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Michael Stephens' talk at Web 2.You - Part 5 of 10

Michael Stephens gives his "The Hyperlinked Library" talk at the 2nd Annual Web 2.You Conference. February 13, 2009 McGill School of Information Studies, ...

anonymous is not always easy to deal

with this is one case that I think it works well virginia beach public libraries as a anonymous staff question blog where staff and asking question within reason they're not going to your stuff but library administrators respond so someone has a question why if the library Department values the MLS why are the people on the leadership executive team that do not better than us and that's a great question to ask you might not want to stand up and staff meeting in thats patch but they get to do it this way in the director response so think about that to Garson is honest you may be providing an anonymous venue together employee feedback as well the next factor of the hyperlinked library of the library is participatory we get to participate in the web we've seen great examples of that let's talk a little bit about participatory service and this is from my friend libel and writing partner Boris avisame and from there both library two point O a guide to participatory library service this is publish my information today in 2007 this is the textbook i use for my class it's free and it is much broader than just talking

about instant messaging for a library walk in fact they define library to point 0 as at its heart is users interchange and a model is a model library service that encourages considered purposeful changes inviting user participation both in physical and virtual space and love this part consistently of Family Services I think where we're at right now in the library to point out continuing discussions because we're starting to get a grip on this phone how do we have with these things so Michael and loris a participatory service engages users and less than a plan with your library set it gives away for a revelation it's very interesting example for a god we r groups public life is the transformation lab sorry Deborah did mark thank you thank you thank you they cleared out a big space in the first floor of the library and made it into in anything space it might be an art installation it might be a concert space it might be a community meeting center fascinating YouTube video could watch about this and this is Jack Columbus Metropolitan vibrate they have redesigned some of their reference desks so they're not a

fortress anymore I went up to jackass i went to take your picture and tell me a little bit about what we do here he said patrons can stand beside him and they will do search they might be more comfortable standing here is that that's fun too they really changed the way the desk I got to tell you I was happy to see this and this was last summer when I was in Columbus because two weeks before I received an email from a young man that I meant orders in library school in a southern state and he works in an IT department and would spend two or three hours a week on the references and God bless him he's really excited about changing its maybe a little too excited because one day he did his reference ship by moving this chair to the other side of the desk and sitting on the outs and it did that thing where you richer computer around you know so it could work with somebody who ever came up standing beside so he did that he went back to his desk for the IT department and within two hours he received an email in the head of reference was that you're like your observer doing things and we don't do that we will no longer

be needing and broke my heart you know I can't put it on my blog on your page we do that much I only tell this nobody bought this don't worry but and probably he should have done something so maybe out there without me asking but okay yeah i agree that too and it really it but went hard few cents left that a job great job and he's graduating this semester so think about think about the reference participation Hennepin County Library in Minnesota hacked the catalog so folks can leave reviews done an amazon right now even participate in the library catalog and there's little Harley Marlene it was so successful that they created a rear social network called book space that anybody and you can share vocalist you can share reviews you can talk to other people university of michigan has a tagging system set up in the catalog so users faculty and staff and tagged you to build takes your australia another way to participate a beautiful website this is not a book here you can actually participate by uploading photos click and then you become part of the picture australia present as well the library is local ok

this is my house here is Google Maps island right there mishawaka needed and it fascinates me how these localized services are starting to creep into our this is an iphone application called google that is a twitter client that allows me to post where I'm at and this little post where I'm at this is just a screenshot from the iphone here's one I took yesterday when we connected to the White there's free Wi-Fi blanketing the common salt like blue this is an application called loopt on the iphone that with with this application I can have a trusted network of friends and I can post what I'm doing and it will insert a little pin on the map that's pretty good I think that's pretty close maybe and I can share that with which with some friends or i can post it out to Twitter and show the world and the MapReduce looks like this I couldn't update this screech others I'm in trouble with the phone connecting now the other thing that twinkle does Google button called a nearby okay so you click this wherever you happen to be geographically it will show you people within one mile two miles five miles of where you're at and what they're saying

on Twitter and this isn't working at airport and I think airport tweeting is a hoot because you were either frustrated with really happy that they're getting on the planet so very interesting and who knew that you could because Twitter is open if you choose and I think we all should choose to be open if it's open and tagged geographically by you telling Twitter where you're at work you're doing it on foam which automatically does it it is sharing this in with the world last summer I was sitting by a lake in northern Michigan with my glass wine and my third fire my iphone and I was using this app and I realized that someone across the rain was using Twitter wow what is this doing to the world and what does this mean from the way connect each other Google Maps there's my house in of the iphone urbanspoon on the iphone will find restaurants within my community and is where i'm at right and then it finds restaurant what does this mean I don't know but it's something to watch because eventually location-aware applications and phones and devices are going to be on everybody's hip or whatever goes pocket

and it's been triggered way that they will connect with your world I might pull out my phone and say I need a good very restaurant in downtown Montreal and you don't wear to bryson I didn't go to the library I can go to the travel in Toronto where there's many knowledge branches underfloor cloggers is the road I show them that you could find every single book store on when your elbows not you could not find the right cloggers since 04 weeks later you can find on French boilers so that is the only had to do was go in and code everyone who library webpages with they got dressed and got enough into google map and then boom you buy the bike rack why should you feel as I post are no longer absolutely so presence and location aware very important that was that one of the trends that when you bring to you all

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