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Penn State Upsets Ohio State!

My analysis and takeaways from the recent shocking upset of Penn State over Ohio State. My thoughts on how this affects the Big Ten and potentially the college ...

so this is actually going to be my third

video for tonight first one being my takeaways an analysis video for our game versus Illinois then be posting my my video about call of duty infinite warfare if you haven't seen my go check it out by time this video posts that one should already be up but i'm actually bringing a video about what happened a guess auto maybe 20-30 minutes ago scroll and final i've been following the game through the same way i watch the michigan illinois game I mean I'm just I don't care to watch Ohio State play for obvious reasons but I was just interested to see how well they're gonna do against Penn State I mean is always like to compare teams like I compared us when we played Wisconsin versus when they played Wisconsin just to get a feel for what's going to happen at the end of the year I know it's still really on the season things can change but I wanted to compare those games as well as comparative this game between penn state and ohio state so the first thing i noticed that jumped out to me raft about was that it was a real close game at halftime so that kind of i mean you know whatever it's a real game but still I wouldn't expect it to be that close and

you know they pretty much had blown it I thought they'd blown it open it was 21 to seven after a safety they've got a long touchdown run I figure the game was over I just stopped you know paying attention to it then I started trying to edit my next video and lo and behold just before I close the browser select the video render I checked back in they scored another touchdown Penn State did to cut to 2114 so I was like okay whatever so before I finished rendering it out I just want to make sure it did in there was no ears I cut off all my internet just had the vegas pro running and it was down to 21 to 17 I was like okay well they're making a game of it so I said whatever I come back after i posted my first video and alone behold ohio state lost penn state let that sink in for a second now this is the same team that we we be 49 to 10 I mean we just we absolutely stomped on these guys they couldn't do anything I don't know how first of all I don't know how they scored that many points to begin with I mean we only allowed 10 points to these guys barely even 10 points and the fact that you only score 21 on a defense that was just

like playing on fumes so this goes back to what i was saying from before that i mean i think if we play ohio say right now we could beat them and i'm just saying that because of you know the fact that they lost Penn State but I think were the better team we have a better defense than they do I think that at the beginning of season I would have said that they had a better offense and we do but I've seen in the last few games that their offense is not really it's not really that good the music is when they from what I saw from when I play Wisconsin it was basically JT Barrett doing it on his own with his legs that was pretty much hit they had you know Samuel seemed like he was a good back he's not an easy kill Elliot or anything like that but he you know they're okay you're not you're not a juggernaut offense not to say that we are either but I don't think they're that much better than we are on offense but I think we are that much better than they are on defense and that's the difference I can't believe that they lost Penn State I mean Penn State is okay but they're not that good I mean their defense right now is playing like like

their fifth string the linebacker or something like that I mean they got injuries man they're weak in the linebacker position there's no way you guys should only be scoring 21 points on these guys so I mean this is huge I mean this the shakes up everything as far as how the Big Ten goes we thought that I mean I would've thought that we would be both undefeated coming into this last game obviously it's not going to be the case now but there's still a lot of football left to play hey we might lose so you know I'm not going to get ahead of myself as far as I goes but the bottom line is is we're still said and done unless ohio state loses another game we still have to go through them in order to get the Big Ten championship into the playoff still bomb life they went out all the way we went it all the way we still gotta beat them because we lose then we lose we have end up with the same type of record same record as I'm in the Big Ten and they went with it wouldn't had the head versus us so then they they get to go on anyway so we still got to take care of business but I don't know this is this like I said this is big I would never I would never

expect to this I mean I was ready to go to bed after I finished uploading this last video that i was actually making not even this video i was ready to just upload this video after it finished rendering and go to bed figuring ohio's it was going to win this you know I come back I'm looking they lost and I'm seeing all types excuses by Ohio State fans in the new yahoo message board talking about how this happened and that happened in blah blah blah I mean the fact of the matter is is it never should have got to the point where it was that close for you guys to come up with excuses of why you guys lost I mean you had to take care of business I mean you guys I'm sure you must have been a three lyssa three touchdown favor against these guys so nothing less than that is this is a disappointment in itself so bottom line is the mere fact that was that close to begin with you know it allowed you guys to be susceptible to lose in this game and just came down to a freak play and they guys the Tennessee got the best of you guys I mean it happened to us last year and you know our punter dropped to punt and it got

blocked in with I returned back for winning touchdown in last play the game I mean you guys actually still had a chance after that to you know to to win the game where at least I a game and you guys couldn't get it done somehow the Penn State defense roci location go figure so we just have to see gotta play the games that's why you can't say that these games are cupcake games or easy wins or this is an easy schedule or this is just know you got play these games man you have to play and you have to win and you gotta take care of business nothing is guaranteed especially not in college football so anyways that's it for today surprised video I wasn't even expecting to do about how to speak so anyways if you liked the video leave a like if you agree with me you got anything to say about the video definite leave in the comment section below I want to get a good discussion on this hopefully I get some oil Ohio State pans in here they're gonna say how they feel about the game or give their opinion and you know i love the discussion and you know sharing a video as many people as you want and you know just get the word around and get the discussion going

anyways that's it for the video and you have yourself a great night peace

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