo I said I only hope the bank reserves the missionary aviation they will you not to worry already I know I'm a dick shit ah so I get to squadron and when I get there god I don't see anybody I know and the new guys the gods of our purchase the clean guys were in a hangar all by themselves with the chips cuz they just arrived my guy did and the rest of them were all under arrest house arrest with a dead 16 bombers sitting there nobody crew to fly and I'm all the the garland to guard a and he says captain Arcadia Park over there please yeah and he says these two beauties will accompany you and they take in a Deuce and a half stayed with me net Deuce and a half to the hangar for all the newbies and clean guys are okay and I still didn't know what the hell is going on and they mention who the pirate who's the co-pilot put together there's a navigator who's about now and that's the way they made up to dock damn missing six crews never saw each other before in

our life for hours there were all crew certified or exam on 73 different Darren targets and walked to our first bomber who is already in ordered with a 4-h bomb to learn these missile under wing and I'm sitting in the gum Hampton Sun didn't what the hell am I doing here how come but everybody knew what it was doing so I could get touchable and all of a sudden together since a skipper yeah he says there's a turtle down here with four two armed guards at the ready and want to talk with you why that's all I know sir dad come and show the bird come give him a high volt at night reporting as ordered sir you should know you're not and it gives me this glob guarantee.i tricks I sorted Christ a tempest ill wet releasing me as a civilian right there on the fucking spot Thank You governor and that's how I left the Air Force I even the colonel was so pissed he forget the first cyclone fence that was unlocked this is there's your accident mr. acklie to those goddamn and you're now a civilian but serving on ground get your ass out of here you son of a

bitch that's just you too sir and I walked by the bottle I have to find my damn car around to the the far lock our Parkway echo and a mobile phone back up I Drive 25 miles to the house again house liquid 500 pilot to cruz and don telegram on the yoke screened off goes to me for Pan Am telling me how is hired so as I important to 25 months to story the guys that were still ripping their said hey del what the hell are you doing here didn't know about all this shit the governor how to do that yes and I said all I know is I'm a civilian voice and they goddamn nearly kill me how the hell can you do that you're under arrest I said ah I don't know care about your problem you don't know where I've gone through all I know I'm not only a civilian for even higher damn now whatever it does show the bitch wants to talk to me [Laughter]

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