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NextGen Home Experience - The Architecture Behind the house

The NextGen Homes is the result of years of experience in presenting the next in next generation home designs and products at major events across the country.

hi my name is mike rosen i'm the

director of the sustainable studio at the martin architectural group martin architectural group has been around for 45 years working for the nation's largest prototype builders and developers producing concept homes model homes and communities throughout the United States and we're excited to introduce our work as the modern architectural group with next-gen we're here to introduce the lifestyle homes and what you're looking at is the first in the series of products that we're launching with next-gen it is called companion homes and what the companion homes are is a component system where consumers can lay out and organize and design their homes in a modular fashion so we've gave them a series of interlocking architectural components that they can mix and match they can assemble them in any configuration that they want once they come up with the configuration that they're happy with then then turn around and select an elevation style that they prefer and then that elevation style can be superimposed on top of the planet they came up with the organizing principle of these companion homes which are designed

to fit into existing Lots where folks can have a need that is such a an elderly person coming to live with them as a returning student they want to add a component to their home and increase the the functionality of that home they can do that simply by ordering the Assembly of components that came up with having the elevation style that they desired and the home will be shipped to them the organizing principle for the component home is what we call the core wall the core wall is a is a pre-manufactured wall that organizes all the mechanical systems of the house so the the data lines the plumbing the electrical the hamsa coordination the home security system has all been pre-designed pre integrated into this core wall and then the core wall becomes the center component around which the rest of the house is organized the advantage of the consumer of this concept is they can get a unit that they're comfortable and meets their needs today and then later a year from now if their needs change they can add another module to that and they can simply tack it on and have a greater scale if later the need diminishes and

then no long and need that they can simply get rid of it and so they're not creating a permanent construction feature on to their home and at the same time this can function is a standalone home so you can get a two-bedroom a three-bedroom as many bedrooms as you need and then the house will function that way the core wall also functions and works by itself so you can design single-family homes town homes apartments and any type of building that has multiple repetitive units is ideal for core wall design our program is to work with affiliates and manufacturers all over the country so once the home is designed and selected then it would be delivered to the homeowner from a location and a manufacturing plant that is near their location the way that the concept would work is the consumer would log onto a website and on that website they will have a menu of components that it can select and drag on too and put them together in various configurations once they put the configurations together the system will will cumulatively tabulate the increased cost of each module so they will see the cost effect of each module and component that

they add to the house once they've assembled a floor plan they'll go through a line item menu list of manufacturers products that they want to integrate into their home such a home security air filtration photovoltaics whatever systems they choose that can simply add on to the house and then they will tabulate the cost of that system as a separate package as far as pricing for the companion home concept the way that we envision it working is that each component would be pre priced at a certain spec level so the basic module which contains the kitchen bathroom might be a twenty-thousand-dollar component at an average spec level the typical bedroom or living room component might be a ten-thousand-dollar component so as you're adding components and get a ballpark price of approximately how much their companion home would cause so the typical unit that we're looking at here that would have a twenty-thousand-dollar central component and to 10,000 all component would roughly be about forty thousand dollars depending on how many other systems they integrate into it and depending on the spec level that could

go up or down so what we're seeing here at IBS 2012 is a concept prototype for the companion home over the next year as we're doing more designs and refining the concept we're working towards an integration for the consumer electronics show and the IBS 2013 for a hard launch of this concept and release it to the public so for more information on this concept and the product lines that we represent here you can go to the Martin AIA com website go to the green studio to the information about the core wall and about the companion home and you can also go to next-gen calm and click on the companion home link to get more information there as well

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