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Olive oil from A to Z (English)

from our olive groves to the world our

entire production process is planned to the last detail so that from a simple olive we extract what the Mediterranean has created and the rest of the world awaits olive oil it all begins with a selection of the varieties of olive trees to be planted they're chosen according to the argan elliptic properties of the olive oil their productive potential and the climate of the production area where they will grow the greenhouses provide the small olive tree plants that are planted with the help of a GPS position north south to maximize exposure to Sun and intensify olives production this is how the largest olive grove in the world is born where the olive trees grow and produce in an environmentally responsible manner thanks to an integrated protection system our olive trees do not only rely on rain for water the olive groves have a telemetry controlled drip irrigation system that provides the ideal water conditions for the soil once olives have reached the right maturity stage it is time to harvest in order to do so we use machines some of which adapted from vines with the capacity to harvest up to six hectares per day we cannot tell all

but one of the secrets of the quality of our olive oil is how quickly we do the harvesting and take it to the olive oil mill when the olives arrive at the olive oil mill they are selected wait cleaned and grinded immediately the result is a paste that is slowly churned at the exact temperature for an hour and 30 minutes to assure the best separation of all the olive oils particles the next stage is the centrifugation process in which the olive oil is separated from the other constituents vegetable water stone and pulp then it is decanted for 24 hours in proper deposits retaining the products purity and genuine flavor after these three phases there is an olive oil tasting this evaluation determines the products organoleptic quality so that it can be grouped and stored according to its profile in the voting phase we combine olive oil types with different characteristics in order to attain the profile of flavor and aroma desired for each of our references at the end each lot is subject to extensive tests that confirm its high level of quality and authenticity finally the olive oil is bottles labeled and quickly shipped to

our clients so that it reaches our consumers with the properties of freshly squeezed olive oil at Savina environmental sustainability is of paramount importance in this process nothing is lost everything is transformed we use the olive stones in our boilers the leaves are used for soil fertilization and treated water is used for watering by taking action in the present whilst thinking about the future we combine the industry's competitiveness with the sustainability of our olive groves our most recent symbol is proof of this an olive oil mill which is a technological and architectural global reference right in the heart of one of our olive groves with a transformation capacity of 40 tons of olives per hour daily production can reach up to two hundred thousand litres of olive oil we are constantly betting on innovation and we reinvent ourselves to keep up with the demands of our time and guarantee the modernization of Agriculture and productive methods therefore we also guarantee the competitiveness and quality that have made us a reference in olive oil production as it is already

recognized in the world and being the only large player within the sector that is present across the entire value chain we have an added responsibility the environmental legacy our answer to this responsibility is to capture more carbon than the one we produce so that our olive oil belongs to the world and the world continues to belong to everyone to all nations to all cultures to all generations today and tomorrow

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